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Some days you save Equestria. Some days you just live a normal life. For Applejack, today has been one of the latter. Nothing interesting or world changing. Just minding her family's cart in the marketplace.

An ordinary day.

- - -

Written for the 2014 Friend Off Revival event on EQD.
The pic I found for inspiration will be in the author's note at the end to prevent spoilers.

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I hope they bring Flutterbat back in Season 5, and that they don't just forget about FS's fangs. That would have been a shame. :fluttershysad:

5224827 Who knows. Chances are it was just a one time thing like most of the other completely awesome little things the show has done, but that's what fanfics are for! :raritywink:

Nice fic there! It's always nice to read about the return of Fluttercutebat. Your take on it is pretty low-key, but very well wrought! Although, I have to admit that I discovered this fic through EqD's Friend Off, and they posted Mysticalpha's art with your story, so I kind of got spoilered to the reveal of this story.:fluttershyouch:

You might want to consider just using that picture as the cover art to your story; more people will read it if they know it's about everyone's favorite nocturnal creature. Plus, the few paragraphs at the beginning would have been enough for me to catch your reveal anyways; I mean, how often does Fluttershy ask Applejack for apples unsolicited?

5226225 I actually wrote the story specifically for the Friend Off & the pic they put up with it, but chose to use a different pic on the cover. I know the other may bring in more readers potentially, but it will also spoil the reveal, which imo does the piece a disservice. Yeah it's not hard to guess what's coming once they start talking, but I feel a reveal like this, even if mostly for the sake of the characters, shouldn't be ruined if I can help it. :scootangel:

Also thank you for spending the time to read and comment, it means a lot! :pinkiehappy:

5225915 I dunno, this show's writers don't seem like the type of people to do that. My guess is they're just trolling us. :trollestia:

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