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Hiya! Birdlion here! But you can also call me Griffin or Sketch Book. I don't have much to say except "I hope you enjoy my stories." So, enjoy!


This story takes place in the same universe as Summer Sun Tournament, but the events occur separately and unrelated to each other.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo love playing Duel Monsters, but they're not the best at it. But when strange cards called Numbers start popping up around the school and making their classmates go crazy, they're the only ones who can stop it. Can they handle the responsibility of protecting the school? And what's with the weird floaty guy? (I still suck at summaries.)

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 64 )

Interesting. How will Big Mac factor into the story?

What ggg-2 said. What about Granny Smith? Will she be playing any major role?


I don't really know about Granny, but Big Macintosh will end up helping the Crusaders out in later "episodes."

Question will there be issues with the crusaders collecting the numbers sence there technically takeing cards from there opponents?

There will at first, but Principal Celestia will understand once she sees the Crusaders in action.

I'm even thinking maybe the Number incident that convinces her could hit close to home, if you catch my drift.

Oh boy :3 I know you mean

If you want I could help you with characters decks. And what numbers could be used with them

That would be awesome. Thank you so much for offering. :D :raritystarry:

Your welcome hmm speaking of rarity...wait I'll note you the idea

I don't think the observation really works in this case since Celestia...did very, very, very little

Feel free to think that way. But she did offer comfort, I guess.

Comment posted by LittleLionheartedGirl deleted Nov 7th, 2017

well written as always ^^ poor fluttershy..

Thanks. :) And at least she’s back to normal now.

Yeah, have you ever thought about benevolent possessions like the Number Seekers in our rp?

I do have some plans for that. It just won’t be that way immediately.

Excellent my friend your writing style is improving greatly =3

Are you making up all these Number cards? Because I would like to make one for your story.

All the Number cards I’ve used so far are actual cards, but I am accepting original character and card submissions. Just PM me the details.

While I have an idea for an oc number card, I was only asking because I was curious. Now I want to make an oc for your fic as well, when that has a crush on Scootaloo. But I need you to send me the details that you would need to know before you could work him in.

Alrighty. The only details I really need are name, physical appearance, personality, deck, suggested Number, and how the Number affects them other than the obvious.

I asked for you to PM me what you needed. On a side note, think you could use my actual River Deck? Despite the name, it has few water monsters in it. That's because it's based around my personally instead of an element or a theme.

That would be alright. I would need a list of cards, of course, and some time to get accustomed to them, but I can definitely make it happen.

Do you want to to only use 60 of my 80 cards, or can I send you the full list?

I think I’d like a full list, and I’ll pick some out of the set.

Ahhh! another wonderful chapter, as per the norm :3 Miss ya buddy :)

Awesome! Just message me the details and I’ll see if I can work with it.

Oh no, please don’t be one of those people.

Sorry, but that was the first time I was ever be able to do so for something I like and it actually being correct.

Bro, I get that. But that’s always been my pet peeve. It seems like it’s all people care about. Like, why not just enjoy the content? It’s not a race.

Sorry for snapping. I just feel very strongly about this.

Also, do you intend for my oc to use Number 19: Freezadon in your fic? Because if so, I've thought up a chant for it if you want to hear it.

He might at some point. What’s the chant?


Loyal giant of compassion! Your friends need your help! Let lose your frozen wrath on those who dare hurt those who don't! Xyz summon: Number 19: Freezadon!

The compassion and loyal part comes from the fact that it's effect is to let it's allies use its xyz materials for their effects instead of keeping them for itself. Plus, with how me and Rush treat our decks as friends and family, it suits it. What do you think?

I just looked up the grave robber trap card and there was no mention of a 2000 life point cost.

Well, what it says is you grab a spell for your opponent’s graveyard and take 2000 damage if you use it. I just changed it a bit.

I'm surprised no one else has had a comment on this chapter yet.:applejackconfused:

Yeah, me too. But oh well. There’s no need to hurry with comments.

I went over my deck and found out I have 3 level 5s in it.

And a couple of them do have pretty easy special summons.

So how many chapters do you think it will be until you use Rush again?

He’ll definitely be back for the Diamond Tiara arc, but I don’t know when that’s going to be.

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