• Published 15th Dec 2017
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Into the Veil (New Misadventures of DJ) - Solid Poison

My wonderful life on Earth is interupted by a chaotic force that pulls me away from what I love...Quite possibly forever

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Nothing like a chapter that ends too soon to remind me how much I love your story and can't wait for the next chapter.

I get the feeling that DJ will be genre savvy in the sense that he actually applies common sense to the majority of whatever problems occur in MLP and he'll always notice things others will miss, such as seeing through Celestia's disguise or perhaps seeing through Chrysalis's disguise when the time comes.

I also love the sexual innuendos. Those are always fun to read. Do you plan to eventually move up to clop like you did in your last version of this story.

Lastly, do you know where you want to go with this story, or at least the next chapter?

Don't worry. It's become par for the course for stories here to only update when the stars align and saturn inverts it's rings on the thousandth anniversary of the arch lich's demise as they rise from their rebuilt phylactery because some random kid from three kingdoms over whome no one can remember their family line pulls the old king's sword from the sacred anvil of the dwarven forge god in the middle of the elven city.

That aside though, it wasn't meh. It was pretty alright.

Crap baskets.

Oh. You say that too?

Also, a lot of unnecessary capitalization. I'm usually telling people the opposite, but, there are always exceptions.

The royals and choas spirit, are not gods.

shit man, I thought this was dead!

“Yes I'm sure. Do not question me boy...” Nightmare scolds and seems to lose interest.

Could only think of Kratos when reading this line. Been playing too much God of War

I've got a somewhat loose plan of what's to come for the next few chapters which somewhat follows the show but not strictly as I haven't watched any of the recent seasons of MLP and things have certainly changed.

As for the clop stuff that's a hard maybe. Things will definitely get naughty later on though. :raritywink:

I'm hesitant to ask, but any idea when the next chapter might be released?

No clue. Every time I give a date I don't adhere to it so your guess is as good as mine. Just started the next chapter.


I'm so happy ithis story not only lives but it's finally back.This was a awesome read and can't wait formore(no rush you do you).Ihope he makes a herd soon.

DBZ abridged references FTW!

Glad this story ain't dead.

I may come across as rude for this so excuse my petulant complains
But about fucking time you did this chapter. It took you a year but i cant complain more

“You're not going to Spit roast me right?” Spike gulps nervously.

He should’ve said I have to find another stallion to do that.

Tai needs a puplic spanking :trixieshiftleft:

Glad to see you’re back I always enjoyed your DJ series

8973535 tia sorry AutoCorrect change it Short for celestia

Ah I figured. Just wanted to make sure.

I WANT MORE!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Someone has been playing to much god of war

Any progress?

Maybe it's just me but DJ kinda comes off as a spineless putz and the times he literally has conversations with himself is kind of cringey.

Well...I actually didn’t know he was doing a rewrite... ok then I guess I can keep going

actually tia is a nickname princess luna call's celestia like princess luna's nickname is lulu

Hope this story isn't dead like the original. It's really good.

I think it's dead.

i like the older version of the story truth be told but the rewrite just as good to

Can’t wait for the next chapter

Almost a year

Huh. It really has been.

Comment posted by lunalover375 deleted Oct 27th, 2019

Is this continuing

Very slowly but yes I'm still picking at it ..

"Hopefully the next one doesn't take as long."

Huh, guess I'll track it. Sounds like it will be fun if continued.

Hope to see more

heh i was scared that i would never get to read mor on this back in fanfiction and now i find a new and better version of it? my life got a whole lot better

WE NEED MOAR CHAPTERS!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

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