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This story is a sequel to Moon Eyed

Hex might not be that far into his adulthood, but he's now considered old enough to go out on his own. With his father's blessings, he packs up his things and makes his way out into Equestria to see if he can find something, anything that will reverse the effect on his blind eye that was cursed 8 years ago. With his spell book in tow, an eagerness to keep leaning his craft, and the urge to heal what's been broken, he finds himself in a situation he surely wasn't prepared for.

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there were some things Hex listened to that were quite a bit… noisier.

See, are we talking Power Metal, Emo Punk (Set It Off, you know, until they sold out), or Noise Rock here? Two of those options are quite a bit better than the third.

Well, his all time favorite band is (the pony equivalent of) The Cure. But he'd listen to some stuff like Slipknot, Marilyn Mason, Skinny Puppy and other things of the Goth/Metal/Emo genres. There's also stuff like Night Wish and Nine Inch Nails.
Basically, just picture anything dark, edgy or grungy.

He's not really into the Noise Rock, and he really doesn't like "Speed Metal." The person playing fast stops being impressive because it gets to a point where it no longer sounds like music and just... sounds like them making as much noise as they can on the instrument as fast as they can. Honestly, out of the Metal genres, he'd probably prefer Glam Metal with large splashes of Death and Heavy metal in there.

The stuff his dad would mostly be referring to as noisy would be like, well... Picture Hex sitting in his room blasting Dethklok and his poor dad who has NO experience with that kind of music whatsoever trying to sip at his tea and act as though it's normal. He's totally frazzled and can't think straight with it playing, but it makes his son happy. So he's not going to say anything about it.

I still think Speed Metal is impressive, but yeah.

Anyways, I like his taste in music!

Eh, to each their own!

He has good taste. In music anyway. His taste in partners? Eeeeh, not so much. lol

Thanks! She was just supposed to be a side character and then I grew really fond of her.

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