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When I was twelve, my Dad and I had 'the Talk.' "Dad," I began, "When a boy and a dictionary love each other very much..."


Trotalgar. That insignificant, weed-infested hilltop where one of History’s most important battles was won, once had an ill-famed square named after it in the old City of Everfree. That’s where Princess Celestia fought an opponent even she couldn’t win.

A potted plant.


“History may be written by the victor, but urban legends can never be vanquished.” - Shih Tzu, Diamond Dog General of the Fido Dynasty.

N.B. Any actual fighting involved is going to be of the internal kind.

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From the Noble Inquirer, July 10th, Year 9 of the New Era, p.5.

The Plant That Soiled Trotalgar

Archeologists have recently unearthed fossilised remains of an ancient species within the same genus of flower as Poison Joke. The plant, dubbed the "Cruel Joke" by the Canterlot Castle's head Botanist, has since been linked with the urban legend involving Princess Celestia and the soiling of Trotalgar Sqr, by an unconfirmed anonymous source.

The plant is thought to have suddenly gone extinct roughly around the time of said urban legend, a little over a thousand years ago. Anonymous sources also claim that the timing coincides with the founding of Canterlot, and the moving of the nation's capital there, away from the old city of Everfree; a displacement that has flummoxed historians for years.

Princess Celestia has been unavailable to comment.

More on dangerous flora on p.15. Recipes on p.16.

Hope you enjoyed.

Oh hey a literal shitfic

Heh, that was craftily done, leaving just enough to the imagination without getting too much into the...you know...nitty-gritty details. :rainbowlaugh:

She held out for that long? I'm impressed.



Thank you. I put a lot of effort into making it "sophisticated", and I'm glad to see my efforts were not in vain.

Considering what Celestia has to deal with as a Diarch, you might say she has some experience dealing with #¤%\.

Thank you all for commenting :raritywink:

I can only hope Celestia forced Kibitz to clean it up. By hoof.

Indeed. That ought to teach him the true meaning of "having enough of her @%&/."

Thank you for reading and commenting.

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