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It's sad that something like this took so long to create. I am really enjoying this story and I hope to see more of it in the future. Onward to chapter 2!

Go Beyond! PLUS ULTRA!

It's pretty cool to see some backstory on the colt, I assume he is the main character. I am liking this story more and more. I wonder what his name is? I want to see more cadence and colt fluff!

Go Beyond! PLUS ULTRA!

wow, with an instructor like that I'd have problems too

This was a cute chapter! Great job! It's to bad that this story is taking so long to write, but you must have your reasons. Keep up the amazing work!

hmmm, using youtube to add sound effects. It is intriguing, the pictures does fit your story. so far I believe this is an 6/10 ??? maybe a 7. Well, I wont know till the next chapter of this fiction.

So is the war mentioned earlier the great Time War against the Daleks

No this war is much bigger. DJ Hopper fought in “The Great Dimensional War” that effected 3,654 universes and 600 of them are just dead universes with only a few dead planets and stars left. It has been lasting for over 12k years. There are 4 factions in the war.
World destroyers (kinda like darth vegan in Johnny Test)
The rogue dimensional empire (Aether’s old dimension)
The locals (had only ground units and have bulky muscles)
The Sakatorian Army (Fought alongside locals against world destroyers and rogue dimensional army)
DJ Hopper fought with the Sakatorian army and got the war to effect 300 dimensions less with a fleet of 200,000 shadow serpents in about 10 months.
In the universe that DJ Hopper first entered the war, the war has been lasting for 1.2k to 12k years.

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