• Published 18th Jun 2018
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Changing Minds - AlternativePerversion

Clop with Plot about the corruption of Ponyville from harmonious village to debaucherous lands.

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Mind Set nodded. “Well, don’t let me interrupt you two, then. I’ll see myself out.” He closed the door behind him and walked back to his house. Waiting for him on her knees was his biggest failure.

Cadence? I can, kinda see why. Yes, she's kinky, submissive and basically will do whatever he tells her to, but, she's basically a bimbo, little of her previous intelligence is left.

That was good way to end these two therapy sessions. I wonder who this mistake is? I think it may be Pinkie. Can you imagine that mare hyped up on sex. I do hope Mind does turn her into a pony obsessed with adult parties, and pleasing as many ponies as possible.

You had my curiosity, but now you have my erection. Loving this series so far!

If you're looking for some ideas, I do have some. Since you're doing Rarity next, I'll start with her. Whilst it could be easy to just give her a clop with Spike, that feels a smidgen too easy. I recall you mentioning something about Rarity being with a high class escort... and then I got a somewhat radical idea. I remember reading another clop fic a while back, which featured Rarity as Shining's clandestine mistress. Maybe when Shining is visiting Ponyville on official business, he catches eye of Rarity or visa versa. In his new, sexually liberated mindset, Rarity finds him irresistible, and he likely makes his own advances, but she feels understandably conflicted.

She visits Mind Set for a few sessions, and before you know it, Shining has basically made Rarity his sexual property, with him deciding to have her sire him some royal bastards on the side, which the newly sluttified Rarity is all too gleeful to submit to, begging to be allowed to birth their illegitimate but pure-blooded offspring.

I actually have a few ideas:
1. The CMC end up becoming closer than ever.
2. Diamond Tiara ends up dominating her mother.
3. Fluttershy ends up dominating Zephyr Breeze under the guise of learning a lesson.
4. Aloe and Lotus become REAL close and start using more intimate massaging techniques on each other.

While certainly a good idea, unfortunately it doesn't fit entirely the way you described. If you read the previous story, Therapy Session, you'll note that Shining is the Sub in the relationship, so he can't just go forth and get new mistresses. However, the idea can be tweaked and I've thought of a way that might work, just have to see if it fits the current plan.

Duly noted. Maybe the tweak can be that Rarity is attracted to Shining, but feels it'd be scandalous and immoral to make advances on a married stallion, much less the big brother of her friend.

Mind Set, of course, discovers that Rarity is subconsciously into exactly that, as her darkest fantasies are exactly those kinds of kinks. It's like everything out of a raunchy romance novel; scandalous adultery, socially taboo relationships, clandestine affairs, birthing illegitimate children, etc. Maybe throw in how similar Rarity looks in appearance to him, adding a sort of eugenic bend to it--their foals would look a lot like each other. Mind Set merely has to switch a few things around in Rarity's head to make her less worried about it being immoral and more into how deliciously scandalous it would be to be secretly birthing royal bastards, cucking out the queen of the children that should be her's, but are instead being sired upon a common mistress.

How about this.

Keep those ideas but send it towards blueblood instead of shinning. I bet Blue would love some pay back after the cake insistent.

Ehh, I'm fairly certain Rarity's been thoroughly disillusioned of Blueblood by this point. And while Mind Set seems to have... questionable methods, I don't think he's such a massive dick that he'd be helping Blueblood with any payback.

How about fancy pants then?

That could work. Honestly, it'd probably make a bit more sense since Rarity's shown prior interest in Fancy Pants. Maybe Fancy Pants himself is so mind-crushingly bored with his station or maybe his married life is just so stagnant that he's honestly looking for some spice in his life, and a mistress on the side is the perfect way to do just that.

Lets let the author decide what happens to Rarity that, but we both agree that Fancy or Shining should be rarity's first 'customer'?

I look forward to what you have in mind with Rarity, I have to ask what's with the 4/2 chapter system.

I thought I'd be able to fit it all into two parts, but as I wrote the story kept getting longer, and I try to keep my chapters within bite size 2-3k words. So, I said "Next chapter, last one, it'll be 3/2". Unfortunately, 3/2 turned into 4/2. It's just a mark of my imperfections.


Onto another idea of mine. AlternatePerversion, you mentioned how the CMC is of legal age, da? That means that Button Mash is similarly aged up, ja?

If so, here's my idea. Button's mom is rather worried about her son, whose been acting strangely agitated lately, and despite being a perfectly healthy young stallion, she's worried that he'll never come out of his metaphorical shell, still being a video game shut-in like always. When Mind Set investigates, he figures out that Button Mash that the latter has been harboring an attraction for him mom, in a classic Freudian scenario. Seeing as Button's mom is a massively hot but lonely single mom, who subconsciously yearns for a strong stallion to come into her life and assert himself over her, Mind Set goes about slowly conditioning the two of them. Button becomes more confident, sexy, and assertive; whilst turning up the sexual frustration and submissive fantasies in his mom.

It's only a matter of time before they're rutting each other's brains out, as Button becomes the stallion his mother has always wanted whilst he himself is finally able to liberate his own desires and thus matures from a nerdy shut-in into a bonifide stud. Their relationship changes so drastically, that they hardly think of each other as family nearly as much as they think of each other as lovers. Button's mom swiftly becomes blissfully knocked up, eager to start a new family with her new lover, and Button abandons his video games for the much more fun lifestyle of keeping his mother barefoot and pregnant.

Buttom Mash is of legal age, yes.

As for the idea, it's certainly good, a classic even. There are some parts I would tweak to fit my own opinions, but it works. Though, I do have one question.

keeping his mother barefoot and pregnant.

What does this mean?

It's an admittedly misogynistic figure of speech that basically says a woman shouldn't be working outside the home, and should be spending her reproductive years having babies. There IS some subjective reasoning at play here; Button's mom, being a single mom, had to work a lot because his dad wasn't involved in his upbringing, leaving her tired and Button lonely. Button at least somewhat wants his mom to finally be able to not have to work all the time, and his mom similarly wants to find a stallion to be with and have more foals. When the two of them are, ahem, liberated by Mind Set's conditioning, Button's mom happily gives up any and all work outside the house so she can focus on pleasuring Button and rearing their foals. Button's newfound confidence has him become the new bread winner of the house, as he's invigorated into getting a good job to provide for his family.

Ah, gotcha'. I was wondering what the barefoot part was. Personally, I'd use the term "wearing only slippers", but that's just my opinion as I often stub my toes while walking around the house.

Though you seem to misunderstand what parts I'd change. I have no problem with Femsub in my stories, as you've seen with AJ. I have no problem with Femdom, as you'll see with Rarity (at parts). Both are stuff people want to read. I have no qualms with housewives. The problem I was talking of changing is Button throwing away video games. It's his talent.

At the center of my belief for ponies is the cutie mark being respected. Button Mash has a D-pad for a cutie mark. He is a gamer. Taking away that part of him is akin to destroying an aspect of his personality. It's neither good nor right to do so. I'd change it to have his job center around the video games, such as a developer (who can stay at home and pleasure his wife), as opposed to him going out and getting a nine to five job.

Fair enough. Being true to one's Cutie Mark is important. And it does make perfect sense that he uses his passion for gaming to become a professional gamer. Be it his sheer skill or perhaps becoming an online personality, he quickly garners attention, because not only is he a great gamer, he's CRAZILY inspired by his drive to look after his mom and their children. He gets to do what he loves and make a killing off of it.

ok i read this hole story. and you are an amazing writer, but M/F-incest it's just not my thing.
don't get me wrong it was really well written and good story telling!
and if i may make a request for a future chapter, that your free to ignore.
Applejack was turned into a stallion through whatever means and Big Mac is finding a new side of himself that he never knew he had or more exact was trying to suppress, hes shorter them M-Applejack witch is a new experience for Big Macintosh, as well as M-Applejack being stronger than him, and can do mare work then he can, and if it's because she's one of the elements of harmony or Rockhoof magi being is being pass down to her wen she took his elements is unknown...but surprisingly Big Mac doesn't hate being weaker than M-Applejack... he enjoys it he likes being smaller he likes playing the mare's role but what he hates is that he dos like the little spoon is the best way to describe it.

Applejack for her part loves being a man and want to be on top wen they play there games.

That would be antithetical to the story thus far, so I'm afraid I'll be exercising my right as the creator to veto that idea.

that's fare i shared it, and that's enough for me ''thank you for responding''.

i'd like to see him mind control twilight and spike similar to how you did it with the apples maybe throw in a mention of midnight sparkle

That marriage thing gave me an idea: With Twilight you could convince her that as a princess it's her duty to produce lots of healthy heirs to the throne as quickly as possible. This was actually historically true as it was seen as one of the king's or lord's most important duties to produce a worthy successor. Given the high amount of child deaths at the time it means multiple kids is pretty much mandatory as well.
The marriage of the famous Lious XVI and Marie Antoinette ended with them being shown to be guests in the bed. Also a big part of their loss of credibility overtime was their inability to produce an heir.

So you could use that with Twilight. That she is shrinking her duties and putting the well being of the nation in danger by not having several strong heirs to her throne. Maybe even create a fictional counterpart to the French couple and that it led to massive anarchy and chaos in Equestria because they lost credibility for their years of celebicy.

With Rarity I think her weakness would be shame. Make her feel like hiding her body is the same as being ashamed to show her true self. Also convince her that to truly make a dress fit it needs to show off a pony's best assets.

Her entire mentality with making clothes is to bring out the best in the pony that wears them and there is a lot you can do with that mentality.

You can also convince her to go further with her usual flirting to get her way techniques. Maybe say that flirting without sex means you gave ponies false promises. That you want to show them your best in exchange for something but then just steal their possession without actually delivering what you promised.

I think it might be best to make this focus largely on Rarity's clothes making and therefore involve Sassy Saddles. Her character design does suggest she is a gorgeous mare and her wearing such obscuring clothing is putting that to waste.

You should have every one of the mane 6 have a different tone. The one of Applejack was quite intimate and about family and tradition so the one of Rarity should be more corporate and public. It's not about gender, or connections but about showing off your best.

It would also again help sluttify Ponyville if the idea is spread that showing off your assets is the same as showing off yourself.

I already alluded to this in your other story, but it's relevant here as well. Since it involved spoilers for upcoming episodes... Spoiler Alert!
Smolder, the dragoness, actually loves being feminine and demure. She's deathly scared of others finding out, though. Mind Set could help her come to grips with that side of her, by turning her into a submissive maid for Spike. That will "give" Smolder a way to live out her fantasies—indeed, she won't have a choice—and it will help boost Spike's confidence, if he gets to have his very own sexy slave maid.

Any idea when this story will update?

Next chapter please?!

I would have lived to see that. However I think this story might be dead

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

good story hope it continues

I believe that this story has been abandoned

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