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My name is Mercurial Gold, Personal Seneschal to Her Majesty Princess Luna.
Tonight's evening court started out as boring as usual; punctuated by the usual insufferable morons.
I honestly don't know how she handles it every night.
Sometimes, however, words can be far louder than actions.
Especially to those who need them most.

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Comments ( 5 )

It was a rather enjoyable story, and i wouldn't mind seeing more of Mercurial Gold and Luna. your a pretty good writer. hope to see more

I liked this. It had just enough balance between the characters without seeming overtly off. It's very easy for Luna to feel wrong in a story. but I think you captured how I feel she would act. If you can keep it from feeling too OCish, I'd like to see more written along these lines.

5469056 I actually have a lot of the planning done for the larger story, I'm just worried on character evolution.
The story is meant to cover around a year, and Luna aclamating to Equestria, but while a single scene or day is easy to grasp, I'm a bit worried the gradual changes in the character might come out either too suddenly or subtle.
And unfortunately for me the story in question would not only be my largest project to date (actual novel length) but is also required as a basis for a few other stories I want to write even more (2 direct sequels, 2-3 sorta-side stories, and a 3 part series which uses it's lore as history).
Thanks for the interest though. I'll be sure to link a blog post to this when the story finally gets published so anyone who fav'd this one will get notified. :raritywink:

Sounds to me as if an excellent story is in the making.

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