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Hex Breaker is a little colt full of big dreams he has yet to unlock. One night while sitting on the roof of their Seaddle home, his father tells him the story of the Mare in the moon. Filled with adoration for the deity trapped away there, Hex begins to have nightly conversations with the moon that lead to him unlocking doors to his mother's past and his own future.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 10 )

Ah, thank you! I really appreciate it.

Never have I seen such a confusing story that makes complete sense.

This story is really good, and the plot hasn’t even kicked in yet.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the comment. This is a character I've had for years now and I've just never had the courage to fully write out his story. I'm doing my very best to deliver something that's true to the character, but also entertains and keeps others coming back for more.

Quite interesting opening - in all honesty, the first chapter alone would work as a standalone story. Looking forward to see where it leads. Also, is his sister talking to Lovecraftian creatures beyond known space?

There's a possibility that's who she's talking to~ At this point I'm almost wondering if I should give Bittersweet her own story. I've got like, five different things planned right now that I need to do though, so that might have to wait. However, Hex will mention more about her conversations with the beings from the stars in the future, so it wont be left as a complete mystery.

Astounding first story, you seem to have a knack for this.

I get the title now, and I was going to complain about the length (only complaint, by the way), but I’m glad there’s going to be a separate part 2. That’s not usually how it’s done, but it’s fine.

Thanks a lot!
About the length, I'm really better at writing short stories. If I try to go too long, I tend to lose steam and never finish. It's one of the things I want to work on with my writing. Another thing I'm currently working on is not letting the plot be pushed forward by too much dialogue. A lot of my really early stories were way too much talking and not enough actions.
But anyway, there's part 2 coming of this pretty soon, as well as two spin-off stories. There'll be more as well, but those are the main things I currently have planned.

Heh, this sounds like an origin story of Hex Breaker, vampony slayer.

Slayer? More like layer. XD
He'd be more likely to sleep with a vampire pony than kill one.

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