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There are many different birds all throughout the world, each having their own story that shaped them into what they are. Some have had fulfilling lives, happy and content, while others have been kept in cages their entire lives, mistreated and miserable. In some cases though, these birds are able to find the strength to break free, and find the strength to take flight for the first time. Follow the story of a bird that was caged for something she could not control, and how she managed to find her wings and fly away into the clear blue sky.

This a one-shot dedicated to one of my dear followers River Shy. Be sure to send her lots of love and support for the trials she went through:heart:.

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beautiful and sad

No I got the perfect song for this.

OMG I'm crying.

No...thank you for always staying strong and staying true to yourself:heart:.

This is better, because it reminds me of my love for animals:raritycry:!

But... It is perfect. So fricken well done. My fucking Jesus.

Yeah, you take a moment to think about how wonderful this was and how it hit you in the FEEEEEEELS:raritycry:!

bird or the cage?

Sorry if the title was a little misleading:twilightsheepish:.

I like it. Like a molodious version of The Ugly Duckling.

Thank you:pinkiehappy:! It was a little gift for a friend:twilightsmile:.

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This just wrenched my heart and I get the feeling it is based on something that actually happened

Sorry about the double message my phone glitches in a weird way

That's alright:twilightsmile:. I have a couple more sequels to this poem that're much more flushed out. So feel free to read those if you'd like:twilightsmile:.

So Snowdrop has something to do with this?

Okay, so they´re related because they are bittersweet poems.


This first poem was initially a little surprise gift for Rivershy, but then...well, it went onto more of them:twilightsheepish:.

Nice. You are very kind.

Eh, just a little Fang trying to help a beautiful river out:heart:.

And may your poetic heart be as free as a bird.

My feels... they were not prepared for this! :fluttercry:
This was a beautiful poem, wonderful job!



Go to the other three, they're just as heart-wrenching, especially the last one:raritydespair:.

I'm planning on reading the others; I have a weakness for poetry...:twilightsheepish:

Then prepare to have your heart ripped to shreds:raritycry:!!!

*Grabs tissue box* Let the pain commence!

You don't have to do it, but there's something that I think would be really helpful soon. I really want River Shy to be happy, but if you look at her last few blog posts, you can see that she's in a tough family situatuation. I was thinking that maybe if you made another one, then that might be kind of helpful and encouraging for her. I know that it's a long time since you wrote the last one, so I'm not sure if you would want to do it or not.

Thank you,
My Sister Tia

Now that you mention it, I should. I did mention that I was going to write a poem involving her and me anyway:twilightsheepish:. With what’s happening now, she really needs it:heart:.

I hope that she enjoys it. :pinkiehappy:

Oh I know she will, given the very first poem:raritywink:.

Thank you for the review, and you're welcome for the submission! If you want, feel free to check out the other poems:twilightsmile:.

I like the rhyme and meter in this poem. The structure itself makes the abuse seem so clinical and robotic, which reminds me of how I assume abusers see their action in a detached and emotionless way. Also, this poem is just heartbreaking. I love the metaphor of the bird escaping from her cage, finding her flock, and flying off into the sun as representing the person escaping abuse, finding friends, and leaving her old life behind.

My heart goes out to all those out there facing abuse. You are seen. You are heard, and I will be here to listen and give emotional support.

Well said, Poke-A-Dot... well said:twilightsmile:.

That was a bittersweet and emotional little tale of a bird of how she showed those abusers she wouldn't be held down by them. Great job. :)

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