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I'm a pegasister who just can't get enough pony magic in her life!

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Your grimdark stories always amazing, Magpie. I can't wait to see what other stories you have planned!

I read this while listening to music, which made the experience better

OK mag what's the deal with the Minin scene?

We need more Psycho Party Pony Shipping :pinkiecrazy: This is great!

I think the fanfic reading version has gone better than the original story.

Very good story. Well done, MagPiePony! Also, thanks for reading my letter in Lost's second unboxing video on YouTube!

Now this right here is Black Comedy. I love it.

Why are ratings disabled? that looks concerning

Delightfully deadly, just the way I like it

Nothing better than having TheLostNarrator introduce one to a great fic! Well done! Loved hearing it and reading along! :pinkiecrazy:

Author Interviewer

Intensely silly. :P

Pinkie and Cheese were nuzzled on a park bench

I think you mean 'nestled'? Or else the 'were' shouldn't be there. :B

I wish I could upvote this. =V

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