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Hooray for bad action movies!:yay:

Ah, so ya finally posted it! Good to see!

Have to say that this was really well made. Except for the last part, if that would happen than she would be dead.

incest and bestiality? best story ever!

OOF. I don't know why I've been avoiding this story. I've always passed by it because I'm not really all that into humanized versions of the mlp cast in lewd stuff. But man, was passing this a mistake, this was hot af. Honestly one if the best Applecest fics I've read.

Rarity gasped, mortified. “I do not have cobwebs . My lady cave is delightful! Warm, inviting, and, and, and oh god I need to be pounded so bad I can’t stand it!” She clutched at her hair in frustration, her knuckles turning even whiter.

Do dildoes not exist to this girl?

For some mares, it's either the real thing or nothing at all.

Thats so brutal. I wait for more

Alright, so I just so happened to come back to this fic because I loved it the first time I read it. And will you look at that, a new chapter. What a coincidence!
Great addition to this story. I loved it :ajsmug:
Hopefully we can get even more chapters in the future if this isn't the end?

I can't make any promises. We'll see.

Thing is, this second chapter was already written and I'd just been sitting on it all year, and shortly after your previous comment I decided to push it out the door. But there isn't any more of it lying around, I'm afraid, and my list of things to write is a towering mountain.

Anyway, glad you liked it, and that you caught the second chapter.

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