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What do you do on a bad day? Do you read a book? Do you listen to music and calm down? What about robbing a bank?

No, of course you wouldn't do that. But then again, you aren't a mad scientist pegasus with a history of hair-brained schemes; nor do you have a cooky unicorn friend that wants to be an internet star.

Now the real question is, how bad must the day be in order to push you to that point?

My entry in GMBlackjack's Depth in Innocence contest.

This is the debut of my first official work edited by the brilliant SoloBrony, who has graciously agreed to edit for me on future projects as well. (expect a sudden quality spike on GHT2 whenever I get around to continuing that one)

Thanks for reading!

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The Bank Job? more like, The Baloney Job!

Shilic #2 · July 2nd · · ·

Reading every Depth in Innocence Contest entry: Story 9: The Bank Job by Keywii_Cookies55

...Is it fair to say I've been cheated? After all, "ponies/colorful pony humans commit heists" is one of my favorite genres of fic (which is a really weird thing to say, but eh)

Regardless, this was an interesting one. Like some of the previous entries I've read, this story has some topical themes, although more so "modern life" rather than "the nightmare hellscape that is this year". And it's definitely more lighthearted than some of the other entries. Not sure I'd go as far as to call it a comedy, but hey.

I was really able to get a feel for the characters in this one. We're seeing characters who feel like people, characters I feel for. Once again, (and I'm sorry I keep comparing it to prior entries) this feels like a small, emotion filled slice of a larger story we aren't seeing. Maybe not what I was expecting, but good nevertheless.

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