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When I was twelve, my Dad and I had 'the Talk.' "Dad," I began, "When a boy and a dictionary love each other very much..."


If I’d known into what abomination Starlight would turn my old spell, I would have buried my research a millennium ago. Now I shudder to think, where on Equestria does that portal of hers lead?

And what are those things that walk on two legs?


Takes place soon after season 7 ending. Loosely inspired by the works of H.P.Lovecraft.

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For clarity's sake, here is a transcript of most of what Starlight said, paraphrased:

- "Starswirl? That's asphalt. We have that at home. Starswirl, are you even listening to me?"
- "Sure could use a translation spell right about now. These guys road signs are wack."
- "I wonder if their busses run late too?" (They're at a bus-stop, and yes, the lean-to was a bus-stop.)
- "Starswirl, stop! We have to walk on the side of the road or we might get run over!"

After that she got a concussion, and was not conscious enough to give Starswirl a piece of her mind. But since season 8 happened, she must've recovered quickly enough to warn Twilight, and stop Starswirl from doing what Cozy attempted a full season later.

As for how the story came to be: I had been wondering how someone, who'd been locked away from society for a thousand years, would see the modern world. A Lovecraftian horror-story didn't seem that far-fetched a reaction at the time.

Hope that cleared some things up. Thanks again for reading!
P.S. Guess who takes half a year to post a story. That's right, this guy right here :facehoof:

*grabs author*
*places them in front of the Mirror portal*

Starswhirl made it. He used his magic to send the Sirens and countless other items to that dimension before and after making the Mirror.

Portals to other worlds is old news to him. That anypony that isn't him or an alicorn can do it, now that would rankle him.

Me: spots the four ponies and pulls over with lights/engine off
Starswirl: "Where are we?"


Good point. In story, I'd tried to explain this with Starswirl begrudgingly having to admit that "he'd never bothered to check" where they lead. I should have been more explicit with this. Starlight being able to open similar portal does get to him, but now I wish I'd thought to use that more extensively.

Thank you for the feedback. I'm happy to know that someone so attentive has read my stuff ^^


Is it me or is starswirl delusional?

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