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Vader's New Empire - Raptormon132

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Vader's New Empire

Dark clouds covered the sky, as a darker shadow of a large airship loomed over the land. Looking out of an observation window, Darth Vader stood within, watching everything go by below. His eerie, mechanical breathing could be heard echoing around the chamber. As he stood there watching everything, he began thinking. He thought about how this new world in this new dimension he was presently in different to the dimension he was originally from. Darth Vader then remembers what his previous time was like, and how he ended up in this alternate dimension working with the Storm King.


Seven Months Ago...

The roar of the engines of his personal tie fighter and escorts, could be heard as Darth Vader pursued the lone X-Wing in the Death Star trench. The previous two X-wings covering the leader had either fled or been destroyed, now there was just this lone one left. But this one was different from the other rebel pilots. He could sense the force greatly within him, except it felt familiar, like it was part of him somehow. He could not quite figure out why.

"The force is strong with this one." Darth Vader said to himself.

Darth Vader figured that it was a possible surviving jedi pilot in that rebel fighter, and could be a dangerous threat. He adjusted his controls, and opened fire without using his targeting computer, managing to get a disabling hit on the Mysterious pilot's astro(mech) droid. With the pilot's droid out of the way, he turned on his targeting computer to finish it off. Targeting the pilot's ship was a task, until finally the fighter was locked on to Darth Vader targeting computer.

"I have you now." Darth Vader opened fire on the X-wing. Right before the laser blasts could hit its mark, laser blasts fired and hit the tie fighter on his right, destroying it, catching Darth Vader and his second tie fighter off guard. "What?!"

Turning to his upper left, he saw that the laser blasts came from another ship. The same YT-1300 light freighter that they captured and let go earlier. All of a sudden, he heard the voice of the pilot of the second tie fighter shout out "Look out!" before his second fighter lost control, and hit into his own fighter, knocking his fighter out of the trench, and spinning out of control into space.

Darth Vader began to try and regain control of his fighter, until moments later, there was a huge explosion behind him with the power of a small supernova. Much to his great anger, he knew what it meant. The Death Star was destroyed by the rebel pilot with the force. Just as he was about to regain control, the Explosion's blast wave flew past him, rocking the ship more and damaging it further. In front of him, Darth Vader saw something in front of him in space where the blast wave was going that looked like a white glowing crack, and he was going right towards it. He then shielded his face with his arm when the glow grew brighter as his ship went into it, vanishing along with the glowing crack in space.

Alarms began blaring inside the cockpit as Darth Vader tried to regain control of his damaged ship. Nothing but a bright, glowing light shined until it cleared, and revealed a land and sea of another planet. His ship was smoking, and unable to maintain flight in the air. He knew he had to crash land on the shore, so he turned his ship as best as his skills of a pilot could towards the sandy shore. Moments later, his ship hit the sand hard, sliding along it, then going over a ground of grass, before hitting a large rock hard, and coming to a complete stop.

Smoke and fire engulfed the wreckage of the fallen tie fighter. A few moments later, the roof hatch of the tie fighter burst open, along with Darth Vader jumping out of the broken ship as alarms from the inside of the ship were going crazy, and landing thirty metres away, before the ship exploded. Darth Vader turned and looked at the burnt wreckage of his tie fighter, seeing it was completely destroyed beyond repair.

Knowing that there was nothing he could do, nor any good worrying about it, he began to look around himself, observing his unfamiliar surroundings. He found himself on another planet he did not know. He also noticed that he could no longer sense the presences of anyone he recognized, not even his master, Darth Sidious. Within several minutes of sensing through the force, he could feel that everywhere beyond the planet was completely different.

It was there Darth Vader realized that he was not just on another planet, but in another galaxy in an alternate dimension. He figured that the explosion from the kyber crystals of the Death Star had somehow briefly ripped a hole in space and time to the dimension he was presently in. There was another realization that came to him, that he was now stuck in this dimension with no possible way of ever getting back. For the first time since becoming a Sith lord, Darth Vader began to feel just the very smallest flicker of fear.

Calming his mind, he began to sense through the force for any lifeforms, or any civilization. Many more minutes of sensing, Darth Vader could sense lifeforms in billions around the planet, but he could sense something else. He could sense that many of them had an unknown power. Different, but at the same time, almost similar to the force, with some of them more powerful than any of the others. Darth Vader was not very sure what to make of what he could sense.

His thoughts were cut short when he sensed something coming. He turned around towards the sea, where there was an island with storm clouds forming around it some distance away. Looking out further, he saw a dot in the distance. He saw that the dot began to slowly grow, and form a more visible object. A few moments later, Darth Vader saw that the object approaching his direction was an airship, baring a black flag with a light blue Storm King symbol.

At the same time, on broad the approaching airship, an anthropomorphic weasel was peering through a telescope at the main land. Standing behind him some feet away was a large, strongly-built anthropomorphic gorilla, wearing black battle armor with the Storm King symbol.

"Keep your eyes peeled, Prattler," The gorilla said in a very gruff Austrian accent. "The burning object that fell from the sky's got to be around there somewhere."

The anthropomorphic weasel named Prattler adjusted the telescope and got a clear view of the crash site. "I see it. Captain Bestial. It looked like it was a... contraption of some kind." He moved his sight in the telescope slightly up and noticed Darth Vader standing there in the same spot looking in their direction. "Ooh! Captain! We've got company! There's someone dressed in black standing close by to it."

"What?" Captain Bestial went over to Prattler, and swiped the telescope from him, demanding "Give me that!"

Captain Bestial looked through the telescope, and saw Darth Vader standing there looking in their direction. He lowered the telescope, and made a grin. "Looks like we got our first catch for the day. The Storm King ordered for us to capture anyone there and being them to him." He turned to Prattler, and shoved the telescope back to him. "Get our men ready, and prepare to land!"

"Yes sir... I mean captain!"

Back on land, Darth Vader stood there watching the airship get closer and closer. Through the force, he could sense the feelings of everyone on board, and he knew they were hostile, with intentions in fighting and capturing him. Despite that, Darth Vader did not feel afraid of what was coming for him.

Soon the airship lowered down, touched to the ground, and landed before him. The main airship door opened and the boarding platform came out and touched the ground, followed by a squad of over a dozen Storm Creature foot soldiers rushing out a moment later. Darth Vader soon found himself surrounded by those large bulky soldiers, but was not concerned about it in the slightest. Soon Captain Bestial came out of the airship, with Prattler following behind.

"You, stranger," Captain Bestial said. "You have entered the territory of our excellency, The Storm King! Therefore you are now our prisoner! Now make it easier on yourself, and come with us quietly, or else! We have you outnumbered, and surrounded!"

Darth Vader stood there, unfazed and unintimidated by the threat of the big gorilla's words. There was a moment of silence from everyone, waiting for the Sith lord's answer. Only the sound of Darth Vader's mechanical breathing could be heard. Then Darth Vader suddenly moved his cape aside from one side with his hand, revealing his lightsaber on his belt.

"All I am surrounded by is fear..." Darth Vader called his lightsaber with the force, and caught it in his hand. "...And dead men."

With an audible "hiss" sound, Darth Vader activated his lightsaber, igniting his glowing, evil red blade, with a dangerous, buzzing hum. Captain Bestial and his Storm Creature foot soldiers looked unfazed at the Sith lord before them ready to fight. Prattler, on the other hand, looked with great concern as he turned to Captain Bestial.

"Captain? He doesn't look very intimidated by your threat. He might be dangerous. I suggest we go and get Commander Tempest to-"

"Shut it, Prattler, you coward! We don't need that disfigured pony to help us and take all the credit. I can handle this myself. And to prove it..." Captain Bestial drew his war hammer as he walked down the boarding platform, and approached Darth Vader. "I'll take him down personally." He turn to one of his Storm Creature foot soldiers, and spoke quietly. "If this guy starts to win, attack him."

The Storm Creature nodded and grunted a response to Captain Bestial. With that said, Captain Bestial grinned, and charged at Darth Vader, eager to take down the Sith lord. Darth Vader did not move as the huge gorilla with a war hammer charging at him.

"You're mine!!"

Captain Bestial charged at full speed with his war hammer raised in his right hand, then with all his might, he swung it at full force at Darth Vader. Using the force, Darth Vader tapped into his force augmentation, and jumped up right before Captain Bestial's war hammer could even hit. Flipping over Captain Bestial's extended arm with the war hammer gripping it, he raised his lightsaber, and with a quick slash, he lopped off the captain's arm. He landed on his feet, as Captain Bestial cried in agonizing pain, with his lopped off arm, still gripping the war hammer, falling to the ground with a loud thud.

Darth Vader turned his hand towards Captain Bestial, and force-pushed him, sending the huge gorilla flying, and hitting the ground. At that same time, the Storm Creatures raised their spears and shields to fight, as Captain Bestial had secretly ordered them to. Darth Vader raised his hand, and reached out with the force, crushing the Storm Creatures's spears and shields like if they were made of paper. Then with a turn of his hand in a gripping motion, he lifted the whole squad of Storm Creatures with the force in the air, with the entire squad squirming in terror. With all the Storm Creatures suspended, Darth Vader walked over to the closest Storm Creature, and with one slash of his lightsaber, he decapitated his head, and released the Storm Creature as his head and lifeless body fell to the ground.

One by one, he cut down and killed each Storm Creature mercilessly until there was not one left alive. Prattler who had witnessed the whole thing, looked in terror at the sight of the lifeless bodies of the Storm Creatures that laid on the ground, until Darth Vader suddenly turned his head towards him, locking his sights on him. Prattler whimpered and screamed in panic, before turning, and rushed up the boarding platform into the airship in the hopes to escape certain death. Inside the airship, Prattler pulled the leaver that closed the main door, where the main door began to close.

Taking the opportunity, he began to rush over to the ladder that lead up to the airship controls, only to stop from the loud sound of the main door crushing, and busting open from Darth Vader's use of force. Prattler yelped from seeing the sith lord's shadow, and hearing his mechanical breathing as he entered into the airship. Prattler continued to rush towards the ladder to escape. Darth Vader raised his hand, grabbing the little weasel with his force powers, and pulled him away from the ladder, where Prattler slide along the airship floor in front of him.

Prattler looked up at the large masked man standing before him, with his large shadow looming over him. This causing him to shivered and whimpered with fear, and to shut his eyes and cover his face with his arms as he braced himself for death, but nothing happens.

"You," Darth Vader said. "Where am I?"

Prattler slowly opened his eyes, uncovered his face, and began to look up at Darth Vader. Only to cringe when the Sith lord lifted his red lightsaber, and pointed it directly at him.

"Answer my questions. And I might considered sparing your life."

Prattler stammered fearfully. "...O-okay-okay, Mr big guy. W-w-what do you want to know?"

"Where am I?!"

The demanding tone of Darth Vader's voice made Prattler cringe. "...You're in Tempestas, the territory of his excellency, the Storm King."

"Where is your Storm King?" Darth Vader asked.

"On Storm Island. He noticed a fireball falling from the sky hitting here, and he ordered us to check it out. It's the truth, I swear."

As Prattler talked, a large figure quietly came onto the ship, sneaking up behind Darth Vader while his back was completely turned, and focused on Prattler himself.

Darth Vader moved his lightsaber away from Prattler. "You are indeed wiser than the others."

The light revealed that the large figure was Captain Bestial, and was carrying his war hammer in his last remaining hand. Despite being in great pain from his severed arm, he remained absolutely silent as he raised his hammer ready to strike the Sith lord from behind. Suddenly Darth Vader quickly turned slashed off the last arm of Captain Bestial with his lightsaber. And as Captain Bestial cried in pain, Darth Vader slashed the captain one last time, severing his head. Prattler whimpered loudly at the sight of Captain Bestial's severed head along with his lifeless body falling and hitting the floor of the airship.

"Never mind about your captain." Darth Vader deactivated his lightsaber, and putting it back on his belt. "He is now no more."

Prattler looked up at Darth Vader, where Darth Vader raised his hand, and used to force to lift Prattler to his feet.

"Now... take me to your king." Darth Vader said.

Prattler nervously nodded. "W-whatever you say."

At that second, something flew out of the airship's main door. Darth Vader paid it no mind, as he followed Prattler to the controls that control the airship. Prattler climbed up the ladder to the part of the ship where to access the main controls. Darth Vader soon followed by force-jumping through the ladder's hole and landing on the same level behind Prattler with a stomp, making the little long-tailed weasel jump.

Prattler moved towards the controls. He pulled a leaver that made the airship's engines come to life, and pulling one more leaver, the airship began to hover and take off. With a turn of the steering wheel, Prattler steered the ship's course towards the Storm King's fortress on Storm Island.

Flying way ahead of the airship over the sea, the wings of a creature dressed in a hood and cloak with the Storm King's symbol flapped hard as it raced towards the Storm King's fortress. Then at last, the hooded creature reached Storm Island, and the Storm fortress as it flew straight into the throne room where the Storm King sat at thinking to himself.

"Your Excellency! Your Excellency!!"

The Storm King turned to the flying hooded creature, looking rather irritated. "Fidget! I told you never to interrupt my trade of thought!"

"But your Excellency," Fidget said. "We have a very serious problem."

The Storm King glared. "It better be if it disturbs me. So out with it!"

Fidget took his hood off, revealing that he was a long-eared bat. "Captain Bestial and his squad went to investigate the object that crashed on the mainland, as you ordered."

"Oh, yes. Well, show him in. I want to hear what he found."

"Well, that's the thing, Your Excellency. ...He can't."

"What?!" The Storm King asked. "Why?!"

"Well, you see, Your Excellency, they did find something. Or I should say someone. There was this tall creature in a black suit, a mask, and a glowing red energy sword in the area." Fidget reach under his cloak, and pulled out a bottle of glowing blue liquid. "In fact, why don't I show you?"

Fidget flew over to a close by cauldron in front of the Storm King on the dais, where he poured the liquid into it. Blue smoke began billowing out of the cauldron, and from there it began showing Darth Vader, and the events of what happened. The Storm King watched with interest as he saw everything the potion recorded. From when Captain Bestial and his squad encountering the Sith lord, up until Fidget quickly flew out of the airship, where the smoke stopped.

"As you see, Your Excellency," Fidget said. "This masked man killed Captain Bestial and his squad effortlessly, taken Prattler prisoner, and is now on his way here in the Brestial's airship."

The Storm King was impressed by what he was shown. To see one of his captains being killed in combat so easily by some mere man from somewhere unknown really caught his attention. He began thinking about the great potential his army would gain if he could convince such a great and powerful warrior to join his cause.

"I suggest we prepare for battle against the intruder at once."

A familiar female voice was heard from one side of the throne room, immediately catching the Storm King's attention. Walking forward from there was his most trusted second-in-command, Tempest Shadow.

The Storm King raised an eyebrow. "Oh, Tempest. I almost forgot you were here."

"Your Excellency," Tempest Shadow said. "Let me handle this one. I will deal with this intruder."

The Storm King pondered for a moment at Tempest's offer. "You know I'm still disappointed in you failing to retrieve the magic pearl from the kingdom of Hippogriffia on Mount Aris. ...But alright. You may confront the intruder, but try not to get killed. I need you for our next plans. And use that magically indestructible javelin thingamabob you got from the Ornithia kingdom we conquered a few weeks ago."

Tempest Shadow nodded, looking intensely at the Storm King. "Yes, Your Excellency. The lightning naginata of Fulgur will do well in countering against his weapon. He won't be a problem."

The Storm King smiled, acting cheerful. "Great! Now you go out there and give him the big-bang-bappady-boom for me!"

Tempest Shadow nodded and rushed out of the throne room to prepare to defend the fortress from the approaching Sith lord. After Tempest Shadow was gone, the Storm King turned to one of his storm guards.

"You! Bring a bowl of popcorn to my personal watch balcony, and make it snappy!" The Storm King turned to Fidget. "Fidget, you come with me to my watch balcony! We're going to watch the show.

Outside, Tempest Shadow gathered a large battalion of Storm Creatures, ready to engage the Sith lord approaching on the oncoming airship. The airship was now preparing to land as Tempest Shadow stood there, with Grubber by her side.

"Thith ith it, Tempetht," Grubber said. "Just watch out for that beam thword thing of hith."

Tempest Shadow eyed at the lightning naginata of Fulgur attached to her back. "It won't be a problem."

The airship began to slowly lower down until it was on the airship docking bay. There was a few moments of silence, until there was the growing, eerie sound of mechanical breathing from the entrance to the airship. Darth Vader stepped out from the shadows onto the boarding platform, where the Storm Creatures raised their weapons, ready to fight.

Darth Vader briefly stopped in the center of the boarding platform. "I am Darth Vader. And I have come for the Storm King."

Tempest Shadow stared at Darth Vader intensely. "Leave now, while you still can, or we make this difficult!" Her broken horn began surging sparks of electricity.

Darth Vader continued to walk down the boarding platform, and stepped on the bay. "You do not know the power of the dark side."

Without warning, Darth Vader unleashed a Force Repulse, releasing a sudden outward burst that launched everyone over the edge, falling to their deaths. All except for Tempest Shadow who jumped high out of the way, and Grubber who managed to grab on to the edge.

Holding on to the side, Grubber grunted as he struggled to pull himself back up. "I gueth I shouldn't have had that thtrewberry short cake earlier."

At that same time, Tempest Shadow kicks an obsidian sphere, hurling it directly at the Sith lord. Darth Vader, noticing it, used the force to side step the upcoming obsidian sphere, where the obsidian sphere hit the ground, missing its target. Using this distraction, Tempest quickly rushed at Darth Vader for a full on assault. But Darth Vader, sensing Tempest's approach, reached out with the force, gripping the unicorn mare in a telekinetic grasp, before throwing her to the hull of the airship, and pinning her in place against it.

Tempest Shadow struggled vainly to free herself from the sith lords grasp, as Darth Vader began to walk towards her. Seeing there was no way to free herself with raw strength alone, Tempest knew what she had to do. She began to charge her broken horn, and when Darth Vader came within four metres away from her, she unleashed a blast of unstable electricity at the sith lord, taking Darth Vader by surprise. The blast forced Darth Vader back, with him barely keeping to his feet, and Tempest now free from his force grip.

At that same time when electrical blast hit him, there was a noise of something powering down, and soon Darth Vader found himself unable to breath properly as he kneeled weakly, struggling to breath. The electrical blast from Tempest Shadow had caused his life support system to short circuit, and shut down temperately, making him more vulnerable. Tempest Shadow noticed this as she got to her feet, and began to chuckle with satisfaction at weakening the Sith lord, now that she realized that she had found his weak spot. Watching on from the side lines, Grubber cheered for his commander, while eating some chocolate cake.

"Yeah! Alright! Wayda' go, Tempetht! Thith guy ain't tho tough!"

Darth Vader struggled to get back on his feet, groaning and making struggled gasping noises, as Tempest was approaching the now weakened sith lord.

"You've made a mistake coming here," Tempest Shadow said. "Big. And it looks like you've been weaken, and won't be able to continue fighting. How about we end this easy with your complete and total surrender? Otherwise it would be interesting to find out how much longer you can last before you die."

Darth Vader got to his feet with a grunt, and stood up straight ready to continue fighting. "The force will sustain me long enough."

Tempest Shadow smiled pleasingly, chuckling with malice. "I was hoping you'd choose "otherwise"."

At that second, Tempest Shadow moved towards Darth Vader, twists one of her hind legs before her, and landed a hard kick into Darth Vader's abdomen. Darth Vader grunted in pain from the hard kick as Tempest quickly moved to his side, and kicked him again. Then as the Sith lord staggered, Tempest Shadow took hold of Darth Vader by one of his hands with her mouth. With her strength, she jumped high in the air, taking Darth Vader with her, before hurling him over her, and throwing him to the ground.

"Ohhhh, big mathked capeman juth got dropped!" Grubber said.

Tempest Shadow smiled with her broken horn charging. "Too easy."

Raising to get to his feet, Darth Vader noticed Tempest's horn charging, knowing what was about to happen. With one of his hand, he quickly grabbed his lightsaber from his belt. And in the nick of time, as Tempest fired another blast of unstable magic, he ignited his lightsaber, and blocked it away with one strike.

"You underestimated me." Darth Vader said.

The red light of Darth Vader's lightsaber reflected in Tempest Shadow's glaring eyes as she remarked, "I underestimate nothing!"

With that said, Tempest tossed the lightning naginata of Fulgur off her back, and caught hold of it in her hoof, where it began to glow blueish-white with sparks of electricity from one end to the other. With a loud grunt, she ran at the Sith lord, and took the first strike at him with the weapon. Darth Vader intercepted and blocked the strike with his lightsaber, and was quite surprised that the unicorn's magical weapon was able to not be sliced by his more superior weapon.

Tempest continued her offensive, using all her combat knowledge, and strength to try and defeat her mighty foe. Darth Vader did the same, with his great skill of lightsaber combat. Each one having their equal share of strikes, counters, and defensive blocks, with also chaining kicks and punches in their weapon move set. Tempest fought with all of her might, matching Darth Vader's every move, doing everything she could to overcome the Sith lord. However, Darth Vader's lightsaber fighting style, being implemented of all forms of lightsaber combat for fighting against Jedi in his own dimension, made it difficult for the unicorn mare, for she had never encountered a Sith. Even worse so for Tempest, feeling the strength and power from Darth Vader's strikes, in addition to Grubber's annoying wise-cracks and cheering.

Secretly, Darth Vader was most impressed. The fact that an intelligent, quadrupedal being could fight, hold their own, and even match him in combat was quite an unexpected, interesting development, considering he was classed as one of the most well-rounded duelists. No one without the force had ever truly challenged him before, until then. He even had to risk using some of the force sustaining him to augment his speed and mobility to keep up with his opponents endurance. Though his opponent possessed a power that the Sith lord did not fully understand, instead of the force. If she had, she would have been worthy of becoming a Sith assassin or even an apprentice for him back in his dimension.

The fight between Darth Vader and Tempest Shadow had been going on for two whole minutes. Tempest Shadow's blade of the lightning naginata of Fulgur managed to get a hit on Darth Vader, sticking him on the shoulder. Despite the shoulder plate protecting him, Darth Vader still felt it. He retaliated with a heavy strike of his own, before landing a hard kick in Tempest Shadow's snout, stunning her briefly, with blood beginning to drip down her face. Seeing his chance, Darth Vader used it to push two buttons on the control panel of his suit, where it powered back on, and his mechanical breathing started up again.

With his life support system reactivated, Darth Vader was now back at full strength.

"You wasted your opportunity to defeat me." Darth Vader said.

Darth Vader raised his free hand, and reached out with the force, pulling the lightning naginata of Fulgur from Tempest Shadow's grasp, and sending the naginata away to the far side of the platform. Tempest quickly charged her broken horn, and fired another blast of unstable magic at Darth Vader, but was blocked and deflected easily by the Sith lord's lightsaber.

Raising his hand, Darth Vader grabbed Tempest in a powerful force hold, raised her, and slammed her hard against the ground twice. Tempest cried and groaned in pain, with blood coming out of her snout, and her mouth when she coughed. Darth Vader then raised the injured Tempest up again, holding her in the air in a force choke hold, as he walked towards her, with his lightsaber still ignited.

"Now..." Darth Vader got within a few feet away from Tempest Shadow, ready to finish her off with a killing strike of his lightsaber. "...you will die."

Darth Vader raised his lightsaber, preparing to deliver the killing blow, with Tempest Shadow watching helplessly. For the first time, Tempest felt fear like she had never had felt, realizing that she was about to be killed.

"Alright! That's enough!"

The loud voice that shouted out caused Darth Vader to halt his killing strike, and turn around to the direction of where it came from. Darth Vader looked up to a balcony on a tower and noticed a white-furred satyr-like creature standing there. It was none other than the Storm King himself, with Fidget and two storm guards by his side. At that same time, the Storm King jumped off of the balcony with his two guards, and all three landed on the airship docking bay. Fidget flew down and landed with them.

The Storm King stood up straight while talking to Darth Vader. "That won't be necessary. Let her go."

Darth Vader stood there for a moment, until he shut off his lightsaber, and released Tempest Shadow from his force grip, causing the defeated unicorn mare to fall to the ground. As Darth Vader walked over to the Storm King, Grubber went over to Tempest's aid, with Tempest painfully struggling to stand.

"You alright, Tempetht?" Grubber asked. "You look real beat up."

The Storm King approached Darth Vader as he stood before him. Soon the Storm King's shadow loomed over the sith lord.

"Darth Vader, right? Quite the name you have there. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the great, the fearsome, the powerful, the almighty Storm King. Or just "The Storm King" for short. Please forgive our hostilities. I ordered my Commander Tempest to engage you in order to test you out. And I must say that I'm very impressed. You've got some very impressive moves on you. So I welcome you to my great fortress."

The Storm King turned his attention to the airship that Darth Vader arrived in.

"Prattler!! Get out of there!!" The Storm King turned back to Darth Vader as Prattler timidly came out of the airship. "So, as you wished to see me, come along with me to my throne room." He turned to Tempest Shadow. "Good job in your efforts, Tempest. Now go get yourself fixed up, and then report to my throne room as soon as you're done." He turned away, and encouraged Darth Vader to follow him. "This way. Follow me!"

Darth Vader thought for a moment. The Storm King was not what he was expecting, and confusingly, he could not sense anything from him. He stood there for a moment, until her decided to follow and go along with it, thinking that even if this Storm King was leading him into a possible trap, he could easily kill him and his soldiers.

Grubber looked on at the Sith lord following the Storm King inside, until he turned to Tempest who was blooded and bruised from her confrontation with the Sith lord.

"You know, he's right. That Darth Vader guy has thome pretty thweet moveth. He even beat you up real good with that "dark thide" power thing he's got." The anger in Tempest was rising as Grubber kept running his mouth. "You are tho lucky the Thtorm King thtopped him when he did. I mean you would've been turned into cold cuts or shish kabob if he had-."

Grubber suddenly found himself getting electrocuted by Tempest Shadow's magic from her broken horn, with Tempest bearing a very angry expression on her face. Angered, irritated, and humiliated, Tempest then began to limb away without saying a word, leaving Grubber smouldering. A moment after being shocked, Grubber tilted his head in confusion.

"Wath it thomething I thaid?" Grubber asked himself.

Sometime had passed since the Storm King invited Darth Vader to his throne room to talk. Tempest also returned from getting herself patched up from her confrontation with the Sith lord not long after their conversation started. By then, Darth Vader explained everything to him, where he came from, how he ended up in this world, everything.

The Storm King rubbed his chin. "So let me get this straight. You came in a ship that flies in space from another galaxy, in another dimension, and then you crashed on the main land and ended up here?"

"That is correct, your majesty." Darth Vader said.

"Well, you still invaded my territory without permission, and killed my captain, Bestial, and many of my soldiers." The Storm King paused for a moment. "However, since I never really liked Captain Bestial anyway, and you do possess pretty sweet moves and abilities. You were even able to best my second-in-command in battle."

Darth Vader eyed at Tempest, who was had bandaged areas on her body. "Indeed. Your commander has impressive skills and tactics in battle. Most impressive. It would have been most unfortunate if I had disposed of her."

"Yes. So anyway, since you caught my interest, and you don't have anywhere else to go, I have proposition for you. One that I'm sure you can't refuse."

"State your proposition." Darth Vader said.

The Storm King put on an ominous tone. "Join with me. Join my army as my co ruler and partner in my powerful empire. Do so, and once I gain greater power, I shall reward you with anything you so deeply desire." His tone shifted out of his ominous tone to a pleasant one. "So what do you say, Darth Vader? Do we have a deal?"

The whole throne room became completely silent, with not a sound being heard, except for the Sith lord's mechanical breathing. Darth Vader stood there, as the Storm King waited for his answer.


Back in the present...

Darth Vader finished remembering his past. Though it had been over seven months since he had accepted the Storm King's offer, something had mildly got him thinking. Since the destruction of the Death Star in his own dimension, he wondered who that mysterious rebel pilot was, for his or her force presences were familiar to him. Whoever he or she was, he hoped that this mysterious rebel pilot could be the one to destroy his old master for all the pain and suffering he caused him.

His trade of thought was interrupted by the door to his chamber opening, to reveal the weasel, Prattler. Since Darth Vader's new acceptance into the Storm King's army and empire, Prattler had been assigned to him as his personal assistant.

"Excuse me, my lord." Prattler said.

Darth Vader turned around to face Prattler. "Yes, Prattler, what is it?"

Prattler stammered. "We are making our approach to Storm Island."

"Good. Alert Storm Island to prepare for my arrival."

Prattler bowed his head. "Yes, my lord. Right away."

Darth Vader turned back around towards the observation window as Prattler left his chamber, to see the main land end where Storm Island stood in the distance out to sea.

Storm creature guards stood in formation along opposite each other, forming a hall as Darth Vader's airship made it landing on the airship docking bay of the Storm King's fortress. Standing in between both side of the storm guards was Fidget, waiting to greet the Sith lord. At last Darth Vader's airship landed, and Fidget stood there waiting, until a few moments later the main airship door opened and the boarding platform came out and touched the ground. Standing in opening doorway of the airship was Darth Vader with Prattler, and soon began to walk down the boarding platform. Darth Vader walked by Fidget, who began walking with him.

"Welcome back, Lord Vader," Fidget said. "We've been expecting you. I assume you had a very pleasant journey?"

"You may dispense with the pleasantries, Fidget. I'm here to report the progress of the invasion of Equestria's capital of Canterlot to the Storm King."

"But of course, my lord. His Excellency will be anticipating your report on Commander Tempest's recent invasion."

Darth Vader, Prattler, and Fidget walked inside the fortress, where they ended up traveling down the long corridor that lead to the throne room of the Storm King, with two storm guards standing guard at the door. The storm guards, knowing who Darth Vader was, opened the doors without command, and allowed them to enter into the throne room. There, the Storm King sat on his throne, looking at a staff, until he noticed Darth Vader, Prattler, and Fidget.

"Oh, Vader," The Storm King said. "I didn't hear you come in. Well, what have you got to report?"

Darth Vader stood before the Storm King. "Commander Tempest has managed to invade the Equestrian capital of Canterlot successfully, your majesty."

"Ah. Speaking of which, I got a problem. Here's the deal. I'm in the middle of a big re-brand here. "The Storm King" is tracking well as "intensely intimidating", but you know what? I need to back it up. You know what I need to back it up with? A storm! That would be great!" The Storm king presented the staff. "Tempest promised me magic that could control the elements, and right now, I'm holding a what? A branch. A twig. Bleh!"

"That is the legendary Staff of Sacanas, your majesty. Commander Tempest and her forces were able to obtain it from within the royal castle during the invasion. Its power will channel the magic of the four rulers of Equestria, giving you the power you so desire."

"So that would be a yes on her locking down the four Pegacornicuseses, or whatever she called them?" The Storm King said. "I would ask her myself, but I could never understand how the calling spell works."

There was a pause of silence, apart from Darth Vader's mechanical breathing. The Storm King turned back to Darth Vader after inspecting the staff a little more.

"Is there anything else that you want to tell me that I need to know?"

"A small group of ponies have managed to evade capture, and escape the capital."

The Storm King raised an eyebrow. "Group of ponies, you say?" He glared suspiciously for few moments, before shrugging it off. "Oh, well. They won't get far from Tempest. Besides, if by some miracle they do manage to get away from Tempest, it's just a few ponies. No big loss."

"I have ordered Commander Tempest to retrieve the ponies that managed to escape," Darth Vader said. "And have given her three short days to have everything prepared for your arrival."

The Storm King cracked a cheerfully. "Great! Just the news I needed to hear. In three days, I'll be ready to power up, crash and bash, and be the biggest, baddest bugaloo the world's ever seen." The Storm King yawned and stretched. "Well, I should go for my royal nap. Meanwhile, Vader, why don't you go and help out Tempest? Make sure she has everything prepared for when I get there in three days."

Darth Vader bowed. "As you wish."

"Good." The Storm King waved a hand at Darth Vader, as if shooing him away. ”Now off you go then. Time for my royal nap. See you in three!" He got up from his throne and began to walk out of the throne room through a door on the side, humming a cheerful tune to himself.

The second the Storm King left, Darth Vader turned around and headed out towards the main throne room doors.

"Fidget, prepare my ship and my guards for immediate departure." Darth Vader said.

Many minutes later, Fidget, Prattler, along with some storm guards managed to get Darth Vader's airship prepared and ready. Fidget came over to Darth Vader and Prattler.

"Lord Vader. Your ship, along with a squad of soldiers are ready for departure, as you ordered."

"Good. Then we must leave at once." Darth Vader turned to Prattler. "Prattler."

Prattler nodded. "Yes, my lord."

Fidget watched as Darth Vader and Prattler walked up the boarding platform and enter into the airship, where the main doors began to close. When the doors fully closed, Prattler turned to Darth Vader.

"My lord?" Prattler said. "You didn't tell his Excellency that one of the ponies that escaped was the last princess needed."

"That is need-to-know information! And the Storm King does not need to know. Take flight, and organize an interception course for Commander Tempest's ship for regrouping."

Prattler nodded. "Yes, my lord."

Author's Note:

Hey, guys.
Here it is. The first sequel of my "What-if-Darth Vader-was-in-MLP: The Movie?" series.

A very special thanks to EJLightning007arts for making the first story art image for this story.

Link to the image: https://ejlightning007arts.deviantart.com/art/Darth-Vader-meets-the-storm-king-718800773

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... This just makes me wonder what would happen if Galen Marek (AKA Starkiller/Starkiller Clone [Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice from the Force Unleashed]) somehow made it to, and assisted, the Mane Six in the Movie.

Well done

On another note, the Super Star Destroyer Arbitrator was sucked into a black hole. Any chance it may end up in this dimension?

Also, the Emperor's personal Super Star Destroyer Eclipse also went missing. It was theorized that it went into the Unknown Regions commanded by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Just an idea you may use.

If we're going by Legends, there's the ISD Vector and the prison ship Purge that went missing after they were contaminated by the Blackwing Virus. Also, the Star Destroyers Admonitor, Grey Wolf, and Vanguard, all of them were commanded by Grand Admiral Thrawn, were never seen again even during the Yuuzhan Vong War. They could show up here.

What would be cool is if Luke from return of the jedi to show up and help the main six and at the end of this have a reenactment of episode 6. Also it would interesting to see how the other characters react to finding out that Luke was Vader's son.

Ooh! Well done! Well done indeed! This was fantastic! I look forward to the 2nd sequel in this little mini-series!

This has got me thinking as well...what if in a parallel universe, Tempest doesn’t join the Mane 6 after all her sins and flees in shame of her deeds? Then, she’s sucked into a Wormhole of sorts (due to Alderaan’s demise in the Force) and is met by Darth Vader who trains her in the ways of the Force? She’d also be turned human or anthro by the way. What do ya think?

Anyway, keep up this good work! I can’t wait to see more! And please respond to my idea if you can! I’d like to know if it interests you.

"All I am surrounded by is fear..." Darth Vader called his lightsaber with the force, and caught it in his hand. "...And dead men ."

I got a comic with that quote at Disney World!!!!! :pinkiehappy:



Hate to disappoint you guys, but I'm not going overboard with this crossover series. It's going to be Darth Vader only. Sorry.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Well, I'm actually not going to go overboard with this crossover series. In fact, I already have an ending in mind. Check out the story final of 5 images (the top half at least) made by EJLightning007arts of the final story of the series to give you a clue on what will happen.
But you did present a very interesting idea. It's sounds like something I would read.

Glad you enjoyed the story. :twilightsmile:

Glad you like the interesting idea I proposed. If I can stop being lazy and find some motivation, I just might write it down. Anyway, keep it up!

Very well

Though it will be a problem if you make Vader lose.

You're correct. I borrowed that bad ass Vader line from that comic. :coolphoto:

Also, your Vader vs Twilight request is actually something I have planned. There will be a confrontation between Vader and Twilight (with a bit of help from Pinkie Pie) in the next story. :raritywink:

One can never have enough of Darth Vader.

Or Tempest Shadow too at that.

Love it! Also did you include a bit from Vader vs batman and some Vader comics?

I plan to make 5 sequels. This is the 1st of the 5.

I haven't read this story yet, but I liked "I Will Not Fail". However, that read more like a prequel then a story itself. It may be better to have the rest of the stories in this series simply be chapters in Vader's New Empire. Just a thought.

Yes, I did.
Those two were some of the main inspirations I looked to, from Darth Vader's encounter with Captain Bestial, to his fight with Tempest Shadow. It was so I could get Vader's character right. The same with Tempest Shadow too.

I'm glad you loved it. :twilightsmile: And I hope you'll like the next sequels I'm writing now.

I see.
Well, it actually is a sequel, because even though it has a long flashback, it goes back to the focus of Darth Vader going to report to the Storm King, before going to help Tempest into capturing Twilight.
Plus, EJLightning007arts, the artist who made the image I used for "I Will Not Fail", was nice enough to make 5 images like that on my request. So as a result, I'm writing 5 stories, each one being a sequel to the other. Similar to the first 6 Star Wars films. You know what I mean?

I hope you enjoy this story as much as the previous one. When you finish it, please do, by all means, tell me what you think of it.

Amazing. But the grammar is driving me mad. please fix!

What are you talking about? I check through this thoroughly, and I saw nothing wrong with anything.

I can see Vader fooling everyone on his side into a false sense of security until the time is right, then bam!
But then again, he's no Palpatine.

I wonder what happen next?

Here's a few things I found. (They aren't all grammar, but they are all related to it)

The roar of the engines of his personal tie fighter,(#1) in addition to the escort fighters on both sides could be heard as Darth Vader pursued the lone X-Wing in the Death Star trench. The previous two X-wings covering the leader had either fled or been destroyed, now there was just this lone one left. But this one was different from the other rebel pilots. He could sense the force greatly within him, except it felt familiar, like it was part of him somehow.(#2) He could not quite figure it out why.

#1 This clause is unnecessary, and puts a comma between The subject and verb for no reason (Not desirable). To fix this, I would suggest restructuring the sentence.
I.E. "The roar of the engines of his personal tie fighter and escorts, could be heard as Darth Vader pursued the lone X-Wing in the Death Star trench.

#2 "It" Is an unnecessary preposition. It should be removed. (You could add "Yet" to the beginning of the sentence to better connect it to the previous sentence, But it is not necessary.)

"I have you now." Darth Vader opened fire on the X-wing. Right before the laser blasts could hit its mark, laser blasts fired and hit the tie fighter on his right, destroying it, catching Darth Vader and (#3)this second tie fighter off guard. "What?!"

#3 I'm sure you meant "his". (Sorry, I'm a spelling Nazi too.)

Darth Vader figured that it was a possible surviving jedi pilot in that rebel fighter, and could be a dangerous threat. He adjusted his controls, and (#4)opened fire without targeting with his targeting computer, (#5)managing to get a hit on the mysterious pilot's astro droid, disabling it. With the pilot's droid out of the way, he turned on his targeting computer to finish it off. Targeting the pilot's ship was a task, until finally the fighter was locked on to Darth Vader targeting computer.

(They are in orange, as they aren't "wrong", just not optimal)
#4 Saying "Targeting" Twice is redundant. Try rewording the sentence, I.E. "He adjusted his controls, and opened fire without using his targeting computer,"

#5 the sentence is starting to get really long, as it has been extended by commas 3 times. To shorten it let's restructure.
"Managing to get a disabling hit on the Mysterious pilot's astro(mech) droid." This makes the sentence feel more cohesive.

Darth Vader began to try and regain control of his fighter, until moments later, there was a huge explosion behind him with the power of a small supernova. Much to his great anger, he knew what it meant. The Death Star was destroyed by the rebel pilot with the force.(#6) Just before he was about to regain control, the blast wave from the kyber crystals used for the Death Star's weapon went past him, rocking the ship more(#7), and damaging it further. In front of him, Darth Vader saw something in front of him in space where the blast wave was going that looked like a white glowing crack, and he was going right towards it. He then shielded his face with his arm when the glow grew brighter as his ship went into it, vanishing along with the glowing crack in space.

#6 There is a lot of irrelevant detail here. It's making an already long sentence even longer. again, this isn't "wrong" but it will improve the quality of your work. Try "Just as he was about to regain control, the Explosion's blast wave flew past him,.

#7 The comma is unnecessary, as The following clause is not independent.

To be clear. I really did enjoy the story. I am Just trying to help. I am willing to help you learn some stuff and/or go over the whole story with you if you want, but I'm tired for tonight, and got work in the morning. So i'll see your guy's responses later.

I wonder what the next story is?

I would really appreciate the help, since there thing that I did not even see or even know of. On top of the fact that I'm planning on entering the next sequel story in the Everfree Northwest Scribblefest, because simply "Why not". You sound like you're a member, or should be a member of a group like The Proofreader Group. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

I am willing to help. Though I'm not nearly as good as the guys in the proof-readers group; I'm game if you're game. But I am pretty busy IRL. So It will take me some time to go through your stuff. will try to get a rush on for the contest though. When is it?

Ok I know now. Klugetown

Yep. :eeyup:
And there will be a fight scene between Twilight (with a bit of help from Pinkie Pie) and Vader, though it won't be as big as the Tempest vs Vader fight, which I've been watching https://youtu.be/wxL8bVJhXCM?t=47s for inspiration to Twilight and Vader's confrontation. And it would take place between https://youtu.be/H-657c6I50Q?t=3m2s and https://youtu.be/H-657c6I50Q?t=3m7s.

"All I am surrounded by is fear..." Darth Vader called his lightsaber with the force, and caught it in his hand. "...And dead men ."

Hmmm Looks like I'm not the only one who reads the VADER comics but for reals You nailed i dude *clap clap clap* nicely done may the force be with you.

Darth Vader got to his feet with a grunt, and stood up straight ready to continue fighting. "The force will sustain me long enough."

again well done with the bat in the sun batman vs vader

Thank you. :twilightsmile:
You are correct. Those were from the comics and Batman vs Darth Vader from Bat in the Sun. Those two were the main places where I got inspiration from to write this story. In fact, I'd like to see someone do a comic or even an animation of the fight between Vader and Tempest. That would be so cool, especially seeing Tempest fight with a magic Naginata that can even resist Vader's lightsaber.

That would be awsome it be a 1000x better then the episodes 1-3 of Star Wars wait maybe you should add two evil droids from the comics for your next piece like this.
0-0-0: "Did some call for sure?
Their your problem now *crawls into a air vent*

When will you make the next story

I'm writing it as we speak. And I've written 2/3 of the story already.

It's funny, because Vader could probably dismantle the Storm King with one hand.

He could, but he chose not to.

BTW What did you think of the fight between Vader and Tempest, especially with Tempest using a magic weapon to fight against Vader's lightsaber?

Finally got around the reading the story. Overall the story was much better then I was expecting, the duel between Vader and Tempest was quite good.

There were two problems that stood out to me: the first, was naming the storm creatures "storm creatures" it just felt a bit lazy to me. I don't know if they even have an official name, I assume not, but if they don't making up a name would have sounded better then just calling them creatures.

Next was the lack of description of the "Storm King Symbol".

Darth Vader saw that the object approaching his direction was an airship, baring a black flag with a light blue Storm King symbol.

Before reading this I had only see parts of the movie so I had no Idea what the symbol looked like.

Now, on to the Klugetown story.

I'm glad you enjoyed the fight scene between Vader and Tempest. I bet you thought it was awesome how Tempest fought against Vader with a weapon that could stand against Vader's lightsaber. I thought I'd be cool to have Tempest fight with a weapon.

I should tell you that the Lightning Naginata of Fulgur will be mentioned in the third sequel. And it's a magic weapon from the kingdom of Aviana. A kingdom inhabited by anthro birds. This is also my head cannon of where Captain Celaeno and her crew originated from. And if you were wondering, a naginata is a bladed staff weapon from medieval Japan, that is is a like a staff with a sword on one end.

This is what a naginata looks like.

Those Storm Creatures are the name of those things that a major part of the Storm King's army. The MLP Wiki even calls them that. Here's the link.
They also go by the name, Storm Guards.

I'm also a bit surprised you didn't see the movie whole. It's rare to encounter a brony/pegasister who hasn't seen the movie. Well, sorry you got confused by not knowing what the Storm King's emblem is. Here's a vector on what it looks like.


I hope you enjoy the next sequel. BTW Thank you for the follow. :twilightsmile:


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