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Hi! I'm an MtF transexual who writes a lot of fics! I hope you all really enjoy my work (though i have a tendency to not update certain stories for long stretches of time... Anyway! I like adventres!



This is an alternate universe wherein Rainbow Dash is the Element of magic, and the lives of herself and her friends have been changed, along with their respective elements. However, despite being the Element of Magic, Rainbow Dash isn't Celestia's student....that title belongs to her childhood rival, Sunset Shimmer.

Is now the first story in the Rainbow is Magic verse!

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Just a little thing...

Rainbow shrugged. “She probably just thinks I’m so awesome I can do a better job than anyone else who had the job. After all, I AM the first and so far ONLY Unicorn to learn magic and also top graduate of the academy.”

Should probably be either non-unicorn or Pegasus Pony

3956889 Once again I miss this mistake! :flutterrage: KAAAAAAHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!!!

An interesting idea, and I'm kinda interested in the backstories of the changed ponies (Like what sort of scandals afflicted Twilight's family, the new interactions of the CMC and their sisters, etc.)

This reminds me of a lot of different AU stories rolled into a fresh retelling of the pilot episode. Rainbow Dash as the leader of the group is very Rainbooms and Royalty, her magical ability reminds me of Scootaloo in One in a Million, Applejack is similar to Random Elements, Twilight has a bit of A Minor Variation in her...

I like that Spike was hatched by Rainbow Dash if not by Twilight. That personal connection is pretty important.

Fluttershy's re-characterization is very original... I've seen her overcome her shyness, but not turn into a complete extrovert.

I'm curious to see whether the Shadowbolts offer Rarity the wings she covets so much in the next chapter...

3957699 :twilightoops: I FORGOT ABOUT THE SHADOWBETS! However, I should clarify that Rarity isn't loyalty here, and so such an event would be kind of superfluous.

The only one of those stories you mentioned I am familiar with at all is Rainbooms and Royalty (which i liked btw), the others not so much.

I'm glad you like the new characterisations in keeping with the changes in history. I feel that a good alternate universe story should have enough new twists and changes to make itself both interesting and relevent

Ah Spike...my intention in this story is to give him a much closer relationship with Rainbow here than with Twilight in canon, hence why he comes into the everfree with the group.

3957136 hmms well I do go into Applejack, Fluttershy and rarity's histories a bit, mostly in connection with the changes with their personalities...

As for the CMC I always though of Sweetie Belle as being like the Scootaloo for Rarity, But of course since I haven't done anything onscreen with any CMC that may change...

To be honest, I haven't really put much thought into whatever 'scandals' lead to the Sparkle family leaving Canterlot and becoming farmers...maybe I should...

Hey great story buut one question does the mane 6 have different cutie marks i mean i belive you told us what rainbow dash was but not the others do they even have one because in chapter one you said that rarity was a blank flank but other than that good story and very interesting

4006611 yes this was bothering me since I COMPLETELY FORGOT to expand on that, but yes, their cutie marks are all different. Rainbow Dash's :rainbowdetermined2: is like Twilight's except rainbow coloured, Rarity :raritystarry: is a blank flank because she hasn't discovered her special talent yet, Applejack's :ajsmug: is a quilt/fabric in the shape of an apple held together by sewing thread and a needle, Pinkamena's :pinkiesmile: is a rock, Twilight's :twilightsmile: is an old timey soda pop bottle, and Fluttershy's :yay: is a smiling white bird.

Ok guys I am working on another story set in this universe so it seems I'm officially making this a verse! whoo! :pinkiegasp: :rainbowwild: :derpytongue2: I do have plenty ideas of what to do next :3 but do feel free to try a hand at this verse yourselves, if you so desire.:eeyup:

Will Rainbow Dash be beating anybody up in this story? Also, shouldn't this have a Rainbow Dash tag?

4251136 she might....and this has a mane six tag, adding an RD tag would be redundant

Okay, I'm reading this, if for no other reason, to find out what the hay happened to Twilight and everypony else.

:pinkiegasp: I'm flabbergasted, befuddled, perplexed! :rainbowhuh: Yet strangely intrigued. :trixieshiftright: Also, couldn't Rarity fly using unicorn magic, or doesn't it work that way?

4555708 That's addressed in chapter 3

also I'm glad you're enjoying it...I think? XD:pinkiehappy:

For this abridged recap, the part of Sunset Shimmer will be played by Twilight Sparkle:

:rainbowkiss:: I'mma do MAGIC!

:facehoof:: You can't do magic!

:rainbowdetermined2:: I just did magic!

:moustache:: I'm born now!

:twilightangry2:: SON OF A BITCH!

4803947 XD were you trying to emulate the Team four star?
Now I'm a giant monkey!

Oh no now I'm not a monkey!

Oh no now the kid's a monkey!

:rainbowlaugh: Yeah, a little bit.

Fun story. It felt a little rough, and some of the characters felt like total personality changes at first, rather than the same characters who happened to grow up under different circumstances, but I think on the whole, it worked out when you gave the explanations.

I would take a small issue with the idea that Rainbow suddenly figured out how to use spell-type magic and it didn't lead to a rush of other pegasi and earth ponies following her example, but considering some of the things that go on in the actual show without anypony batting an eye, I figure it's just an Equestria thing. :raritywink:

4804729 hehe glad you enjoyed it at least. I never claimed to be a good writer, I just try to write to the best of my ability.

I have tons of plans for future stories set in this verse, and have ideas for changes with certain other characters too.Currently thinking I should write a couple stories in this verse concurently, particularly for ideas that are more or less one shots

As for the Rainbow Dash learning magic thing and noone else wanting to try it...I'd say its more like most pegasi aren't that interested or know much about it, same for most earth ponies Basically, the idea here is that Pegasi wing bones are made of the same stuff as unicorn horns, allowing them to utilize magic, its just slightly mroe difficult and restricts flight movement. (though if I had rainbow use magic and fly at the same time at any point, then that's a mistake i need to correct). Okay the explanation sounds kinda handwavey, but what can ya do?

4804765 It's a world full of talking magic ponies. A little 'hoof'waving is to be expected. :trollestia:

:rainbowkiss:: Hey Twilight guess what?
:twilightsmile:: What?
:rainbowlaugh:: I did magic!
:twilightsheepish:: Really?
:rainbowkiss:: Yeah!
:twilightangry2:: Son of a mare!

“What are you so scared about? Pinkamena grumbled irritably. “You’re a dragon.”


5124972 Someone already did that kind of comment, and a little better to be hoenst o3o

5125091 She's just calld Pinkamena, not Pinkie. In this universe Pinkie is a nicname some of the characters will call her, which she hates.

Its basically a running gag.

Rarity is a blank flank that wants to fly and hates fancy dresses;
Applejack is obsessed with fashion and hates getting dirty;
Twilight works at a farm and loves working there;
Fluttershy is an extrovert that occasionally breaks into song;
and Pinky (more than likely Pinkamena now) looks to be a grump.

Well, I can believe the last one, but what the hay is Pink doing in Ponyville? I thought she would still be on the rock farm? Also, I noticed you never went into what their cutie marks look like. Rarity is a blank flank and Pink just showed up. However, what about Applejack, Twilight, and Fluttershy?

5398601 yeah the cutie marks are an oversight on my part, I completely forgot to mention them aside from rarity being a blankflank. I did leave a comment somewhere down here explaining their cutie marks in detail. And yes its Pinkamena, not Pinkie, who's in ponyville on business, but I do imagine the rock farm not being too far from ponyville.

So, Fluttershy, more or less, has Pinkie's attitude and is more than likely Laughter;
Pinkemena is more like Cranky Doodle Donkey with her brutal Honestly;
It's established Rainbow Dash is Magic;
I'm leaning more towards Rarity being Kindness;
I am going to guess the Applejack is Loyalty because she came with them in the first place;
Leaving Generosity to Twilight.

5398993 Thanks for the response, and I look forward to reading the description of these cutie marks (when you remember where you put them.)

As for this story, I was made aware of this story due to 'Spectrum of the Rainbow' being added to The Good Prince group. I then went looking for the original story and decided to read it. I love reading retellings for the formation of the 'Mane Six'. I have to say, I really liked what you did with it. Rainbow Dash gaining the ability to use magic, yet not being Celestia's personal student. Rarity, once a clothes designer in the making, getting inspired to gain the ability to fly. Applejack seeing how a dress brought her happiness, felt the need to make dresses to make others fell that same happiness. Fluttershy becoming Ponyville Party Pony(?)...Weird, but believable, though I want to meet the pony that help her to become this way. Twilight becoming a farmer, after her family lost their standing and wealth. And Pinkamena, whose cutie mark should be a grumpy rock, just happening to be in Ponyville on business (BTW, it takes a train ride to get from the rock farm to Ponyville, so the walk can't be that short.)

I do have to say, I think that, except for Twilight, you represented their elements well. Fluttershy laughing along wanting to be friends with an ursa minor; Rarity helping Sunset,knowing full well, that her efforts would not be appreciated; Pinkamena being honest with the beast despite thinking it would cost them their lives; and Applejack coming along to stick by her friends for the right reason, despite what it did to her clothes. I just don't see how Twilight making that one-sided deal, represented Generosity.

As for the end, I loved how Luna was the older sister and being in the moon stunted her growth. Celestia dropping the ball, and admitting it. I do wonder what will happen to those bat ponies. Will we see them again? I also have to wonder where the Apples are now? After all, Granny Smith did help to found Ponyville.

So, I'll try to keep up with this AU.

5399649 :3 your comment has been the most detailed and insightful. Yeah I agree Twilight's 'test' is the weakest but the idea is that here generosity has become so ingrained into her that when trying to come up with a bargain she doesn't even think about getting anything in return for giving somepony something (whether it be food, money or physical assistance) but yeah I see your point. And so far I don't know about the bat ponies, but they'll likely come up again at some point (also they're called nightsteeds ehre cause its cool).

and yeah, of all the explanations for celestia's disappearance during Nightmare Moon's return, the one possible reason I never seen anywhere was simply she forgot to go. It makes her more....fallible, plus its funny.

I have so far not seen any feedback for the first one shot in Spectrum in the rainbow, so I'm curious what you thought of it, and yes alternate universe takes on the mane six are probably my fave story types as well here on fimfic.

If you're curious about the Apple family, they do get a small bit of focus in this story's first direct sequel, Apple to the Core.

also, since you can't seem to find the original comment about the cutie marks I'll just repost it here:

yes this was bothering me since I COMPLETELY FORGOT to expand on that, but yes, their cutie marks are all different. Rainbow Dash's :rainbowdetermined2: is like Twilight's except rainbow coloured, Rarity :raritystarry: is a blank flank because she hasn't discovered her special talent yet, Applejack's :ajsmug: is a quilt/fabric in the shape of an apple held together by sewing thread and a needle, Pinkamena's :pinkiesmile: is a rock, Twilight's :twilightsmile: is an old timey soda pop bottle, and Fluttershy's :yay: is a smiling white bird.

Twilight's :twilightsmile: is an old timey soda pop bottle

How did that happen?
Also, since everypony's element looks like their cutie mark, what does Rarity's element look like? Will it change when/if she does find her special talent?

5400486 well here the elements are not shaped after their cutie marks, taking on the forms of different accesories so you cna tell them apart by their colour and shape. For more details I'll need to reread my description for them in the chapter.

Twilight got her cutie mark by invented her family's number one best selling product: sodie pop.

4803947 Best abridged opening ever. Like Kai Abridged levels of rapid fire comedy.

5444600 :pinkiecrazy: I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say.

I have to admit this was a pretty darn good story. :-D Love the alternate takes on the main characters. :-D I also love how you made Celestia a little more - well, equine, without making her a total jerk.

5973202 hehe thanks :3 who's your favourite altered take on the mane six here?

In all honesty, it's a tie between your Rainbow and your Twilight. Though your Fluttershy is a VERY close second.

Well, Rainbow combines the best aspects of her canon self with the best aspects of Twilight's canon self.

Twilight and Fluttershy both learned how to make the best of bad situations until those situations actually worked out for the best. As a result Twilight became a bit more optimistic, but not even close to an idiot (even if she IS still a bit naive in some aspects, it's entertainingly so) and Fluttershy also ended up adopting the best aspects of Pinkie's canon personality in addition to her love of animals.

Rainbow Dash being the Element of Magic? Hm, sounds slightly similar to my fic, really. The major difference being that she harnesses the Magic of Friendship (rather than regular magic) in my fic to turn into a white, flaming-maned super pony. =P

Still, interesting premise you got here. ^_^

6268084 XD thanks

any other thoughts on the story and universe thus far, may I ask?

6270489 Not really, I'm afraid. Some fanart of your fic on DA led me here.

6271406 ah I see :3 well as long as you enjoyed it

Well, after finishing this story, I have two things to say:
1. Now I'm interested in reading the rest of the stories in your universe thanks to this story alone.
2. You should do some kind of crossover story where your version of the mane 6 meet their canon counterparts.

6345679 hehe I'd love to hear what you think of my stories so if you need any help in finding them, let me know.

I did have ideas for a crossover story, but said ideas would at the very least need for it take place after 'season one' of this verse, or more properly, after I do the story set during the grand galloping gala.

6345876 All right.
Can't wait to eventually see it.

6346288 XD do you mind if I ask what your thoughts on this story were?

6346454 It was interesting and a fun read.

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