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Darth Nox

Peace, passion. Strength, knowledge. Power, serenity. Victory, harmony. Freedom, the Force. I am neither Sith nor Jedi, I am Kallig. I am one with the Force in life and in death.


The world of Pokémon is in danger. Natural disasters are wreaking havoc, but that is only the beginning. If order is not restored, the world of Pokémon will be destroyed. A human named Spike is destined to stop the world of Pokémon's destruction, by being turned into a Pokémon. He has no memory of his life as a human, only the fact he was a human. Will he achieve his destiny and save this world?

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 6 )

ah good job this has brought so many memories back from some of the games.

ah team meanie an interesting ark that was in the games.

Did you notice the Team Rocket reference?

i did it is one of the two most famous blasting off

Not bad. Red and Blue Rescue Team is a good start. Not my fave but a good start. I'll continue on


Yes!!! Guild Master Wigglytuff!

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