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Some days you save Equestria. Some days you just live a normal life. For Applejack, today has been one of the latter. Nothing interesting or world changing. Just minding her family's cart in the marketplace.

An ordinary day.

- - -

Written for the 2014 Friend Off Revival event on EQD.
The pic I found for inspiration will be in the author's note at the end to prevent spoilers.

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My name is Mercurial Gold, Personal Seneschal to Her Majesty Princess Luna.
Tonight's evening court started out as boring as usual; punctuated by the usual insufferable morons.
I honestly don't know how she handles it every night.
Sometimes, however, words can be far louder than actions.
Especially to those who need them most.

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We all know the story of a human ending up in the land of Equestria.
Battles of magic, facing monsters and villains, self-discovery, friendship, and eventually a chance to go home...

But what if he didn't go home? What if he stayed and made a life there, in his new equine form?
This, is the end of that story.

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The alicorns have seperated themselves from pony society and conduct research in secret.

At the same time a young Princess Celestia can't wait to meet her new baby sister, little does she know this day will be one of the worst she will ever experience.

Chapters (1)
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