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When I was twelve, my Dad and I had 'the Talk.' "Dad," I began, "When a boy and a dictionary love each other very much..."


“Dear friends and family, we have gathered here today to mourn the passing of Night Light: a beloved husband and a numbskull second only to booger-breath BBBFF.”[1]

[1] According to academics of Canterlot. Survey conducted by H.R.H. Ph.D. Twilight Sparkle.


A collection of vignettes about the life and times of the dadliest of pones.

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Thank you for reading ^^

Here lies Night Light
Loving husband and father
And glorified Smartass

Funnier than it has any right to be, like any good dad joke. Thank you for it.

10733954, 10734317

No, thank you both for commenting ^^ really put a smile on my face

Read this after coming off a Discworld audiobook, so read this in the voice of Nigel Planer. Gilding for an excellent lily!


Man, I should start reading Pratchett again. Such awesome books. If only my reading list wasn't long as the Nile river :raritydespair:

Thank you so much for reading and commenting ^^

10733954 P.S. If he gets up, tell Twilight Velvet so she can smack him again, because he deserves it.

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