Po-Ni-Oh! Summer Sun Tournament

by Master_Birdlion

Chapter 2: A Nightmare Come True

Sunset's dream was suddenly interrupted when everything went white. She was silent for a moment, then tried calling out. "Hello? Is anyone there?" Her voice echoed in the void.

"You must be Sunset Shimmer," said a male voice.

Sunset jumped as the man named Discord appeared about twenty feet in front of her. "How do you know my name? What are you doing here? Heck, how did you even get in my head?"

"Oh, I know a lot of things," Discord said. "My associates have been keeping an eye you, and we're all very impressed by your magic. As for how I got in here, I have some allies that are like you in that regard. One of them has magic that lets me enter other people's dreams."

"There are other people with magic?" Sunset gasped.

Discord nodded. "Indeed. And they're not from this world. I've gathered many allies from across the multiverse. Oh! Forgive me for being so rude! I haven't introduced myself! The name's Discord, president of the Discord Corporation. But enough chitchat. I'd like to Duel you."

"You hacked into my dream with otherworldly magic... to play Duel Monsters?" Sunset asked. "That doesn't even make any sense."

"My dear, what's the fun in making sense?" Discord replied with a grin. He snapped his fingers, and two Duel Blades appeared out of nowhere. One of them was Sunset's bronze one, and the other looked like it was made of solid gold. "Here. We'll each use our real world decks. Oh, and you won't be able to wake up until the game is finished."

"I really have no choice, huh?" Sunset muttered as she and Discord strapped on their Duel Blades. "Alright, I'll play your game, Discord."

"Let's Duel!" both of them shouted.

LP: 8000; Hand: 5
LP: 8000; Hand: 5

"Tell you what. I'll even let you go first," Discord offered.

"Gee, thanks..." Sunset grumbled. "I'll summon my Maha Vailo in attack mode and equip her with the spell card Black Pendant." A blue-robed, dark-skinned mage appeared on her field, and a golden necklace with a black gem materialized around her neck. "Normally, Black Pendant would only give her 500 extra attack points, but she has a special ability that gives her 500 bonus attack points for every card equipped to her, so she currently has 2550 attack points. I'll end my turn there."

LP: 8000; Hand: 3
LP: 8000; Hand: 5

"Very well then. I draw!" said Discord. "I'll simply set a monster card facedown and end my turn."

LP: 8000; Hand: 3
LP: 8000; Hand: 5

"Okay. Draw!" Sunset pulled another card from her deck. "I'll tribute my Maha Vailo to summon my Kaiser Glider!" A large golden dragon appeared on the field to replace the spellcaster. "And since Black Pendant left the field, you take 500 damage! Now, Kaiser Glider, attack the facedown!"

"So sorry, Ms. Shimmer, but that was my Masked Dragon," said Discord. His small red and white dragon appeared for a moment before being exploded by Kaiser Glider's energy blast. "When he's destroyed by battle, I can summon a dragon with 1500 or less attack points from my deck. I choose my Exploder Dragon in attack mode." The new monster was a black dragon carrying a bomb.

Why would he put a monster with only a thousand attack points in attack position? Sunset wondered. Might have to be careful. "I'll set a card and end my turn."

LP: 8000; Hand: 2
LP: 7500; Hand: 5

"Then it's my draw," said Discord. He looked at his new card. "That'll work nicely when paired with Exploder. But first, I'll summon my Debris Dragon." This dragon was about the size of Exploder and light blue in color. "Now, Exploder Dragon, blow up that Kaiser Glider!"

"Check your math, Discord. My monster is stronger," Sunset taunted.

"Well, let me explain Exploder Dragon's effect to you," Discord replied as his monster charged forward. "Neither player takes any battle damage from a battle involving Exploder. Also, when he's destroyed by battle, he takes the monster that destroyed him down as well."


Exploder Dragon lit the fuse of its bomb with a small flame from its mouth. Just as it was about to make contact with Kaiser Glider, the bomb went off, and both dragons were eliminated.

"Ah!" Sunset cried out as the flames from the explosion reached her. Unlike the holograms of a normal Duel, she actually felt the heat against her skin. "It's hot...! How is that real?"

"It's not. We're still in the dream world, which has very different rules," Discord reminded her. "Anyway, since my Exploder Dragon was destroyed, the effect of my Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon activates from my hand, allowing me to Special Summon him." He placed the card in a monster zone, and a much larger black and purple dragon appeared next to his Debris Dragon. "Now, both of you, attack directly!"

Sunset raised her arms in front of her to shield herself, but she was still blown back by the force of the two attacks. "This is crazy...!" she murmured.

"And now, I'll end my turn with a facedown card," Discord finished.

LP: 4800; Hand: 2
LP: 7500; Hand: 3

Sunset stepped forward slightly as she drew her next card. "I play Pot of Greed so I can draw two more cards! Then I summon Axe Dragonute in attack mode!" She slapped the card onto her Duel Blade to call forth the axe-wielding dragon. "Okay, Axe Dragonute! Attack his Debris Dragon! Axe slash attack!"

"I play my trap card Negate Attack," said Discord. "Let me explain to you how it works. Your attack... is negated!" He smiled sarcastically.

"Then I'll activate a trap card of my own! Dark Bribe!" Sunset countered. "This'll let you draw a new card, but it'll prevent the activation of your trap and destroy it! My attack continues, and your Debris Dragon is destroyed!"

Discord winced as his monster took the hit. "Clever," he complimented, drawing his card. "But my other monster is still stronger."

"Fine by me. When Axe Dragonute is done attacking, he changes to defense mode." Her monster shifted its axe into a more defensive position. "Next, I play a facedown. That's where I'll be ending my turn."

LP: 4800; Hand: 2
LP: 6500; Hand: 4

Discord drew another card. "I think I'll be activating this. The Hand Destruction spell card! This forces us each to discard and draw two cards. I'll be discarding my Delta Flyer and Totem Dragon."

Sunset growled. "Fine. I discard my Breaker the Magical Warrior and D.D. Warrior."

"And now, it's drawing time!" Discord said enthusiastically. He drew two new cards and sneered. "Exactly what I was hoping for. I activate Dragon's Mirror! This allows me to Fusion Summon a dragon by banishing the fusion material from my Graveyard!"

"Uh-oh. This can't be good."

"I banish all five dragon-type monsters in my Graveyard to summon my ultimate beast! Go, Five-Headed Dragon!" Discord yelled. The field in front of him glowed brightly. When the light died down, he was standing next to a monumentally colossal dragon with five different colored heads, including one made of fire.

"Wh-what the heck is that thing!" Sunset shrieked, trembling.

"The most powerful card in my entire deck!" Discord answered proudly. "Now to get your monster out of the way with my Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon to clear the way for five-thousand points of direct damage!"

"I can survive at least one more turn with this! The trap card Half Unbreak!" Sunset reacted quickly. "For the rest of this turn, Axe Dragonute can't be destroyed by battle, and I would only take half the damage if he was in attack mode!"

"Very well. I end my turn with two facedowns," said Discord.

LP: 4800; Hand: 2
LP: 6500; Hand: 1

Sunset put a hand on her deck. "Come on, deck, give me a level four monster..." she prayed before drawing. She looked at her new card in excitement. "Yes! I summon Herald of Creation!" Her white-cloaked sorcerer appeared next to her dragon. "And now, I overlay my level four Axe Dragonute and Herald of Creation to build the Overlay Network!" A spiraling red portal appeared on the floor, and her monsters transformed into streaks of light before being drawn into it. "I Xyz Summon my Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!" From the portal rose a new monster, the card she had won from Trixie that afternoon. Two balls of light representing its Xyz material orbited around it.

"Very impressive," Discord admitted as the dragon let out a mighty roar.

"If you think that's impressive, just watch this!" Sunset said confidently. "I activate Dark Rebellion's special ability! By using both of his overlay units, he can absorb half of the attack points from your Five-Headed Dragon!"

Dark Rebellion roared again and clamped his jaw down on his two overlay units. He and his target were both surrounded by a dark aura as 2500 attack points transferred from one to the other.

Discord, however, didn't seem phased.

"Alright, Dark Rebellion, attack his Interplanetary Dragon!" Sunset commanded.

"It really almost pains my to do this, but I activate Dimensional Prison!" said Discord. Just as his monster was about to be struck, a rift opened in front of it and swallowed up the attacker. "Now your monster banished. What do you know? It didn't pain me at all."

"No!" Sunset cried out.

"And I believe it's my turn now."

LP: 4800; Hand: 2
LP: 6500; Hand: 1

"I draw! I'll start this final turn by giving Fiver a 1000-point boost with Blustering Winds. Now, both of you, attack her directly to finish this Duel!"

Winner: Discord

Sunset fell on her back as the attacks landed, battered and panting heavily. "I don't believe it... He beat me..."

"Oh, cheer up. It was a good match!" Discord said with false sympathy. "In fact, you should enter my tournament! So that I can take your magic when you lose. I mean, I could just absorb the magic from your little friends, but your power is stronger than all of them combined from what I've heard."

"I'm not joining the tournament just so you can take my magic!" Sunset growled.

"I had a feeling you wouldn't cooperate," said Discord. "That's why I prepared a little incentive." He snapped his fingers.

Twilight materialized next to the madman, bound in a mummy position by ropes of dark energy. "Sunset...! Help...!" she cried.

"If you don't enter the tournament, how else are you going to save Ms. Twilight Sparkle?" Discord let out a cackle as he and Twilight faded from view.

Sunset jolted awake with a scream and looked around in a panic. Her worst fears were confirmed when she saw that Twilight's bed was empty. "No...! No, Twilight!" she cried out, her eyes clamped shut tight in a futile effort to hold back her tears.

Twilight's mother burst into the room and saw the empty bed. "What happened?! Where is my daughter?!" she demanded.

"She... she was taken..." Sunset sobbed. And now I have to get her back.