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Unaware of the consequences, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle introduce Apple Bloom to a musician she's never heard of before.

It probably wasn't the best idea.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 12 )

This cannot end well...

Ah phewy. Fryin’ Pones can’t be good. Can it?

what the actual buck did I just read?

Frying Pones? Is this based on something?

Ah think this fic ain't too bad. What ever can go wrong...


Wow. Uhm. That was anti-climactic. eheh.
Ah’d expect the Mania ta be all crazy-like, but that’s like super tame.

You’d think Scoots and Sweetie would’a walked into a dark clubhouse with the walls decorated with Frying Pones fanart. Yeesh. Applebloom was so borin. What’a shame.

Still, thanks fer sharin!

Hey, thanks for the comment! I really appreciate your feedback on all my chapters so far.

Yeah, you’re right, reading back on what I’ve written, it does feel very anti-climactic compared to the tone of the other chapters. I guess I was so excited to put out a new chapter that I just typed out whatever crazy thing came into my head. My bad.

It would be a little confusing to other readers if I just rewrote the chapter, so I guess a ‘solution’ would be to rename this chapter and make Stage IV Mania instead. Would you mind if I used your idea about the clubhouse being decorated in TFP fan art? I would credit you in the Author’s Notes.

Thanks again! Your advice really means a lot to me.

— WriterWings

Linkin Pony, Thousand Hoof Krutch... uh... A Collection Of The Greatest Baby Shark Remixes... aha! The Frying Pones!

What, no Greatest Hits by Princess, including Cloudsdalian Rhapsody? For shame. :rainbowlaugh:

On a related note, I like this fic. Good job. Have your like and favorite.

Ah thought you did an awesome job. :)
Although the newspaper felt a bit much, ah loved the part where Applebloom interacts with her Crusaders.

Time fer them to read her Flying Pones fanfiction. Mwahhahahahaha.

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