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Found the show in late 2015, and fell in love with it. I also like D&D (3 and 3.5), Fansty novel and movie, Sci-Fi movies. MarbleMac is Best Ship and Flashlight is a fair second


This story is a sequel to Prisoners of the Heart

As the retired king Sombra saw his death was near, he took his last chance to put ink to paper and record his life.
From the birth of his father, Greystreak, to the reign of Grogar, to Grogar's overthrow by Gusty and the restoration of Greystreak's line as Sombra is crowned king.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 9 )

Pretty good set-up, and Foxhelm's comments were pretty funny, though one thing I'm confused about is the joke about Spring-Winter Romances. Did I miss something from "A World Above"?

This is a good start, but I have one suggestion. If this is supposed to be a collab with the Sisters Grimm, you should add a note giving them credit.

So, when is this going to come to play in the main story? I mean, the fact that Sombra is writing this feels like it's supposed to be important to the main story.

You might want to wait until the end

The whole Sombra writing down what the truth about his past deal. Are the girls ever going to find what he wrote?

That depends... Twilight has to read a book

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