• Published 17th Jul 2012
  • 8,988 Views, 87 Comments

Alone - Stereo_Sub

Fluttershy is alone for the day in her cottage, and takes the oppportunity to have some fun...

  • ...


Let’s see. Shutters closed? Check. Door locked and bolted? Check. Angel’s asleep? Check. Ah. Everything is finally perfect.

Fluttershy smiled in satisfaction as she surveyed the inside of her cottage. Finally, after hours of careful preparation, planning, and hasty excuses, she was alone. Alone, for an entire day, with absolutely no responsibilities or obligations. Free to do whatever she pleased, without any interruptions. Today was her day, and she intended to make the most of it.

The pegasus hummed happily to herself as she made her way upstairs to the bedroom, bouncing slightly along the aged hardwood steps. She reached the top, and after double-checking that Angel Bunny was truly sound asleep, opened the door and locked it behind her.

The bedroom was simple enough, just a dresser, a desk, and a neatly-made twin-sized bed tucked underneath a pair of circular windows. Fluttershy quickly drew the curtains over both of the portals, fighting back a small pang of guilt as she did so. She knew that the activity she had planned was nothing to be ashamed of, but that didn’t stop her from feeling just a little... dirty after she had finished. Oh, come on, Fluttershy, she chided herself. Lots of ponies do it. Why should you be any different? That much was true, at least. Fluttershy knew for a fact that Twilight Sparkle shared her fondness for her secret pastime, although she was much less experienced at it than the yellow pegasus.

Oh, yes, Twilight... Fluttershy thought, eyes temporarily glazing over. I’m sure she wouldn’t judge me if she found out. I wonder if I should invite her over next time. We could share techniques, or practice, or maybe even... play together. The pegasus repressed a delighted shudder.

Fluttershy blinked, her guilt now completely assuaged in favor of other, stronger emotions. Besides, she thought. Today was her day, and what fun was having all that time to yourself if you couldn't... indulge a little?

Humming another upbeat tune, Fluttershy trotted over to the one item that seemed blatantly out of place amidst the rustic, wooden aesthetic of the bedroom: a gleaming, top-of-the-line Equestrian Softworks computer tower and monitor, perched on her desk like a pair of exotic, silver-carapaced insects. Fluttershy had purchased the devices around two months earlier, hastily citing something about “animal records” when questioned by her friends. If they had known the true motive behind the acquisition... Fluttershy smiled guiltily. Well, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

After double-checking that she was truly alone one last time, Fluttershy settled into the desk’s hardwood chair and daintily pressed the computer’s ON button.


There was a rush of air as the tower’s fans roared to life, throwing Fluttershy’s mane into a pink, silky tangle. The red LEDs on the side of the case began to glow one by one, bathing the bedroom in a flickering crimson light.

Fluttershy rotated her wings in their sockets, barely repressing a squeal of ecstasy as she felt the joints crack and pop. The appendages would need to be as limber as possible, what with all the... activity they would soon be getting. Unicorns might have magic, but sometimes, you just need the touch of a real pony, Fluttershy thought, smiling. Although I’m sure Twilight makes due nicely... The pegasus shook her head. Come on, Fluttershy, she scolded. You can ask Twilight about her tactile preferences later. For now, focus on the task at hoof.

Using the custom-made PegASSIST keyboard and mouse set beneath the monitor, Fluttershy quickly logged herself in to Zapple OS 10. With another well-practiced burst of keystrokes from her wingtips, she navigated the system’s browser to her desired destination. It’s been too long since I’ve gotten to have some real fun. Well, this time, nothing’s going to stop me from going until I pass out from exhaustion. She smiled. If only Twilight could see her now!

But first, some mood music. After all, what’s the point in rushing it when I have all day? Giggling to herself, the pegasus pulled up the Zapple Mytunes Audio Player, donning a pair of headphones as the program opened. She perused the tracklist for several minutes, finally settling on an old favorite. After a final, furtive glance around the deserted bedroom, Fluttershy ruffled her wings, leaned back in her chair, and clicked ‘Play’.

As soon the first strains of the music reached her ears, Fluttershy began to feel that familiar urge welling up inside her again, that pool of desire that she had kept secret and controlled for oh so many months. But now, with the remaining day stretching open and unoccupied, she was ready to run that well dry.

This time, there would be no interruptions, no awkward encounters and last minute cover-ups. No. This time, this day...
This day was hers.

The Legends of Equestria game login window flickered to life, and Fluttershy grinned, humming along to the music pounding through her headphones.

“Time to dunk some noobs.”

The next eight hours were a flurry of keystrokes, clicking, and the occasional cry of “Oh buck yeah!” Fluttershy was at the top of her game, dominating both new players and veterans alike in the fast-paced virtual battlefield. As the matches went on, she began losing track of where one victory ended and the next one began. They just flowed, disrupted only by the game’s announcer’s increasingly ecstatic exclamations.

“You have slain an enemy!”

Hah. Scrub. That’s what you get for trying to turret-dive, Fluttershy thought, clicking furiously as she maneuvered her champion around the battlefield.

“Killing spree!”

Oh, you brought friends? Good. I could use some more gold and XP.

“Rampage! Triple Kill!”

Hey. Let’s try not feeding me kills. Just to change it up a bit.


Are they even trying?

“TheShyOne44 is LEGENDARY!” She saw her teammates running towards the enemy’s Nexus and smiled.

Guess not.


Find another match, rinse, and repeat. Nothing could stop her when she was in the zone like this. The pegasus was perfectly attuned to every little nuance and quirk of game, and ready, willing and able to exploit all of them them in her favor. Celestia might have held power on the terrestrial plane, but here, in the cell-shaded arena of Summoner’s Valley, Fluttershy was a goddess unto herself.


Eight hours later

With contented sigh, Fluttershy leaned away from her keyboard, stretching her now-aching wings as she basked in the glory of her latest victory. Her mane was slick with sweat, and her flanks felt slightly numb from being pressed against the chair all day, but the pegasus couldn’t remember feeling more relaxed or elated.. Ahh. I really need to do this more often.

As she scrolled down through the after-match chat, Fluttershy gave the computer’s clock a quick glance and started in surprise. 9 PM already?! It all went so quickly... oh well. I still have time for a few more matches. Fluttershy turned her attention back to the screen, wingtips clicking across the keys as she responded in the chat to a particularly vocal, not to mention irritated, member of the enemy team. The yellow mare rolled her eyes. Honestly. I think some ponies forget that this is all just a game. Sighing to herself, Fluttershy signed out of the chat window and clicked the ‘Find Match’ button again, eager to squeeze in a few more wins before she turned in for the night.


On the other side of town, in a room not so different from Fluttershy’s own, a purple-maned unicorn screamed in frustration.


Twilight Sparkle snorted in anger, resisting the urge to telekinetically lob her mouse through the library’s nearby window. Although it would have certainly been satisfying, the unicorn doubted that her future self would be too pleased about having to pay for a replacement. She instead settled for slamming a hoof down on her desk hard enough to rattle the shutters, prompting an irritated yell from the library’s first floor.

“Jeez, Twilight! Some of us are actually trying to get some sleep, ya know!” A couple seconds later, a disgruntled-looking Spike emerged from the stairwell, pillow and blanket in tow.

“What the heck are you getting so angry over, anyway?” The baby dragon peered over her shoulder. “It’s not that dumb Legends of Equestria thing again, is it?”

Twilight rolled her eyes. “It’s not dumb. It’s a highly competitive game of reflexes and strategy, which

“Yeah, yeah.” Spike was having none of it. “The only thing it seems to emphasise is your temper. Look, if you’re gonna keep playing, could you at least try and keep it down a little bit? I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks,” he said, yawning as if to accentuate his point.

Twilight sighed. “You’re right. I’m sorry, Spike. I shouldn’t let my own emotions get in the way of more important things. Especially when those emotions are caused by something as trivial and silly as a game.”

“You can write the letter to Princess Celestia later,” said Spike, trying and failing to suppress another gigantic yawn. “For now, let’s just get some sleep.”

Twilight nodded. “Definitely.” She turned her attention back to the monitor. “Just let me finish up this one... AGH!” She gave another yell of anger, causing Spike to jump in surprise.

“What now?” asked the dragon, frowning in annoyance.

Twilight was fuming. “It’s this player! Just... Just look at this!” She swivelled the monitor towards Spike with a flicker of magic, revealing the chat log of her most recent match.

Coruscare: OMC. noob champ so bs. nerf pls

TheShyOne44: I’m sorry. If we get matched again, I’ll play a different champion, I promise.

Coruscare: shutup newb. only reason we lost is because my team doesn’t know how to play

TheShyOne44: Oh, really? I think they did very well, actually. You did, too!

Coruscare: shutup newb

“Do you see what I have to deal with?” said Twilight, gesturing furiously at the screen. Spike frowned in confusion.

“Wait. Are you TheShyOne, or Coo... Cooroo-”

“Coruscare. It’s Old Equestrian for ‘Sparkle’. But that’s not the point! How am I supposed get angry at somepony who’s so... so nice!” Twilight finished lamely. “I can say anything to them, and they’ll just spit a compliment back in my face!”

Her answer only seemed to confuse Spike further. “And that’s a problem... why?”

“Well, it means, they’re... Oh, forget it.” The unicorn sighed in irritation. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Maybe it’s Fluttershy,” Spike suggested, grinning. “Maybe she’s secretly, like, the best player ever, and just doesn’t tell anyone because she’s too modest? I mean, that would explain why she’s so polite.”

“Oh, sure,” replied Twilight, struggling to hide a grin of her own. “I can totally see that. Fluttershy, hunched over a keyboard, tearing it up in Summoner’s Valley while she chugs a super-size cup of Icy Dew.” She managed to keep the straight face for a couple more seconds before collapsing into giggles.

“Hey, you never know,” said Spike with a laugh. “She could just be really secretive about it.”

Twilight rolled her eyes good-naturedly. “Trust me, Spike. Fluttershy’s a lot of things: Kind, good-hearted, compassionate, sensitive... but she’s definitely not gamer material. Now, stop throwing throwing around silly conspiracy theories and let’s go to bed.” She rose from the computer, wincing as she felt the vertebrae in her back pop back into place. I have got to stop doing this so often. Tutting to herself, the unicorn trotted over to her bed and flopped down onto her pillow, flicking the lights off with her magic as she did so.

“Good night, Spike.”

“‘Night, Twilight.”

A few seconds later, both dragon and pony were sound asleep.


Fluttershy yawned, stretching yet again as the computer’s glow faded from the room, returning it to a soothing darkness it hadn’t seen since the night before. The pegasus rubbed her eyes sleepily. Oh my. Maybe I did overdo it a little bit... She glanced at her bedside clock and winced. Okay, maybe more than a little. Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now. Except get some sleep, of course.

Fluttershy snuggled under the covers of her bed, savoring the warmth and comfort after a day of being glued to her chair. She closed her eyes, feeling the last remaining bits of tension melt away into the softness of her pillow. That was the most fun I’ve had in ages, she thought, smiling faintly even as she drifted off to sleep. Maybe I should invite Twilight next


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Comments ( 87 )


So good. Keep up the good work!

First impression
but the way you said it make me think other wise

i was correct

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: You know it's not what it seems like, but it's still hilarious! Also, Twilight using chatspeak was unspeakable! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This, is the best thing ever!

I take it Legends of Equestria is based on League of legends?

I like how the story actually went on past the "See, it isn't what you thought it was!" punchline. Good job.

I thought this'd be one of those notactuallyclopfics with the pun dragged way too long out. Glad to see it wasn't, great fic.

Hehe that was a fun story to read.

It first I was like: :facehoof: "Clopfic"
But then I was like: :rainbowlaugh: "Twilight and Fluttershy game geeks!"

As a long player of Unreal Tournament I approve this story.

Euphemisms aside this was hilarious, faved.

Okay, yeah, that was cool.
I haven't touched League of Legends in a while, but yeah, I can relate.
Very well done.

This was amazing, you totally need to do an epilogue or whatever of Twilight finding out it really is Fluttershy. Liked and favourited.


this is GREAT! you deserve a fav:moustache:

This is like, what, the fifth story that did the exact same thing with the exact same joke? I bet this will get featured.

It was kinda funny, I guess. The ending was, anyway.

The beginning joke of it seeming like masturbation dragged on too long for my tastes, but who am I to say, I can't write for crap. Very well done, good sir/madam. Good story.

I totally saw that coming!

I can see Fluttershy being a gamer. More of a rpg gamer, but fighting?! Haha, maybe she does have secrets.

Loved it. Great timing and great outcome.

When I went into this, I had no idea what to expect, but the truth totally blew my mind. XDD Kudos to you, you've earned a fave!

Brilliant! :pinkiehappy:
The way it was heading, I thought it would be something like this. I was waiting for the twist that I knew was coming. :yay:

5 mustaches and a bonus Yay!: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::yay:

Wow, i'm perverted...

This needs a sequel. Bring in gamer Luna for voice/gaming lessons.

Oh my... at first i thought... uhm... Fluttershy clopping and i was like: :rainbowhuh:
Then, when it was only a videogamelike Quake, i lol'd hard! :rainbowlaugh:
End of the day:
Fluttershy: :yay:
Twilight: :twilightangry2:

Ugh dammit, you took the name I was gonna use.



And I thought Celestia could troll ponies. :yay::trollestia:

I never saw it as that kind of story when I clicked on this. But I was pretty curious as to what direction this story would take, and what I found was definitely fun to read. Fluttershy does sound like she would be that kind of gamer. Great read. :yay:

wait which game was she playing

I knew that you wouldn't take the story in the direction you were heading, but this was a twist I didn't expect. Now It seems so obvious, Fluttershy a gamer. Having Twilight be the mad player was the perfect touch, she is the type to develop an addiction :facehoof:

Very well written

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Love it! Keep up the good work!

Hilarious! :rainbowlaugh: If only Twilight and Fluttershy knew... :twilightoops::fluttershysad:

You would be correct. Legends of Equestria was (loosely) based of LoL, which I play avidly. I'm not sure why everyone keeps thinking it's a fighting/fps game. Anyway.

928028 Maybe in the sequel. (If there is one).

I am aware of that. This was actually written in around 3 and a half hours when I was barely awake, and I just decided ah, what the hell, might as well post it. Did NOT expect this amount of reception. As for featurebox, I have my fingers crossed.

927858 Maybe. Maybe.


I heard it's a free game, am I correct? Because if so, I gotta try it someday.

Completely free. There are skins for the champions you can buy, and you can choose to unlock champs with real money, but you can get very highly ranked and get a huge amount of fun out of the game without paying a cent. If you want to try, I can PM you my Summoner Name (Gamertag).


Hmm, sounds interesting, but it'll have to wait until I get back to my home and get my new laptop set up.

But go ahead and send your name if you want.

I take it Fluttershy plays as Master Yi?

Finally, someone gets it. Also, fun fact:
The song she listened to was originally this before I changed it at the last minute.:rainbowlaugh:

I laughed so hard. Fluttershy's best LoL player... Or LoE, I guess.

My only criticism is that with this type of story done well, you have the reader going, "Oh, I have such a gutter mind, it was perfectly innocent the whole time!"
Except that becomes impossible when you write a line like this;
"The appendages would need to be as limber as possible, what with all the... activity they would soon be getting. Unicorns might have magic, but sometimes, you just need the touch of a real pony, Fluttershy thought, smiling. Although I’m sure Twilight makes due nicely... The pegasus shook her head. Come on, Fluttershy, she scolded. You can ask Twilight about her tactile preferences later. For now, focus on the task at hoof."
That just makes it blatantly obvious that you're the one with the gutter-mind, (you're just going to run with it) because the line doesn't even MAKE SENSE in its innocent context.
Might be just my opnion though.

Yeaah, I may have laid it on a bit thick there. Although I thought it at least made some sense, considering Twilight would use her magic to manipulate the keyboard/mouse. I dunno. Not sure if you read my previous comment, but this was all entirely written between 3 and 5 am on a whim, so some parts of it are probably not up to my usual standards for quality. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.:pinkiesmile:

Like I said, it was my ONLY criticism. The rest made me laugh hard enough that I had to cover my mouth so I didn't wake up sleeping roommates XD

I have to say I got mislead, just like "cloudedguardian" said. But I have to admit that I'm thankful I kept reading, this was cool.

Can't say more to that, except for "great job" (but let's face it, you already know).


Also, I thought it was a perfect amount of misleading. It starts out as a "duh, this is going to twist into gaming or something" because it is a pretty often used set up, then you bring in those lines along with the computer (instead of some sort of console) and you might think it could be taken back to clopping, as the rating fades from your mind to make room for bad thoughts, and then the reveal slaps you in the face and tells you to get your mind out of the gutter.

It seems one person was expecting clop (okay, most of us were) and has no sense of humour. C'mon, all that build up made the punchline that she was a gamer AWESOME!!
:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: And now for the coveted SIXTH moustache! (:moustache:)

This is...surprisingly familiar. My team got owned by her in Tribes: Ascend a few weeks ago.
Actual post-game chatter from the match (names have been altered slightly):
player1: How'd someone with a name like "Fluttershy" get five times as many kills as anyone else?
player2: Flutterrage!!! :D
Fluttershy: I'm not raging, I'm just being assertive.

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