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Collaboration - FerociousCreation

Backdrop is well-known throughout Canterlot for his skill in painting. When he is requested by Princess Luna to paint for her, he was presented with a much bigger project than what he was prepared for.

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The door to Luna’s chamber squealed as Vega opened it for me. Little laughs echoed off the hollow walls, and I was infected with a smile. My two foals played with each other on the soft bed while Pillar and Luna sat quietly across from one another. Both mares looked up to see me approach but returned their eyes back to their respected child.

My knees froze, but Vega tapped my shoulder and gestured me to move forward. I did want to speak to Luna about the troubles I was enduring, but it was a talk that was going to create some discomfort for everypony.

When I came to the bed, Pillar quietly scooted over and allowed me to rest beside her. Luna simply sat alone. Testral rolled off his sister and jumped a few times before clinging to my arm. At least somepony was happy to see me. My daughter, Perspective, inched her tiny cream body to give chase to Thestral’s playful venture. Perspective had the most lovely shade of pink in her mane as the end of her curls had a white tint. Both of my foals were unique in their own way, and I was glad for their births.

However, despite the foals’ innocence, an awkward air was also conceived when Perspective entered the world. And despite Luna and Pillar’s will to unite the half-siblings, the mothers’ encounters became more awkward.

“Are the children enjoying themselves?” I asked in good spirits.

Luna finally smiled, “They are. And you should see how they nap together.” Even Pillar managed to smile as the attention on Thestral and Perspective continued.

“Would you be able to paint a picture of them when they go to sleep?” Pillar asked me. “I think that would be a sweet memory to have.”

“I think I can do that,” I nodded. “It would be a nice change of pace.”

Luna’s ear twitched. “What are you implying, Backdrop?” With the question dropped, I figured it was time to discuss my troubles. Pillar was well aware of the issue we both bore, but Luna still needed to know. Luna was still my friend, despite our past complications.

“Luna, you are aware of what has happened to us all over the last two years, are you not?”

“Of course I am,” Luna nodded. “And I assume you are referring to…” Her eyes looked up at Pillar for a moment before they fell to the bedding. “...what you and I did.”


Pillar let out a noticeable sigh, one that did not make me comfortable. She never liked talking about the past. And yet, it continued to plague her and I like a relentless phantom. Luna straightened herself, “You both seem troubled with something.”

“Isn’t it obvious enough?” Pillar spoke quietly. Our children looked at us and blinked a few times. The innocent look they gave me broke my heart. “Look at us. Look at how painfully uncomfortable everything has become.”

“I find it hard to believe that everything is uncomfortable,” Luna creased her brows. “You both are now housed here in the castle with servants to do your bidding. Even your families have been allowed to stay within my home as if you are all blood relatives. Despite our past… discourse, I must say that this has all been a blessing in disguise. Celestia and I have grown close to your families and-”

I did not want to halt Luna’s positive boasting, but my hoof rose and forced her to stop speaking. “And as wonderful as this ‘blessing’ has been, there has been quite the price that had to be paid in order for it all to come to pass.” Pillar gingerly placed her arm around the back of my neck, her warmth soothing my frustration for the moment.

“Are you both still being pestered by ponies?” Luna asked. “I thought everypony has moved on from the past and forgave us all.”

“But does that mean ponies have forgotten?” Pillar sniffed. She always knew how to say the right questions. “Luna, you know exactly why my family is housed here in Canterlot Castle. We are not here because my family was welcomed willingly. We are here because of me. We fled from society because of my decision.” Once more, I watched my love cry bitterly. I wanted to shed a few tears myself, but I had no right. My children were naturally drawn to Pillar, and they crawled over to her. She managed to smile when they came, but Thestral hissed when a tear patted his nose, and he fled to Luna.

The princess spectated as my wife cried, helpless to do anything. “I’m surprised you both are still bothered by other ponies.”

I closed the gap between Pillar and me to comfort her. “It’s more than just that,” I said. “This castle is like a prison to us. Ever since word got out about us, the citizens of Canterlot looks at not just Pillar and I, but our families with bitter disgust and shame. It may be hard to tell, Luna, but my parents are too afraid to tell you that they wish to walk the streets without others whispering words about their son being a seducer. They don't want you to know that they wish to live outside the castle. Yes, it is truly a blessing to be here. It’s the reason why they live here that affects them negatively.”

Luna was not pleased to hear the truth. “How dare ponies judge those who were not involved in somepony else’s personal affairs! Whenever I walk about the kingdom, nopony dares to give me any negative comments! Though I suppose they only talk behind my back.” The princess snorted but subsided her mood and frowned. “Do ponies speak bitterly against me?”

I shook my head, “You will be happy to know that nopony whispers any negativity against you.”

“But- But why?” Luna looked down at Thestral as he nudged his head at her side. It was time to feed him. Luna levitated the lip of the bed’s blanket and pulled it over her to cover Thestral. She rolled over to her side as I saw my son’s head bob over to Luna. Luna winced a few times before her discomfort subsided.

“Because ponies are still convinced I seduced you,” I answered. “Not the other way around.”

Luna tried to speak, but again, she winced. “Must his teeth be so sharp?” She shook her head and said, “I assume you have more to say. If I recall, you said moments ago that painting a portrait of your children would be a good change of pace. What do you mean by that?”

Pillar wiped her cheeks clean of tears before nuzzling our confused daughter. “We are artists,” I said looking at Pillar. “And as artists, we are meant to create art. We are meant to collaborate with others. But Pillar and I have been stuck in this castle only working on assignments given by either you or Celestia.”

“‘Stuck?’” Luna sat upright, and Thestral popped out from under the blanket. Perspective went after him, and the two began playing again. My heart fluttered as I watched the playful foals, but I couldn’t focus on them for long. “Please explain what you mean, please.”

“Have you forgotten what happened after I chose to stay with Backdrop?” Pillar asked with a furrowed brow. “Because of my helplessness to want to remain with him, the… the… fluffing ponies of Canterlot refused him and I work!” I swallowed when Pillar swore. “They didn’t want work from him because of his unloyal deed!” My ears fell back while my wife continued to rant. “And others rejected me because I chose to stay with somepony I was helplessly in love with. Even my own parents refuse to look at me without being disgusted!”

Thestral and Perspective continued to ignore their mother’s venting as they played, and I praised their ignorance. But Pillar was not finished. Through clenched teeth, she asked, “What does it take to be forgiven? What does it take to amend the past?”

Luna took a deep breath and slowly let out the suppressed air. “I do not know… I truly wish I could give you the answer that will ease your troubles. Maybe time will be a factor.” She looked up to the mural on her ceiling. “But just like the stars, the chapters of the past are set. Only time will tell what the future beholds.”

I looked at my foals as Luna finished delivering her wise words. They looked at me with bright smiles, and I did what I could to match their grins. Perhaps my children were the answer and will appease the citizens of Canterlot. Or maybe they would be shunned by society and grow to hate their father.

Only time will tell what the future beholds. All I could do was wait.

To be continued...?

Author's Note:

Let me leave you with this word of advice. If you wrote that with a constraint, I can't imagine what you could create with even more time and experience.

Anonimous Horse Writer.

I'll remember those words :3

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