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"And they all lived happily ever after."

Cadance believed that was true when she was married. A princess and her knight in shining armor, just like in the fairytales. Their true love had defeated the evil Queen Chrysalis just like in the fairytales. In short, Cadance felt like she was well on her way to her own happily ever after.

However, as an alicorn she is immortal. One day she will be forced to outlive her beloved stallion, and her happily ever after will die. What will she be then? The Princess of Love without her beloved?

No, that cannot happen.

But there is a pony who has cheated death a number of times: King Sombra.

With his help, Shining Armor too can become immortal, and they can both live happily ever after, together forever.


This is not a shipping story. There are romantic themes, but it is not the focus of this story.

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Fascinating premise. I'll check this out.

Really interesting story. I can't wait for more.

Suspenseful. I like it. "preform" should be "perform."

Uh-oh, that doesn't sound good. Why don't you advertise this story a bit and put it in some groups?

Very intense scene! Advice should be advise though.

Corrected. Thank you for pointing this out to me. As you understand English is not my first language...

Is there going to be a continuation? I love the scene with Shining and Cadence at the end. Very sweet.

He's a terrifying genius. I love it!

She was a princess, she was strong enough to deal with Sombra. She picked up the items.

5 bucks that Sombra has some ulterior motive to this?

10 to the person that guesses it. My guess is... possession/corruption of Shining Armor followed by a coup against Celestia.

"Now the dye is cast... nothing left to do...
Time alone can prove my theory true..."

If anyone gets the reference, then you know what is coming.

Reminds me of Lesson Zero

Show the world-
Ah, my god!
What's this?
Something's happening! I can't explain!
Something inside me, a breathtaking pain,
devours and consumes me... and drives me INSANE!

Suddenly, uncontrolled!
Something is taking hold!
Suddenly, AGONY!
Filling me, killing me!
Suddenly, out of breath...
what is this!? Is this death!?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- the musical.
You have an excellent taste in music, good sir.

So, is there going to be more Sombra and Cady stuff in a sequel from you? There's plenty of room for it.

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