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Hi! I'm an MtF transexual who writes a lot of fics! I hope you all really enjoy my work (though i have a tendency to not update certain stories for long stretches of time... Anyway! I like adventres!


Pinkamena is not a friendly pony. She's blunt, pragmatic, self-centered, fails to emote aside from anger or when faced with the unexpected, and she cares more about money than friendship. Most ponies in Ponyville stay away from her due to her how unapproachable she acts, and it doesn't help she chooses to live as far from the town as possible on her farm near the mountains. This is PInkamena on her best of days, so imagine how terrible it is now that her father's set up shop in Ponyville, causing Pinkamena Pie to feel more irritable than usual....

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