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Nightmares of a Wonderbolt - lillytheomegawolf

Rainbow Dash has everything she could have ever dream of. But what happens when it all falls apart.

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Chapter One: The Big Day Out. V2

"Dashie, look." Rainbow looked at the luminous expression on her ecstatic wife’s face as she walked in the front door of the cloud house. The small living room is well adorned with pictures featuring the happy couple, moving forward in time toward the more recent pictures that included their filly, Spectra. Every picture captures the filly’s sunny yellow coat and rough flowing rainbow mane; clear signs of her vibrant, youthful energy.

Rainbow takes in everything about the mare of her dreams; from her cute yellow face to her flowing pink tail. Fluttershy's wedding pendant hangs around her neck, bearing the cutie mark of her rainbow maned daredevil for the world to see. The sight reminded Dash of Fluttershy’s cutie mark, proudly hung around her own neck.

"What is it Fluttershy?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"You'll never believe this…" She quietly trails off, dropping the envelope on the table. Rainbow eagerly opens the letter to find a family pass to the next Wonderbolts show in Cloudsdale.

"No way!"

The excited shout from Dash summoned their young filly into the room. The sunny yellow filly bounced in with her rainbow mane flying in all directions, attempting to see what caused her mum to alarm.

She is followed in by Scootaloo. Feathers danced along the teenage filly’s flank, accompanied by notes of musical cheers.

"What it is mum! Mummy?" The 3 and a half year old filly bounced energetically around her parents, barely keeping on her hooves before smacking into the cyan belly of Rainbow Dash, who caught her in her hooves before she hit the cloud floor.

"Hey, squirt, your uncle Soarin' has sent us a family pass for their next Wonderbolts show!"

"Yay! Do I get to come too? Will you be in it mum?"

Dash chuckled, glancing over at Fluttershy.

"Yes you get to see them. Mummy's not a Wonderbolt yet dear. But I will be."

"You totally will be." Adds Scootaloo with gusto. "I count as family right?" adds the young mare questionly.

"Well you're our adopted daughter, so I don't see why not."

"Awesome. You should join in. I'm sure you could show those Wonderbolts a thing or two," adds Scootaloo, unnecessarily boosting her foster mothers ego further causing the rainbow mare to grin cockily.

"Yea. But Soar' would get all annoyed with me if his little sis gets up and steals his thunder. So I'll go easy on them this time. Besides, I'm not sure they can take this much awesomeness." Rainbow Dash motioned to herself, posing for her family.

"You know you could always use this as a chance to ask Sorain' about joining up," Fluttershy suggested quietly.

Her wife grinned back at her, "you know. I like the way you think Fluttershy."

"Oh it's no problem Dash, anything for you." Fluttershy walked up and embraced her mare, nuzzling her affectionately, filling the morning air around them with the warmth of true love.

Scootaloo rolled her eyes at the display while observed by the two little pink orbs belonging to Spectra.

"Don't do that Scootaloo. I've seen you and Sweetie Belle," said Spectra, reprimanding her foster sister.

"That's different okay,” Scoots replies, defensively.

"Sure it is Scootaloo. I'm betting you and Sweetie Belle are even worse than Flutters and I am sometimes." Dash entered the youngsters private conversation whilst still hugging her pink maned mare.

"We are not." The orange fillies reply is met by cocky silence for a moment.

"You know Rainbow Dash is just being smart. You and Sweetie Belle make a lovely couple and Dashie and I are really proud of you."

Tiring of the sappy atmosphere Dash exited the clutch of her yellow mare. "Right, I'm off to grab some breakfast before I lose my coolness. Gotta stand out for Soarin' to let me in."

"Right behind you Dash." Scootaloo promptly followed her foster mother out.

"Come on Spectra. Lets go to Sugarcube corner for breakfast then you get to see the Wonderbolts."

"Yay!" Cheers the sunny filly, bounding up to her lighter hued parent. "We get to go to the Wonderbolts."


Two proud parents touchdown on the streets of Cloudsdale with a super excited Spectra clinging to the rainbow mane of her ride. Fluttershy sticks close to Dash's side, gaining her usual moral boost by being close to the mare of her dreams. Behind them trails Scootaloo who is happy to be along for the ride. The majestic cloud city looks as regal as it did when the couple were young. Everywhere in the central district polished white cloudstuff formed the buildings, hoof molded to perfection.

"Well… I haven't been here in a long time. What do you think 'Shy?" asks Rainbow Dash.

"Yes…" The shy mare moved under Dash's wing and her filly immediately chose the moment to transfer rides, sliding onto her other mothers back, sunny yellow mixing with the paler yellow of the mare underneath the energetic young filly.

"That bad huh? I don't think any of those old bullies are around to bother us, just please, lighten up Fluttershy, this is supposed to be a fun day out."

"I'm sorry Dash. B-but what if one of those meanies shows up?"

"Then I'll defend you and our little ones. Simple."

"Thank you Dashie."

"Hey. I can help you too Dash."

Fluttershy smiled back at the teenaged tomcolt filly. "Please don't. I'd hate to see you get hurt."

Scootaloo wears a mildly hurt expression upon her face until her hero speaks. "Na, we'll be fine Fluttershy. I'm sure Scoots and I can take care of anypony who stands in our way."

"Thank you Dash!" Scootaloo becomes excited once more.

Dash shared a nuzzle with Fluttershy, calming her building nerves, reassuring her that all is okay after their talk on fighting. A little filly begun to made her impending boredom clearly known. Her parents continued with their intimate moment and the brightly coloured filly decided it is time to enjoy herself and explore her new surrounds. She ditched her pink maned ride, full of gusto. Her parents watched on as she rushed up to a nearby stallion and froze in fear when he turned his sage like gaze upon her. She ripped her body back into gear and gaped it back to the safety of her parents. Rainbow Dash smiled down at the suddenly timid pegasus filly while Scootaloo holds back laugher in the background.

"I think she reminds me of someone." Dash smiles across at her wife.

The creamy mare runs a motherly hoof through her filles mane, calming her down whilst simultaneously snuggling her athletic wife as a quiet response.

"We got 30 minutes. Do you wanna find our seats or try and find my brother and get him to tell us why he decided to finally invite us to a show after all these years?"

"Oh, I'm sure that he will tell us when he's ready. Can we just find our seats. I-I don't like how everypony is staring."

Rainbow Dash suddenly realized that her timid wife is right; they were attracting unwanted attention. The cutie mark amulets and accompanying fillies only added to the unwanted attention. The protective cyan wing tightened around Fluttershy.

Dash's menace is broken by the feel of a tiny hoof contacting her bigger one. She glances down and returns her cocky grin to her face for the benefit of her filly.

"I want up mum."

"Sure thing Spectra. Hop up."

Dash lowers herself down, temporarily relinquishing her protective wing from Fluttershy who immediately tensed up once more. Tiny wings strain as Spectra scrambled up her mum’s muscular side and onto her back. The tiny filly receives a boost from behind from Scootaloo and immediately shoots up into position.

"Go mum, go!" cries the youngster, bouncing up and down in her temporary seat.

The rainbow maned mare stands back up on her hooves, replacing her protective wing on Fluttershy who immediately fell into her loving warmth and the family meander along toward Cloudsdale's central grand stadium. The few ponies who shoot the family dirty looks or cross the street to get away are easily ignored as the two mares enjoy the contact afforded by walking along in a winged embrace. Rainbow and pink tails idly entwine and they walk onwards. Scootaloo wanders along behind the tightly knit family, enjoying the pre-Wonerbolt show entertainment called Spectra as the filly delights in playing with the manes of her mothers as they move gracefully in the breeze.


They take their seats, savouring the moment, Rainbow Dash kept a hoof on the excited Spectra as she bobbed up and down on her athletic mum's seat in eager anticipation of the starting of the big event. Spectra bounced onto the same seat as Scootaloo and started a tickle war with the much older filly. Fluttershy watches her brood with a warm smile covering her face as she snuggles into Rainbow Dash, content to enjoy herself in physical contact with her mare. They ignore the occasional look of disgust from nearby ponies, content in their own little world. Rainbow Dash can feel herself itching to snap at them but doesn't want to make a scene in front of her filly and Scootaloo unless somepony else were to start it, so restrains herself, barely.

Suddenly, the booming voice of Spitfire rings out over the stadium. “Are you ready?”

A resounding "Yes!" rocked back.

"I said, ARE YOU READY!?!"

The stadium shook with a final cloud shaking "YES!!!"

"That's better. Now sit back and please enjoy the show!"

No sign of the Wonderbolt herself came into view, despite the booming voice carrying the entire distance across the stadium. From high above came the rumble of thunder. All heads turned to the heavens and Dash gave her filly a boost, allowing the buzzed filly to scrabble up the cyan side of her mum.

Two Wonderbolts soared into view, a trail of smoke following them. Rainbow Dash watched with enough excitement to rival her fillies as the two Wonderbolts shot through their routines with riveting grace and neigh unparalleled speed. The only thing preventing the awed mare from taking flight was the pressure of her wife leaning on her as she too gazed up in wonder.

"You could be up there too Dashie,” cooed Fluttershy softly in the ear of her daredevil. Rainbow Dash heard her clearly enough and nuzzled her back, taking her pink eyes off the epic display above them to stare into the shining aquamarine globes. Time slowed as they hold each others gaze.

She chuckled, "yea…"

"Look mummies!" The excited cry of their filly ripped them back to reality. Time lost all meaning as the Wonderbolts flew into tighter, more complex moves that almost left Dash feeling jealous. Fluttershy let the excited nuisance clamber between both snuggling parents as well as her foster sister. The sunny ball of plush bounced back and forth, wings flapping, small wide eyes transfixed on the awe inspiring sight up above.

The totally amazing display continued for a small eternity. Rainbow Dash took mental notes of all the cool tricks on display; she planned to make them 20% cooler. By the end of the demonstration Rainbow Dash's dream for joining the Wonderbolts had lit a fire inside her; she could barely wait for the day an opportunity would arise for her to fly with the coolest ponies alive.

Performance over, the excited crowd slowly begun filling out, many of those near the young family moving out faster than strictly necessary. Fluttershy removed the excited filly from her perilous position and Spectra started bouncing around her fellow family members, buzzing. Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash also were clearly filled with the excitement of the show leaving a smiling Fluttershy feeling like the only sane mare in the family.

"Thanks 'Shy. Now I think we should go find Soar' I want to find out why his marefriend was absent from the display." Rainbow Dash said, getting up.

Fluttershy smiled submissively at her love. She grabs a squirming Spectra in her hooves, doing her best to contain the excited youngster.

"Spectra, sit. Still. Please…" The filly ignored her pink maned mother's plea for cooperation. She squirms out from the yellow hooves holding her and tears around the nearby seats with a energetic Scootaloo.

"Come hear you two." Dash shot up off her seat and chased the pair round and round Fluttershy who sat as still as a statue and waited patiently for inevitable to happen.

"Gotach!" Fluttershy smiled appreciatively over at her rainbow maned wife, grateful she had somepony with enough energy to chase their daughter for her. Scootaloo stopped when she realised the bright little terror was no longer following her and grinned up at her foster parents.

"Please sit tight up there on your mum Spectra." 'Shy gently grabs the squirming yellow ball of filly in her mouth and places her delicately on the cyan back of her Dashie.

The rainbow maned ball of mischief settled herself down, giving into her two mothers wishes. She decides to make the most of her predicament and gleefully grabbed hold of Dash's mane in her little sunny hooves, giving it a yank.

"Move! Come on mum!" She squeaks. Dash grins and rolls her eyes. Choosing to completely ignore the fillies cry for speed the couple take a leisurely flight over to the Wonderbolts quarters. Scoots circles the cruising couple flipping and doing her berst to pull off other basic aerial tricks her hero had taught her.

They settle down and wander cloud hallways adorned with pictures of the various athletic champions of Cloudsdale, searching for the famous couple who had been kind enough to invite them to the event.

The family find Soarin' loitering outside a room, snacking on a pie. He doesn't appear to notice the new arrivals, continuing to eat his delicious smelling morsel. Before Dash can stop her, Spectra leaps off her mum and trots up to her uncle. The rainbow and yellow ball of plush sniffed the pie. Soarin' jealously defended his prize with a light blue hoof, smiling at the expected arrivals.

"Help there little sis. I see the whole family is here."

"Yea. What did you expect? Where's your marefriend Soarin'?"

Spectra made an attempt at grabbing some tasty free food but a light blue wing shoots out as Soarin' defended his pie from the determined filly. He ignores the question and focuses on the defence of his prised meal.

"You know you're going to have to learn to share your pie Soar'."

All eyes turn to the flaming yellow mare who marches toward them. She wears a flowing dress, which appears to be completely out of character on the normally uniformed mare.

"I guess you both are wondering why I didn't make an appearance today." Rainbow Dash nodded, unsure about where the conversation is going.

"Well I guess Soarin' and I have something to tell you. It's the reason I can't perform at the moment."

With that, the cornflower blue stallion's face took on a darker shade of blue as he struggled to hide a blush. He took a deep breath, readying himself to deliver a piece of news he had never would have considered giving before.

"Yea. I sort of…. got Spitty here... pregnant."

Rainbow Dash could feel her jaw drop in surprise. Fluttershy looked equally amazed. Scootaloo wore a look of minor horror upon her face as she did her best to hold herself off from laughing at the comic look on the Wonderbolt's face. Spectra seized the opportunity to dig into the pie lying forgotten on the cloud floor as an otherwise awkward silence filled the air.

Fluttershy recovered first, a massive smile on her face, ecstatic for the two Wonderbolts.

"Tha-that's amazing. Congratulations Spitfire." The two mares share a brief hug as Spitfire accepts Fluttershy's congratulations.

All eyes from the grown ups in the hallway turn to Rainbow Dash as she sniggers then does her best to recover. Although she feels happy for Spitfire, the rainbow maned prankster can't help but find the whole thing rather funny. Unable to hold it all in she breaks up into a fit of laughter on the ground, carrying on in a rude fashion causing the flaming mare to become highly embarrassed. Scootaloo feels all desire to laugh leave her foster mother carries on splitting her sides, embarrassing her fellow family members by her uproarious actions. Soarin' started to look like he wanted to forcefully shut his sister up. Fluttershy intervenes, silencing her wife with a hoof followed by a peck on the muzzle.

"Rainbow Dash. That's no way to treat such special news. P-please excuse, her. I don't know what has come over her."

"No problem. I actually wanted to ask her a favour. That is, if you can actually take me seriously for a minute, Dash."

"Yea, sure." The cyan mare straightens herself up and extracts her messy filly with a hoof, now covered in pie fragments from nose to tail. Fluttershy continues to do her best to stare daggers at Dash but can feel her resolve fade fast, she finds it impossible to remain angry at her rainbow maned daredevil for long.

"I was actually going to ask you to take my place for a while, at least until I have had my foal."

Dash nodded, understandingly. She realises now is the time to be serious and feels guilty at her fit of laughter that has left Spitfire still glowing crimson. Fluttershy wears look of unbelief on her face, realising what is being offered to her wife. Rainbow Dash takes a moment before the implications hit and total shock overtakes her cyan features, she can't believe her luck.

"Wait… You want me to take your place? In the Wonderbolts!?! That's soooo awesome!" The excited mare bounces around like a filly on a sugar high, unable to contain herself. The two pieces of unexpected information are almost too much for her to take in. She feels like her almost perfect life will now become a dream come true.

"Yes Dash. You will be flying with your brother once more." Soarin' gives the excited wannabe Wonderbolt her moment of joy, wearing a look of amusement on his face. Scootaloo joins in the excited dance knowing how much this opportunity means for her hero. Fluttershy feels herself grabbed by a pair of cyan forehooves and the super excited mare dances around the room with her elated yet stunned wife. They see it as an amazing opportunity and both know what the answer to Spitfire's question is. This fills Dash with a seemingly endless supply of energy and if not for the hallway's roof, she would have taken off into orbit then and there. The news is almost too good to be true.

Soarin' lets the couple dance around, his eyes wander down and come to rest on his pride and joy but is met by the remnants of the pie that once was. He shook his head and looked again. The cornflower blue stallion had wanted to Finish it himself, not share. He locks eyes with the culprit who gives him a cheeky smile, her spiky rainbow mane covered in crumbs. Before he can raise a hoof the tiny speak dashes off to hide behind her adopted big sister, giggling. He calms down at the touch of Spitfire who nuzzles him.

"Get used to it pie boy." Spitfire murmurs, only just loud enough for him to hear.

The two fillies find themselves swept up by her excited rainbow maned mother before the gaze of Soarin' can return to her guilty looking face. Spectra joins in the excited dance along the hallway, not entirely sure what is going on, but excited by the elation her parents show. ‘Does this mean mums going to be a Wonderbolt now?' she wonders to herself hugging her hyper mother, hoping it to be true. Dash slowly calms herself down, setting Fluttershy and her filly down gently.

Spitfire turned to the young family who stand in front of them, glowing. "I take it you are accepting our offer of joining the Wonderbolts?" Spitfire holds out a forehoof. A pair of glasses hang off her hoof, not just any glasses too, these are top of the line flight goggles, Wonderbolt spec.

"Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes!" Rainbow Dash clapped her hooves together, her excitement overflowing. Suddenly she remembers she has a family too. Her excitement immediately dies and she turns to face Fluttershy.

"I mean… Gosh… What do you think Fluttershy?" The shy pegasus is taken aback by Dash's sudden change and extra surprised that her wife is asking. She smiles warmly at her, hoping to comfort any fears her mare is suddenly feeling. She gently nuzzles Dash sending warm fuzzes flying through both their already charged bodies. A soft squee of joy escapes the timid mare.

"I would just love to be there cheering for you Dashie." The cyan face lit up at the sound of those words and she gazes into the depths of the alluring aquamarine eyes.

"Thanks Fluttershy." They share a passionate kiss, boosted by the elation of the surprise
situation they find themselves in.

Spitfire breaks the loving silence. "Great. If you all come along then maybe you both can share a few tips on raising a foal. I have a feeling both Soarin' and I will need them."

"I'd be glad to." Replies Fluttershy who returns to her intimate moment with her new Wonderbolt.

At this Scootaloo begins to look withdrawn, a furrow appears in her brow but the youngster holds her silence, unwilling to broach whatever is on her mind. She didn’t want to break up the wonderful mood.

Soarin' resigns himself and slides the gutted pie over to the bouncy yellow filly.


Spectra's face lights up and she devours the rest of it eagerly.

"I hope they all don't eat like this…" He grumbles to Spitfire who grins back.


The young family take off from the stadium. Spectra is making a nascence of herself as usual. She keeps trying to get her powerful mother to do tricks with her onboard. Apart from the filly, the flight home passes smoothly. The afternoon breeze was a pleasure for all three pegasi to fly in.

They land and are greeted by Angel bunny and Tank.

"Hey guys! Guess what? I'm going to be a Wonderbolt!"

Angel bunny stood stock still, shocked, unable to decide if he wanted to jump for joy or kick her down to the ground. Tank on the other hoof, offered a front foot and shared a bro-hoof with the excited daredevil. Dash then continued to excitedly talk the pets heads off while an amused and proud Fluttershy watches on.

"It's going to be soooo cool! I'll finally get to perform alongside my heroes. I'm going to get to show them all my latest tricks and learn their secrets to being super awesome! My brother and Spitfire offered me the place too!" The excited mare looked like she is about to explode.

"I'm going to be performing with the Wonderbolts… the most awesome show ponies in all of Equestria. I still can't believe it!" She is struck by a thought, remembering many of the other times she had performed in front of hordes of ponies. It makes her settle down onto the ground in a more concerned pose, still elated but something had definitely popped her balloon.

"Well… maybe I'm not so keen on performing to hundreds of ponies right away… good thing I'm going to have my family to help." Dash gives Fluttershy a knowing look, confident she will be there to help her calm down from her inevitable panic before each event, not that she would ever tell anypony else about this of course. Fluttershy just allowed her to open up more and Spectra thought her to be awesome anyway so never seem to mind. Scootaloo continues to hold her silence as if waiting for the perfect moment to speak up about something.

"But it will be super cool and I want you guys to come with us!"

Angel bunny is clearly taken aback, while Tank calmly regards the latest news, undisturbed. Fluttershy walks up to her pet and picks him up in her caring hooves.

"It's okay Angel bunny. Mummy will be here to care for you, no matter where we go." She nuzzles the slowly unfreezing floppy eared pet who points to his mouth. Fluttershy takes the hint.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure we always have enough carrots for you." Angel lept up and gave her a return hug, satisfied that the inevitable change to his life won't be a bad one. He could already feel his tiny body filling with eager anticipation at getting to travel, something the mad rabbit didn't usually get to do with his overprotective mother.

Dash's tummy rumbles loudly. Her rainbow maned filly rolls on the ground beside her cracking up in a fit of laughter. Fluttershy turned with a kind smile illuminating her features to face her mare.

"I think my champion needs her nourishment. I'll prepare something for you."

"I can help Fluttershy." Rainbow offers.

"Oh oh oh! Me too mum!" The little yellow ball of plush bounced up and down excitedly.

Scootaloo sits on her haunches biting her lip.

Fluttershy smiled back at them. She is about to reply to the two offering rainbows but notices her foster filly is quiet. Looking carefully at the young orange mare confirms the motherly mare’s thoughts, something is wrong.

“What is it Scootaloo?” Fluttershy quietly asks.

This snapps the teenaged filly out of her train of thought and she stares up at the pink maned mare. “Um... about you two traveling. I really wanna go with you. Seeing Dash perform would be totally awesome! But you see... Sweetie Belle can’t fly like we can so um...” She trails off, hoping that her two elders get the idea.

Fluttershy smiled kindly at the nervous filly but Rainbow Dash breaks the calm. “Hey Scoots.”

The cerise maned filly gives her hero full attention, waiting for her to continue.

“Well you know. You could always house sit for ‘Shy and me while we are away on our travels. You could even invite your fillyfriend over for some fun sleepovers. Then whenever the super awesome Rainbow Dash is in town you can always count on me to invite you come to my shows.”

Scootaloo lights up for the first time since arriving home again. “That’s a great idea Dash!”

“Okay. Now run along you three. I want to make a surprise for my dear Dashie."

"Okay Fluttershy. Come on Spectra, Scoots." Dash summond the fillies.

Fluttershy felt warm fuzzes well up in her at the sight of one purple and two rainbow manes flying in the breeze alongside as the trio dash off to enjoy themselves.

The rest of the day passed quietly. They enjoyed a quiet lunchtime meal. Dash then took Spectra into town to post off letters to their friends. The whole time the duo buzzed with extreme energy, attracting the attention of the town. Pretty soon everypony knew the good news.

Meanwhile Fluttershy spent the time with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle ensuring the young couple would be able to take adequate care of the cloud home.

That night, Fluttershy put on a dinner fit for Celestia with help from Scootaloo. Two rainbow manes appeared as soon as she called for dinner and aside from the expected bragging from Rainbow Dash, everything went quietly. An excited mood hung in the air, even Fluttershy was intoxicated by it.

As soon as the last morsel disappeared, the two mares could tell their daughter was almost ready to nod off.

"Spectra darling, it's time for bed."

Her daughter looked back at her, doing her best to conceal her tiredness. It had been a big day filled with excitement and Fluttershy wanted to go to bed too.

"But mum. I'm not sleepy!" She turns to Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo for support.

"You'll allow me to say up right mummy? Sis?"

"Oh no you don't pipsqueak. Your mum and I are putting you to bed right now. Even ponies as awesome as me need our sleep."

"Awwwwww… Please!"

A strong cyan hoof shooed her off her seat. Rainbow clearly wasn't having any of it. Fluttershy smiled at her appreciatively; she just wanted to go to sleep.

"Come on,” Dash said, taking on an unamused, mothering tone.

Fluttershy watches smiling, glad that her wife was taking over completely for now. The sunny yellow filly begrudgingly allows herself to be let upstairs by her athletic mother.

“Well. I guess I’ll head off to sleep too. Goodnight Fluttershy.” Scootaloo called as she ambled up the stairs to her bed.

“Goodnight dear.” The tired mare replies.

After a few moments, Fluttershy heaves herself up and started cleaning up the mess created over dinner.

"You too 'Shy. I can see how much you wanted to get to bed and snuggle with me." The grinning mare stood at the top of the stairs to their room, a heartwarming grin on her face. "Dishes can wait, leave those for the morning. Your awesome mare awaits."

Fluttershy gives in and obediently follows Dash up. Instead of heading to bed she sees the athletic pegasus head past their fillies bed’s and to the window. They walk slowly past Scootaloo who is busy settling down on her cloud bed. Fluttershy checks that Spectra is sound asleep before joining Dash who is propped on the cloud windowsill, spiky mane rippling in the breeze.

The two mares gaze out over the Everfree forest. Resting their hooves up on the windowsill, the two lovers nuzzle each other as they gaze out into the night. The two lovers allow the night to light up with the electric contact they share, loving every moment in the embrace they share under the light of Luna's moon.

Despite how tired she felt, Fluttershy no longer wanted to go to bed, she felt like she could stare out over the natural beauty while snuggling her Rainbow Dash forever.

"Thanks for tucking Spectra in.” Fluttershy felt her love’s face split into an illuminating smile in the night.

"I figured you were all done for the day 'Shy. You don't need to thank me, I'm a mum too." Dash glanced over at Fluttershy who giggled like a little school filly.

"Yes. I'm so glad you are." She snuggled further into the rainbow mane, forgetting the sight outside as she immersed herself in the feel of her love, her Rainbow Dash.

"Are you sure you want to give all this up Fluttershy?"

A surprised Fluttershy tears herself out from under her wife's mane to look questioningly into her sparkling pink eyes.


"This… our life. Just to let me become a Wonderbolt."

She holds on the moment, her breath catching nervously as she tried to think of the best answer in her tired state. Under the romantic lighting from the moon Fluttershy felt the answer come to her and her nerves disappeared into the shadows of her mind.

"Dashie. You and I both know you have dreamed about becoming a Wonderbolt ever since we were fillies." She put a tender hoof around the cyan shoulders, slowly massaging out the tenseness. "I remember you telling me about your dreams again and again. Your brother is a Wonderbolt and you have an opportunity to be too. We both knew this day would come and I will be there to support you no matter what. You will be the best Wonderbolt ever!" Fluttershy pressed herself affectionately against Dash, enjoying the tingling sensation that flew through her at the touch. “Besides. We will have our dear daughter Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to look after our house here in Ponyville.”

Dash smiled appreciatively at her mare, her grin catching the moonlight and shining in the night matching the glow of the pendant around her neck. "Thanks Fluttershy. As long as you and Spectra are with me I'll be totally awesome." Wearing a massive appreciative grin on her face, Dash turns her luminous pink eyes to gaze into the sparkling depths of her wife's green ones. She averts her gaze to look back out the window, Fluttershy follows her example and the two share a quiet moment, slipping into a winged snuggle together. The night blooms with quiet, content love as the two mares contemplate what lies ahead.

After a few moments Rainbow Dash breaks the silence. “It’s a shame that Scoots can’t come though. I’m sure she would have loved to see me perform.”

“It’s okay Dash. She will still get to see her hero perform whenever you are closer to home.” The yellow mare nestled into her wife’s mane, allowing the cozy rainbow ripples to caress her delicate features.

"I'm sure I'll meet a lot more cute and cuddly creatures on our travels. Our filly will get to see the world. It will be perfect. Our group of friends will still get to meet up when you perform. They're already spread around Equestria these days anyway."

Fluttershy presses harder against her wife, nuzzling the athletic mare forcefully yet affectionately. Dash hummed in a contented fashion, lapping up the contact. The daredevil mare wrapped a hoof around the pony nestled up against her and the couple allowed themselves to gently sway in the night breeze.

Dash traces her way up her mare’s face with her nose leaving a tickling sensation all the way up to her desired target, Fluttershys ear. She whispered gently yet excitedly "okay, now I really can't wait to go."


Fluttershy breaks away. Her expression becomes serious. "Just… please. Make sure you take care of yourself when you are out there."

"With you around, I'll be fine. I know you'll take care of me when I crash. Now how about some bed time?" Fluttershy nodded slowly and allowed herself to be guided over to their bed.

The creamy mare ensconced herself in her partners loving embrace upon their cloud bed. After a few moments of nuzzling up to her drifting off wife, Fluttershy found herself snaffled up by blissful dreams of the bright future ahead. A smile emerges upon her blissful yellow face, Everything is going to be perfect.

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Looking good so far, just a couple spelling/grammar errors. Plot is developing nicely though, and I am interested to see where this goes. Thumbs up from me.:moustache:

Awww! :twilightsmile: This was just lovely. How neat to see Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy now married and with their little filly! Spectra is a great name for a filly born to them. :raritystarry:

So now Soarin' is Rainbow Dash's brother? O.O Huh, never thought of that! But why not? That's pretty cool! :pinkiehappy: Creative license, that works. Makes a nice idea! Awww, and Spitfire is pregnant! (Hee! Spitty....xD) And now Rainbow is replacing her? O.O Oh goodness...

Well I still look forward to how this story will turn out! :pinkiehappy:


Up In The Sky - Joe Satriani

D'awwww! Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy make a perfect couple! :pinkiehappy:

Yay, more stories! Another "Wonderbolts or love" kind of fic, I see. Not a problem, there's still a ton of ways you can go from that. You seem to like the idea of Soarin' being Dash's brother, I assume. It makes sense, so it's fine. I said this on Crashing Angels, but how did the 2 mares have a foal? Magic, I assume, but I'm curious as to what the answer will be. You said you were bad with names? Spectra is an awesome name! Grammar and spelling are pretty good for the most part, and the first chapter seems to kick off the story nicely. Of course I'll be tracking it, so good luck!
And as always, FLUTTERDASH FTW :yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

1108431 not a 'wonderbolts or love' story. I've tried to paint it as Fluttershy is willing to with Dashie. The sads will come from another darker source.
How they have a foal will be addressed in time... This fic is designed to be canon with my Crashing Angels story so I hope it explains why there are similarities like Soarin' being her older bother and all...

1104118 Thank you. Everything you have said is great to hear. I find appeal in Soar' being Dashies older brother. It also can go a fair way toward explaining her excessive taste for being a wonderbolt.

1105373 Thanks. I think so too:scootangel:

1104337 nice peace of music, yes yes.

1103899 and 1104828 Good to hear... Thank you.
1103984 Yay! Thanks.

Expect a wild ride people... and remember;

D'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW and AWWWWWWWWW! Too much emotion I don't think my heart can take it! Uh oh! Too late!



Please excuse me I am a little over tired. When I am over tired, I get hyper. But really, this is so beautifully written. It is a work of art!

1147485 Why thank you. I like my cute and I like my Flutterdash.
Results like what I have gotten from you always make my day :pinkiehappy:

Love the new cover =D

1194794 Thanks. It was a special request from me and I think it works realy well. One more week for chapter 2 :pinkiehappy:

1196094 as for the question i get the point you're trying to get across but you worded it wrong love the rewrite but the constant calling scootaloo the 'adoptive' daughter really makes her feel like a bit of an outcast

1319969 you think I should drop it after the first one then?
I didn't think of it that way...

1319993 yeah well you don't have to completely just dont do it as often also include how scootaloo became a member of the family

1640600 Might be another month before an update on this. I'm focusing on Crashing Angels (which is the story that is set before this...) and want to get more done there before I start on this again.
If you've read my other stories and still want more of this then I'll try get the next chapter out sooner :pinkiehappy:

woah!!!!! Congratulations to spitfire and soarin!!!

I looked up SoarinFire and I found this again. Nostalgia trip, lol.

Yep. Nice to see this still can get the odd bit of attention.
I flicked through this recently and I think instead of continuing this, I'll write something new based on the ideas I had and still carry from this story.
The new one still features Soarinfire and Flutterdash but I think I'll also work some cute Tuna in there too.

Oh yeah, man, that'd be pretty cool! It's hard to find any good SoarinFire or FlutterDash stuff. The idea of Soarin and Spits having a baby together like in this story was the hook for me. I'm interested. :0

Do you wanna give the first draft a read and let me know if its any good? Its nearly ready.
It starts out more than a little different to this story though as I start back when Soarin and Spit are in advanced flight school as young Wonderbolt wannabes. Later I come to Scoots adoption and inclusion into fluttershy and Dash's family.

8572840 totally, sure! I'm down to help ya with it.

lol thank you. Did that suddenly make me worth a watch or something?

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