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This story is a sequel to A Letter to Father

After escaping Tartarus and bonding with her new friends(?) Cozy Glow sent a letter to her father Svengallop to update him on everything that has happened in her life lately. After her mother, Suri Polomare, reads it she decides to check on her little filly. She wants to make sure Cozy is in good company, after all.

Sequel can be found here.

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S’ about right. Personally though I’m with Tirek, I would have sworn she’s a demon in filly disguise or something.

Ri2 #2 · Jun 28th, 2019 · · ·

”Thanks, mom,” Cozy said. ”I’d never eviscerate you and Pa in your sleep.”

That's right, she'd do it while they were awake.

<LoL!> It's so interesting to think on how Sven and Suri would make the right pair of parents for Cozy. Both have their own agendas,, seem to value only personal gain, and don't care much about others. They'd certainly set an example that would account for Cozy being so 'awkward' at The School Of Friendship and how she's always trying to be nice when it is really just a ploy to get what she wants. She was raised by professional manipulators, after all.

The scenes with Tirek and Chrysalis were perfect! I could hear and see those very easily.

A most delightful sequel to the original.

A wonderful story and spectacular sequel.:pinkiehappy:

”There are two of them now… how is this possible? Why me? What did I do to deserve this?”


I'll be honest. I never really cared much for Cozy Glow or Grogar's League of Evil, and I'm skeptical that the finale will change my mind about that, so I don't read many fics about them. That said, I really liked this pair of oneshots. One of the reasons why I'm usually so cold on Cozy was because she doesn't have any real backstory or reason to be evil, especially at such a young age, and so much about her character just doesn't make sense. But with these two as parents? No. It all makes perfect sense now. And that's something I never thought I'd be able to say. So thanks for writing these. I enjoyed them a lot.

"By the way, your father and I have a few small... requests for you and your friends."
"Oh?" Cozy tilted her head. "What are they?"
"Nothing much dear," Suri waved a hoof.
"Just a few mares named Rarity and Applejack we want obliterated from the face of the planet. Miss Rarity ruined my fashion week a few years ago and stole my assistant Coco, and Applejack apparently made Countess Coloratura fire your father, and her little sister and her friends turned your cousin Diamond Tiara into a goody-four-hooves."
Cozy gasped. "Now I understand why Aunt Spoiled was so upset! Those lousy CMC got Di! And Applejack and Rarity are part of the Elements of Harmony- they're on the top of our hit list! Don't you worry mom! I'll make sure they're dead!"
"Thank you Cozy." Suri hugged her daughter.
"Mmm..." A deep voice rumbled.
The old ram slowly rose to his hooves and yawned, a look of deep contentment on his face. "Huh? Cozy? Why are you here? And who is this?"
"Oh! Right!" Cozy gestured to her mother. "Grogar, meet my mom! Mom, meet Grogar!"
"I'm sorry about the cupcakes sir," Suri blushed.
"I made them as a safety measure for my daughter, in case she was in danger from-"
"Make more blue ones." Grogar said, shushing her.
"And PLEASE give one to the bug- I don't think she's slept in a week..."

Another absolutely spectacular story. I'm loving Cozy more with each passing story.

Tirek skips leg day. :pinkiehappy:
Since the animators showed it so clearly, I feel stupid for not realizing it until I read it here. Well done, Sir.

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