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Yay, a new Scribe-Feather fic! :)

I have no idea what to say.... This story is written amazingly, albeit a little weird. I'll be waiting for chapter 2!

I'm happy to see a sequel to A Twist of Reality.

I think it was previously once mentioned a while ago saying that if the curse wasn't broken; you would have a version of Equestria that's essentially a template for all sorts of different stories, scenario's and character interactions allowing for a greater creative narrative.

A question I'd like to ask is whether you're going to continue following the Mane 6 or delve deeper into how the transformed reality works; as if, looking into the smaller and finer details or going for a more overall approach where you see ponies at large succumb to the curse at much like in the first story.

I also wonder if non-pony characters such as Spike, Gilda, Princess Ember and others aren't affected or they're going to be eventually effected by the curse and begin to give in to their own desires. Or heck, the magic begins to seep into the Equestria Girls universe if the magic mirror exists in this version of Equestria.

Anyways, keep up the good work and I can't wait to see where you're going with this.

I will try to keep the story's perspective focusing on a couple or small groups of ponies at a time rather than the entire society as a whole. The bigger the scope, the less details can be seen and I would much rather focus on the finer points of the situation rather than glazing over it and just saying "everyone's wearing a diaper and they find them hot". It comes down to whether or not I can think of something interesting to write about and whether or not that idea becomes big enough to justify its own chapter. Currently I have plans to focus on other characters in this new reality, but might come back to the Mane 6 if inspiration strikes me.

As for other characters being affected. In universe it could be argued that any odd species has a natural resistance or immunity to the magic, allowing for a delayed reaction or none at all. Out of universe though, again, it boils down to whether or not I can think of anything interesting to write about the various species of Equestria.

Of the Fics I have read, and theorized of alternate endings, I never thought my prediction was right again and a alternate ending was created.

Cant wait to see more. :)

I didn't realize that the original story was actually finished I thought at least there needed an aftermath to be shown of what happened after the spell wore off in order to be concluded,but that is just me. I am glade to see that this story premise has a new serge now and I can't wait to see how it will all go down hill from there, I am hopping to visits a few more place that we haven't seen before in the story along with a few new characters as well. I think the writing was a little stiff compared to the previous entires but I think it will get back into the swing of things in the next one sense Scribe hadn't written that much in a while. Still, it was nice to see an alternate version were the mane six failed, I wonder if that would be one of those that Twilight visited in those alternate dimensions? I wonder if we will see Quibble Pants writing about ABDL fic, or how about the Mane Six family?

I want to certain Pegasus in crystal empire!

I think that this is a great jumping off point for a myriad of other stories about different areas in equestria, like the crystal empire like it says in chapter one. I can't wait to see where this world will go.

This really hit a lot of fetishes I have never seen here before but always wished for, I LOVE IT.

Huh....Wonder how Equestria is going to be sustained with everypony to busy with their diapers?

Well, you have my attention.

yay! Alternate ending! Cant wait for next chapter!

I'm liking the emphasis on the differences between the mentally regressed; sexually overcharged and infantilist ponies. It makes sense for there to be a few non-regressed ponies like Cadance with a restrained sex drive and a casual fascination with diapers for her to maintain a resemblance of control and to fill in as a parental figure.

It begs the question; whether Spike has been affected as its taken a while for the magical energy to reach the Crystal Empire. I wonder if he's still unaffected; or he's finding himself being pursuaded by the magic itself, or his friends once they return from Canterlot.

I loved the world building!

I love padded guards lol

What a brat that shining is

YAY! Another fantastic chapter!

I was hoping to see flash sentry maybe he resign to be twilight sparkle guard during this crisis!

Please have flash sentry in soon near twilight sparkle? Please?

Question where is flash sentry?

To anyone wondering Scribe-Feather posted on his Fur Affinity that he would take his own life. I don't know if he went through with it but if he never posts anything again you can assume he did.

Yeah, that kind of weakens the story. The first story kind of had the idea that it would lead to an apocalypse.

next chapter ?

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