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Magic is gone. Cozy succeeded in doing what she set out to do, and now the world is perfect.

Simply perfect.

An entry in the Cozy Glow short story contest, based on the prompt "Cozy has a secret".
Cover art and proofreading was, as always, done by the great-hearted Vito, who is also on Deviantart.

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Glad to see an entry from you! Don't forget to add it to the contest folder :twilightsmile:

Made me cry. So, good job!

This is a great portrayal of Cozy, you perfectly captured her arrogance and hunger for power, her desperation not to be wrong. Great work.

This has got to be the best contest entry I've seen by far and I have my doubts of anything else topping it. Cozy was great here, as was Twilight, whom I wish she was like in the last two seasons. It was also very sad, as expected from the premise. It just goes to show that Cozy did deserve help, even after everything she did. I don't have much else to say other then I love it!

I'm sobbing my heart out......beautifully written story.

This is so beautiful. ¡Excellent work!:twilightsmile:

I'd like to see more of this universe

This story was actually written largely a year ago for the last contest, but I never finished it or had it proofread, since I realized I'd never get it done for that contest. Then some time around 1 AM about a week ago I remembered it and had it completed.

I think this one is pretty good, even if I'm sure there are plenty of writers who will deliver many better stories for the contest than me. This fandom can do amazing stuff.


That was amazing. Thank you for that.

Mica #11 · Aug 1st, 2021 · · ·

Now everypony is on equal footing. [...]

Why can't ponies see that everything is much more fair now than when we had magic? Now everypony has the same chance to become whatever they want.

I don't know 'bout you, but I'm gettin' some serious Starlight Glimmer vibes here :unsuresweetie:

Nonetheless, a fantastic story. If I had to choose one story to represent how Cozy's reformation might plausibly happen, it would be this story.

My hat goes off to you.

I can see why this made it to the top of the feature box. This is a damn fine story you got here.

I like this better than what we got.

Comment posted by MikiStenbeck deleted Aug 1st, 2021
Comment posted by MikiStenbeck deleted Aug 1st, 2021

This is a very well-written story. I feel like you characterized Twilight here better than even most of the show writers of the later seasons. Even if she is only trying to harbor Cozy to eventually convince her to help Equestria, I have to wonder if she wants to protect her from everyone else too. Including the Princesses that would have sent her to hell. You also made Cozy Glow very sympathetic without sacrificing any of her character traits. Well done!!! I hope you get recognized for your efforts because I really enjoyed it!

That being said, I did accidentally find two typos? I thought I'd show you, in case there was some way to edit these things.

"I quash that little seed of doubt and glare defiantly back at Twilight." I think it's meant to be squash? I'm not actually fully sure, correct me if i'm wrong.

"I don't care that I screamed on top of your lungs, making Twilight pull her ear down." I think it's 'my' instead of 'your' here?

Comment posted by MikiStenbeck deleted Aug 1st, 2021
Comment posted by MikiStenbeck deleted Aug 1st, 2021

Since English is not my first language, I am not entirely sure of the intricacies, but I believe the word quash can be used here. It is similar to "squash", but more spiritual if I have understood things correctly. Squash is something you do with you body- like how you can squash an insect or be squashed into a box.

Quash is more like bullying, or to smother a thought or idea in your mind. According to my trusty Google translate, is is often used in legal proceedings, apparently.

The other one is absolutely a typo though.

Comment posted by MikiStenbeck deleted Aug 1st, 2021

10922044 Of course, canon Cozy just wanted to rule the world and have all the power for herself... this is more Starlight's shtick... oh wait, she actually just wanted all the power and control too, and was just lying through her plot.

The 'equity' crowd always tends to be like that when you rip the fake equal sign off their butts.


Children are very impressionable. This story shows that Cozy just needed guidance from someone who's heart was in the right place. For all we know, Cozy seems to have an absent family. If kids can't get guidance from their own family, they look for it somewhere else and Cozy unfortunately chose Tirek. So I love this story because it proves that no one is born evil. They just need a good person to lead them down the right path.

Hey, I came up with an idea shortly after I read this story. Is it okay if I write a fan-sequel? (I'll credit the you for the original concept of course!)

Sure, go for it. If you write fast you can be part of the contest too, since I guess it will have Cozy as an important character.

Now I interrupt this fan fiction to bring you a special message from the Princess of Friendship's voice actress herself!


I always thought it was weird Cozy thought she could just take over after getting rid of magic cause like... pretty much anyone could still drop kick her if they had half a mind too even without magic.

I suspect the writers had several different ideas in mind when designing her. And that they didn't notice some of the issues that would pop up because of said choices.

Really, it's pretty obvious Cozy was meant to be a rebuke of Neighsay's xenophobia. They wanted to break it by having the villain be a regular cute pony. And who would ever think a little girl like Cozy Glow would be this evil mastermind? Not many. And there's a reason for that. It makes little sense. So Cozy needed a good explanation for why she is like she is, and we... got nothing. Heck, we understand more about DISCORD, because he's a spirit creature and at least we know he has to be wacky to literally survive. Now we're stuck with this supposedly irredeemably evil little girl that's somehow up there with tyrants and eldritch horrors, without any explanation for why she's so incredibly evil.

The Cozy Glow in this story, while still cynical and manipulative and intelligent, still thinks like a child. And that makes it easier to understand her actions.


The Cozy Glow in this story, while still cynical and manipulative and intelligent, still thinks like a child.

That's an important thing with writing Cozy, and the reason she is my favorite character to write. Since she is a child she lends herself to typical filly-stuff, like pranks and being flustered about her crush, for example. But since she is also a megalomaniac with an unknown past she also lends herself to being the villain of the story, or at least being difficult for other ponies to deal with. Also, with her canon past being nonexistent, it gives writers like me plenty of freedom to work with, and there are infinite possibilities to explain how she became who she is. She is a character with many nuances, and to write her successfully, in my opinion, needs one to show all her conflicting sides. Including the fact that she is a child and would think/perceive things like a child.

Well, not a very easy question for someone, who voiced the main character, who did nothing to help Cozy Glow in the show. First, you give the kid guidance and a chance - or multiple chances, then we can talk about understanding friendship. Saying that a filly could be helped, almost 2 years after the show finale and when Cozy is stoned for eternity, is pretty pointless.
I'm glad Tara said that Cozy from the show could change, but still - it changes nothing.

Cozy sound a little too much like a crazy Starlight, "EQUAL EQUAL EQUAL EQUAL"


Sorry to put myself in the middle but in the end even what Tara could think Twilight could do or want, is useless against the writers who change everything every season

They may sound similar, but remember that Starlight never really wanted equality. She wanted cutie marks gone because they took away her friend, and she never wanted to go through that again. Her talk about equality was just a guise to make ponies accept that she removed their marks; equality was not a goal as much as it was a by-product of her scheme.

Cozy, in this story, actually wants to create equality for equality's sake. She wants everypony to have the same shot at success, wether you have magic or not.

That being said, I can definitely see the similarities, and the end result of their plans is similar, even if their motivations are different.

This needs an AU tag.

Glad to hear your response.

This story is groovy.

Pretty good story. Here's hoping that Obabscribbler or Lost Narrator or any of the other top mlp dramatic audio reading YouTubers make a video of this story. :raritywink::pinkiehappy:

I just realize something. If all the magic in Equestria is gone. Wouldn't that mean Cloudsdale and everyone living in is dead and gone? I mean Pegasus magic was what kept the city altogether and allow Pegasi to stand and walk on clouds and most importantly fly.

With the magic gone... well, you figure the rest out yourselves.

We can assume Cloudsdale is gone, since like you say, the magic keeping it together must have vanished. However, in School Raze, we see that not all magic disappear instantly. Artifacts, for instance, kept their magic for longer than ponies, and ponies kept their magic for longer than "free spells", like Yona's cloudwalking spell. As such, we can guess that as Cloudsdale started to disintegrate and the buildings disappeared, many pegasi were forced to the ground to rest for the night. Then, they simply couldn't get back up the next morning. Sure, realistically, there must have been casualties, but hopefully they weren't too severe.

Yes, you do have a point. With all that said though. Something tells AJ will be least of Cozy Glow problems.

I really loved how Cozy Glow (favorite villain, btw) and Twilight were written here. Even though Cozy was misguided in her thinking, it was nice to see that she didn't want ponies to suffer. However, because she was so focused on what she wanted and thought was best for others, she was unable to see the consequences her actions would ultimately end up having when successful. Due to this, it didn't surprise me that Cozy was stubbornly holding onto the belief that the world is perfect, as it currently is, even while pointing out issues with it internally. Twilight may have had a strategic reason for treating Cozy the way she did, but I feel even disregarding this, she really wanted the best for Cozy, especially as she was one of her students at the School of Friendship and saw the potential she had. Not many would have the fortitude to be so patient and kind with someone who drastically altered their world in the worst way.

I also find it interesting to think that perhaps, at least at this point in the show, maybe the only way Cozy could have been saved was if her plan actually ended up working. (I specify this moment because later when she joins forces with Chrysalis and Tirek, I feel the three of them were too far gone and beyond saving unless something overly unbelievable occurred.) We saw how when it failed and she tried to escape, she was arrested by the guard and placed into Tartarus. I know this has caused some debate but I didn't see it as being unreasonable since literally the same thing happens with some children in our world. But if Cozy succeeded, maybe the only pony who could have helped to reverse what had been done was Cozy herself, which leads to the scenario shown here. Just a thought but one that intrigued me when it came to mind.

There is, admittedly, one minor hang-up I had when reading this. I'm referring to the moment when Diamond Tiara angrily approached and tackled Cozy Glow. What she did is fully reasonable to me. It was just what she said about not apologizing to Granny Smith that had me raise an eyebrow. Now granted, life happens and as she said she forgot to, this is not unreasonable in any way. I just felt that maybe some other motivation for her anger would have made more sense here (angry for her friend, Applebloom, who's mourning and can't feel anger at this point; or maybe has since gotten to know Granny Smith better than she had).

That is again, though, something minor and likely something only I had this feeling about. I can still easily say that this is one of my favorite Cozy Glow stories I've read on this site. Enjoyed reading this a lot and I thank you for writing it!
(Also sorry for the long comment)

I liked this story a lot.
Even with the bitter ending I love it
Though I highly doubt she would be forgiven even by applebloom
Makes me wonder if we need a part 2 to see if it works or if the world is really dead
Also what about the other races? What if they still had magic and now see free land from the ponies.

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