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Hiya! Birdlion here! But you can also call me Griffin or Sketch Book. I don't have much to say except "I hope you enjoy my stories." So, enjoy!


Duel Monsters. The favorite pastime of many of Canterlot High's students. The HuMane 7 are some of the best players in the school.

School is out for summer, and Discord Corporation, a new stockholder for Duel Monsters, is hosting a citywide summer tournament. But the company president has a more sinister agenda. He wants Sunset's magic, and he's willing to kidnap Twilight and hold her hostage to get the Equine girl to participate in his tournament. Sunset will have to face many tough opponents and fight for the one she loves. (I suck at summaries. ^^;)

Chapters (5)
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Okay, as someone who wrote Yu-Gi-Oh fics for years before getting starting on MLP fics, I feel obligated to critique this fic.

First off, I wanna call a bit of bullcrap on Trixie getting her card effects mixed up, while its certainly not impossible I find it difficult to believe that any self-respecting duelist would make this mistake.

Second, while I know this is the first duel, there's no drama to it, Sunset never takes any life point damage, there's no real tension to the duel which can be kind of problematic. I understand this is your first Yu-Gi-Oh fic, but you can't just have the main character win pretty much flawlessly, it's just not exciting enough.

If you want I can point you towards at least one good crossover fic on this site and numerous Yu-Gi-Oh stories on fanfiction.net.

I appreciate the critique. Don't worry, not everything will go down like this. Trixie is just bad at this game.

Personally I'd have given Discord a chaos deck of some sort but that's just me. Other than that, no real issues in this chapter, could've been a little longer, but other than that.

I was originally going to go for some kind of chaos deck, but I went with disaster dragons for a few reasons. For one, it's a really good deck. I have a kinda haphazard one, and even that has literally won a hundred games. Second, natural disasters are still pretty chaotic. Third, disaster dragons are just easier for me to write since I know them better. But if you have advice for a more fitting deck, feel free to message me and I'll see what I can do.

8336270 No, no, Disaster Dragon is fine, I was just commenting that I'd have gone with chaos, go with whatever you want.

Oh. Okay then. But still, you can message me with any advice you have. And thanks for the comment.

Disaster Dragon? Wow. Now there's a Deck I haven't seen in quite some time. They had that little run when the Dragon Rulers were allowed in competitive play, but when they got axed the whole concept fell off the map again. While the Chaos Deck type would have been... fitting, I suppose; it's almost like it's too obvious. It would, in fact, make a lot of sense -- something Discord says himself isn't his style. With the inherent chaos in natural disasters and the high versatility (representing Discord's unpredictable nature) of the generic Dragon support, I'd say that it fits without being too in-your-face about it.

I'm enjoying what you've got here so far. I'll be rooting for Sunset to get our girl home safe and sound.

I completely agree. That's why I went for the disaster dragons instead of some kind of chaos deck. Plus, I just know them better. And you can bet that there will be plenty of other familiar faces, too. Old villains just might show up with equally fitting decks. ;)

Hmm... alright; I've got three guesses in reference to Chrysallis' Deck, in order from most to least serious:
1) Inzektor (I mean. They're bugs, DARK Attribute, and remembering when Hornet was unlimited physically pains me.)
2) Morphtronic (They can change shape. That's it. I didn't put a lot of thought into either of these other two.)
3) Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth Turbo (It's a bug AND it changes shape. Plus, who wouldn't play this Deck?)
Either one of those, or something like Burning Abyss because... fire, I guess? And also that time she banished Twilight to the pits of Definitely Not Hell beneath the castle.

All great guesses. But I had something a little different in mind. Something that involves using the original form of a monster to bring out an evil doppelgänger.

Thanks. And the intensity doesn't stop there. >;)

Everything in my hand is replaceable

. That is so Chrysalis.

Looking forward to the next part.

I'm so glad you're enjoying it. What do you think of my deck choice for Chryssi?

Not a bad conclusion. Destroyer Swordsman seems like such a good card in theory, but it can be such a pain to use in practice...
I guess Chrysalis was going by the blurry anime rules where some cards like Parallel Gear (only able to use cards in Hand as other material in the real game, for whatever reason) don't have their -- unnecessary -- real life version's drawbacks. How diabolical!

Yeah, I am using some anime rules and slightly different effects. You'll probably notice that a bit more as the story goes on. I also might use some of my own original card ideas. But anyway, I'm happy you enjoyed this. :)

I did, actually. It's just the less formal way to say it.

Whoa! Nice way of using Chrysalis' deck against her. 👍

Thanks! :) I got the idea while going through my Yugi structure deck. Absolutely love the Buster Blader cards.

"Don't worry about Sunset. She's got this!" Pinkie reassured. "And not just because she's the main character."

oh, that pinkie, breaking the Fourth Wall again... :pinkiehappy:

"That's right! And once Discord rewards me for bringing him your magic-filled soul, I will return to my dimension and use the power he will grant me to get revenge on all those who betrayed me by wiping them from existence!"

reminds me of this interesting video mini-series:

Wow. That’s such amazing praise. I don’t even know what to say. Thank you.

This story is the best, I can't wait for the next chapter 😊

I’m glad you like it. Unfortunately, it’s on hiatus until I decide exactly how I want to proceed, but I’ll try to get back to it soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out my other stories. :)

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