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You gotta kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.


"There are things that drift away,/Like our endless, numbered days." -Iron & Wine, 'Passing Afternoon'

Apple Bloom and Spike have a secret book club. While they enjoy their books, sometimes the world of fiction doesn't always provide the escape they'd hope.

Cover image drawn by Smeallie on Twitter. Used with permission.

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cinos0 #1 · Yesterday · · ·

Genuinely good. I loved it, not every story needs a huge adventure or a big plot. Sometimes, life can be all you need, just a bit of real life to love and relate to.

Dawwww!!!!! I ship it

It's why I love slice-of-life. The simplest things can be the most important.

It was one of my favorite ships way back when (and still is)!

'Iron & Wine'?! A spike story?! By closer-to-the-sun!?

Stop trying to seduce me!

Aww, that was sweet and adorable. Definitely a good story to read to pass our own afternoons.

The whole convo about cosmic justice got me thinking about modest mouse again.

Also yay! TinTin!:pinkiehappy:

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