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I am life. I am death. I give everything. But I take all. I am a King. A Queen. An Assassin. An Army. I am the Savage Kingdom!


This story is a sequel to King of the Mountain

All Luna and Snowdrop ever wanted was for somepony to appreciate them for who they were instead of shunning them for something they could not control. So what happens when the two meet and discover not only their love for the night, but for all the beauty it held as well? Follow the story of the Princess of the Night and her Angel of the Snow as they befriend each other, lose each other and find one another in the snow once again.

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This story is a sequel to Tears of Black

When you lose someone you love more than anything or anyone else in the world, you'll go through hell and back to get revenge against those who wronged you. Follow the journey of a father tiger as he gets justice for not only his family, but the entire tiger species of the Undiscovered West.

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This story is a sequel to Tale of the Caged Bird

Ever wonder how the cheetah gained its tear lines? Follow the story of a mother cheetah as she searches for her lost cub in the Zebrican Wilderness. As well as the zebra tribe leader who saw her obsidian tears for the first time.

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There are many birds the came on different shapes and sizes with a multitude distinguishing features, none of them being the same. Some are colorful, many are just one color, others are light, with a few are dark, there are the rare beautiful ones and much of the dark sinister ones that roam the earth. They soar through the skies in different parts of the world, each having their own society and surviving in their own way, no matter how out of place it may seem. Many of them having thing in common though...and that is the freedom to fly about these skies. To fly as hard as they want, as high as they like and as fast as they wish, with nothing and no one to stop them. It is a trait that many bird share with one another, one that has been going since since the first bird to ever fly, and will continue to go on for countless years to come.

Alas, not all bird are as lucky as others...some of them have never been given the privilege or the change to fly in the open. Maybe in confined areas where they can stretch their wings, but certainly not anywhere where they can be truly free. Those are the birds that're locked in cages, tied to chains with only a limited amount of space to show their mastery of the sky. Not many birds able to break free from those chains and snap open the cage, but those that do, will have a whole new path ahead of them. A path of wonder, mystery and discovery about not only about the world, but themselves as well. And how they can escape the chains of cruelty, fight the darkness creeping around them and never be caged or locked away ever again.

This the story of a beautiful bird that was locked in a cage for something she could not control...and how she managed to find her wings and fly away into the clear blue sky. Into the very sky where the rest of her kin awaited her.

This a one-shot dedicated to one of my dear followers Rivershy. Be sure to send her lots of love and support for the trials she went through:heart:.

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Very Important Note: This story is a brand new version of the old one that has been recently deleted, while this one is a remake. Some things will be different, while others will be kept the same, and maybe even have a mix between them both. Also, there will be a multitude of crossovers in this since I am only able to put three purple tags in a story.

One thousand years ago, on the three thousandth year of the three thousandth day of the coronation of the Royal Immortal Pony Sisters, Queen Luna Nightwalker instigated a revolt against her older sister, Queen Celestia Daybringer. Overwhelmed by the hatred that their subjects threw at her for ruling the very darkness they feared, she let the inner demons inside her loose on those who caused her pain. It then gave way to an all out war between the Lunar and Solar Queen, which soon ended in the latter banishing the former to the Moon she raised. Thus putting an end to what was labeled as the bloodiest war in Equestrian history. With the Dark Queen and her minions all gone, and her followers eliminated, the mare was left in the past. Fading into an infamous legend that that was soon forgotten in the centuries to come.

Or was she?

On the thousandth day of the thousandth year of her banishment, the stars aided the Dark Queen in her escape from her beautiful Moon, allowing her to make her way back home. Once she returned, the mare wasted no time on planning her revolution once again, intent on finishing what she started a whole millennium ago. Unbeknownst to her, the world she once knew had changed. So much so that she is completely unprepared for the retaliation that is soon to throw itself at her. All of which will come in the form of seven powerful mares with a bond that will grow ever stronger by the end of their adventurous night. Will this bond be enough to help them overthrow the Dark Queen and save their land from her tyranny, darkness, and horror? Or will they be her first bloody victims and slaves in her folkloric blood-soaked world of Eternal Night?

Warning: Rated T for serious animal violence, brutal fight scenes and mild sexual themes, mainly for comical relief, along with some references throughout the story. This will also contains a ridiculous amount of OP'd characters with powers that seem like it should take longer to achieve. If that's not what you're looking for, feel free to leave.

Other Character tags include: Celestia, Trixie, Shining Armor, Spearhead, Granny Smith, Spike, Derpy, Dinky, Cloud Kicker, Blossomforth, and Amethyst.

Extra Blue Tags: Comedy and Random

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