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No New Chapter This Weekend · 1:51pm May 30th, 2021

After som consideration, I have decided that there will not be a new chapter for "The Cozy Anthology" for this weekend. I'm not all done yet, and it would till need to go through the proofreading process. I don't want to rush this chapter out, especially since it will be the last chapter in the anthology for a while. I hope to have it done some time during the week, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Sequel to The Once and Future Princess · 11:31pm Mar 23rd, 2021

Hello, Silvermyr here.
I wanted to announce that sometime in the next week I will be publishing the first few chapters in a project that follows on The Once and Future Princess. It will be slightly different, but I am really liking how it's coming along!
Stay tuned for more Gollies, more Flurry Heart, Sweetie Belle, Rumble and all the others!

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Sequel to Castling Cozy Glow · 10:36pm Sep 8th, 2020

Hello everyone.

I have been working a little bit off-an-on with the sequel to the story Castling Cozy Glow, and I have about 25 000 words written. Now, since my last story suffered from the horrendous curse of having been "proofread" by me personally, I'd like to deal with that problem preemptively this time. I would love it if a kind fellow would take a gander at my story and help me find all the problems before I post.

In short, I am looking for a proofreader.

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Castling Cozy Glow- Chapter 21 · 7:08am Mar 2nd, 2020

So I published something yesterday, but in hindsight... it was not great. Then I went to sleep, got inspired and came up with a much better narrative that does not feel as shoehorned in at the last minute.

So, I am going to unpublish my latest chapter, rewrite it over the week and then publish it next weekend instead. I think that will make it better... focus on Cozy's now, rather than her past.

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Castling Cozy Glow: Chapter 19- The Endgame Begins · 10:51pm Feb 9th, 2020

Well, it finally happened.

I won't be able to publish this chapter on time. I'm especially sorry since I know I left on a cliffhanger last time, but that also means I have an obligation to make this next chapter a good one. And I am uncertain about too many things in the chapter I have written right now to publish it.

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Castling Cozy Glow- Chapter 3 · 2:28pm Oct 20th, 2019

New chapter out! Time to finally start seeing things from Cozy's perspective. While I like Twilight and the others as much as the next guy, I'm writing this story because I like Cozy as a character. This was pretty fun to write. It's nice to see how characters react to a new situation, and I hope I did Cozy justice here.

I wish you an enjoyable read. Chapter four is, as usual, well in the works.

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Castling Cozy Glow- Chapter 2 · 9:17pm Oct 17th, 2019

Chapter 2 is out, called "The Demon Filly's Release". I had intended to make more happen in it, but I also did not want to make it very long. I want my chapters to be relatively quick to read; one should never have to think "do I have time to read this now?"

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