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The alicorns have seperated themselves from pony society and conduct research in secret.

At the same time a young Princess Celestia can't wait to meet her new baby sister, little does she know this day will be one of the worst she will ever experience.

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A very well put together story with some worthwhile content in it. My only problem with it is that the style isn't exactly conducive to a simple story such as this, but that may perhaps be a compliment depending on how it's taken. Regardless, I certainly found it to be above average even though it's merely filling in the gaps of canon. Well worth reading if you like rich text.

I was heartened to see Celestia, even then, so fiercely protective of her younger sister. (Which of course fits nicely with canon; there are, after all, far worse fates than banishment.)

Fine job with a tale not too often told.

Me gusta, mi amigo.
Keep it up.

Tooooooooootally not my headcanon. Thumbs up! And if you can, try to find a prereader.

And so this story comes back to haunt me, when I one day find you commenting on my lowly blog. Ah, how I miss the good old days, where I reveled in others glory.


So how've you been?

Nice work on putting out here a possibility of how the main story came to be… or at least the part with season 2 with Discord… Who knew that Princess Celestia have a “goofy” personality rather than her usually “stand still” like pose most of the entire series, (or unless you count the one episode with the appearance of her pet phoenix). This makes me appreciate how awesome the story is with the whole Discord being a being powerful than Celestia thing… It troubles me at the end to how their parents left, I guess that helps me appreciate the small moments that are shown in this story and the strong emotion that the young celestia show.:fluttercry:

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