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Po-Ni-Oh! Summer Sun Tournament - Master_Birdlion

Everyone in Canterlot City loves the game Duel Monsters, especially the students of Canterlot High. When Discord Corporation throws a citywide tournament and Twilight is taken hostage, what will Sunset do to get her back? Contains SunLight

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Chapter 1: School's Out!

Author's Note:

So! This is my first story on this site! Not only that, but it's my first Yu-Gi-Oh! story. Feel free to comment your thoughts. Constructive criticism is always welcome.


The bell resonated throughout the halls of Canterlot High School, signaling the end of not only the day, but the entire school year. The students, having finished their final exams, practically stampeded out of their classrooms. Among them was one particular group of friends: Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and Sunset Shimmer. These seven girls were well known by their peers for saving the school multiple times. Not to mention, they were all very skilled at the most popular card game in the world, a game called Duel Monsters.

"Man, am I glad school is over!" said Rainbow Dash, stretching her arms as the group made it out the building's front doors. "No more pencils, no more books—."

"No more teachers' dirty looks!" Pinkie said rather loudly. Everyone shot her a look, to which she responded, "What? I was just finishing the lyrics."

"And the stress of finals has been dreadful for my complexion," Rarity complained as she examined her reflection in a pocket mirror. "It'll take days to get rid of these bags!"

"I'm just looking forward to spending more time working at the animal shelter," said Fluttershy with a small smile.

Rainbow laughed. "You all have fun with that! I'm gonna spend the summer honing my Dueling skills!" She held up a deck of Duel Monsters cards. "My U.A. deck needs a bit of fine-tuning, but I'll be going pro by the time school starts!"

"I wouldn't get too ambitious, Rainbow," Twilight piped up, adjusting her glasses. "Baby steps. You should try entering some local tournaments first."

"Speakin' o' which," said Applejack, "any o' y'all plannin' on signin' up for the tournament DisCorp is hosting this summer? Starts next week. It's like a celebration or somethin' 'cause they bought some of the rights to Duel Monsters."

"No, not me," said Sunset. "My deck doesn't even have an archetype. Just dragons, spellcasters, and warriors with no real rhyme or reason."

Twilight put a hand on the amber girl's shoulder. "You're still one of the strongest Duelists we know, Sunset, competitive archetype or not."

Sunset blushed slightly. "Thanks, Twilight. That means a lot to me." More than Twilight knew, really. And Sunset wasn't even entirely sure why. Ever since this Twilight had transferred over from Crystal Prep Academy, she'd had this fluttery feeling in her chest. There was just something so cute about the nerdy girl.

Wait, did she really just think—?

"Sunset Shimmer! The Great and Powerful Trixie challenges you to a rematch!"

Sunset breathed a sigh of both relief from her thoughts being interrupted and frustration from the reason. "Trixie, if this is about your Tempest Magician, I won it from you in the beginning of the year tournament fair and square. And you know the ante rule isn't permitted on school grounds outside of tournaments."

"That may apply during the school year, but now that it's summer vacation, I can finally take my card back!" Trixie sneered. She strapped a silver device called a Duel Blade to her arm. These Duel Blades were the latest version of the Duel Disk system, with enhanced realism. Unlike previous Duel Disk models, the card tray was telescoping, and it only extended forward past the wearer's hand, and not their elbow. It also had a slot for the cards in a Duelist's hand. "I'll be wagering my Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!"

"You must be pretty confident if you're wagering such a good card," said Sunset. "Alright. Let's do this." She strapped on her own bronze Duel Blade.

"Duel Blade, activate! Deck loaded!" both girls shouted as they placed their decks in the deck slots on their devices.

"Link established. Game system initiating," said a computerized female voice from the Duel Blades as they connected wirelessly.

"Let's Duel!" the players shouted as they drew their first five cards.

LP: 8000; Hand: 5
LP: 8000; Hand: 5

"I think I'll go first," said Sunset as she looked over her hand. Scapeghost first turn. Nice. "I'll set one card, set one monster, and pass the turn to you." Two enormous holographic images of facedown cards appeared in front of her.

LP: 8000; Hand: 3
LP: 8000; Hand: 5

Trixie made a tsk noise. "I expected more from you, Shimmer. Draw!" She drew a card from her deck. "I activate the spell card Dark Magic Veil! I need to pay a thousand Life Points to activate it, but it lets me summon my Dark Magician straight from my hand!" A purple magic circle glowed in the air, and a tall man in a dark violet robe and carrying an emerald scepter appeared in the middle of it.

Sunset's friends all gasped. "A Dark Magician without tributing? That doesn't seem very fair," said Fluttershy.

"But Sunset doesn't seem very worried," Rarity pointed out.

"That's probably because she has something really super duper huge planned!" Pinkie Pie bubbled.

"Well, nothing can stop my monsters!" Trixie gloated. "Since Trixie has yet to normal summon, here comes Chocolate Magician Girl in attack mode!" She slapped the new card onto the card tray of her Duel Blade, and her monster materialized in a flash of light. She was a young girl with blue hair and robe. She also had a scepter, as well as the wings of a bat. "She'll be attacking your monster! Go, Chocolate Magician Girl, blast it!"

"Sorry, Trixie, but you've attacked into my Scapeghost," said Sunset. Her facedown monster card flipped up to reveal four different colored fluffy horned creatures just as Chocolate Magician Girl blasted it with her staff. The other girls cheered.

"What?!" Trixie gasped.

"That's right," Sunset replied. "When my Scapeghost is changed from facedown to face-up, he summons four Scapeghost Tokens in defense mode to protect my Life Points!" The four fluffy animals depicted on Sunset's card separated to form a shield around the girl.

"She does know that they're called Black Sheep Tokens, right?" Applejack whispered.

"She does. But I think she just prefers her name for them," Fluttershy answered.

"Then I guess I'll have to whittle those tokens away one at a time! Dark Magician, dark magic attack!" Trixie ordered. Her Dark Magician raised his scepter and used his magic to obliterate one of the tokens. "I'll be ending my turn there."

LP: 8000; Hand: 3
LP: 7000; Hand: 3

"I draw!" Sunset said as she pulled another card. "First, I'll play Monster Reborn to revive the Scapeghost you destroyed!" The cluster of fluffs reappeared. "Then, I'll normal summon my Alexandrite Dragon!" A tall dragon with gem-like scales descended on the field. "And Scapeghost is a tuner monster. So if you want that Tempest Magician, get ready, because she's coming at ya!"

Trixie laughed. "As if! Don't you know that the non-tuners involved in the Synchro Summon of that card have to be spellcasters?"

"That won't be a problem. Reveal facedown! DNA Surgery!" Sunset thrust her hand into the air, and her second facedown card flipped over. "With this continuous trap card on the field, every monster we control becomes the type I'm about to declare. So thanks for reminding me that it should be spellcaster."

"Aw yeah! Go, Sunset!" Rainbow Dash yelled.

"Yay," Fluttershy agreed.

Sunset grinned as she continued. "I tune my level one Scapeghost to my level four Alexandrite Dragon and one of my level one Scapeghost Tokens!" she said. Her dragon and token transformed into five balls of light, and her Scapeghost transformed into a green energy ring around them. "Level six! I Synchro Summon! Let's go, Tempest Magician!" And she threw the card into a monster zone. The new monster was a female magician in dark blue robes. A gold circlet adorned her head, and a gold necklace was around her neck. She carried a staff made of bones with a demon-like skull at the top, and a flock of bats surrounded her. "And of course, when she's Synchro Summoned, she gains a spell counter." One of the gems on the magician's necklace glowed slightly.

"Well, she's not strong enough to defeat my Dark Magician!" Trixie growled. "And you know the penalty for attacking my Chocolate Magician Girl!"

"Yeah, she's the one that summons new spellcasters from your Graveyard," Sunset reminded her opponent.

"What?!" Trixie gasped as she read her card. "Oh no! I mixed up my Magician Girls' effects!"

"Tempest Magician, destroy her Chocolate Magician Girl!" Sunset commanded. Her monster nodded and raised her staff, shooting a powerful bolt of energy at the opposing girl. "Now, I'll activate Pot of Greed! This spell card lets me draw two more cards from my deck," Sunset said as she did so. "I'll set both of them facedown and end my turn."

LP: 8000; Hand: 1
LP: 6400; Hand: 3

Trixie drew her next card. "I made a simple mistake. One I don't intend to repeat! I summon Berry Magician Girl!" Her next monster was small and actually looked like a baby. She had pink armor, a tiny wand, and pixie wings. "When she's normal summoned, I can add another Magician Girl card from my deck to my hand. I'll be choosing my personal favorite, Dark Magician Girl!" She held up the card depicting a female version of Dark Magician. "Now, my Dark Magician, attack the Tempest Magician with your dark magic attack!"

"I don't think so! You've activated my trap card!" Sunset shot back. One of her cards flipped up. "My Mask of Weakness will lower the attack points of your attacking monster by 700. So let's let your Dark Magician try it on!"

"No! Not my magician!" Trixie cried as a hideous mask materialized over her monster's face. She watched in disbelief as the magic blast that should've destroyed its target was instead reflected right back, destroying her monster. "Grr...! I have nothing left to do but end my turn."

LP: 8000; Hand: 1
LP: 6000; Hand: 4

"Sorry to do this to you, Trixie," said Sunset as she drew her next card. "I'm tributing my last two Scapeghost Tokens to summon my Buster Blader!" This monster was a purple-armored knight wielding a massive silver sword. "Now I play Foolish Burial! This lets me send a monster card from my deck straight to the Graveyard, but he won't be there for long. I'm reviving him with Call of the Haunted. So come forth, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

"What?! Th-that's impossible!" Trixie shrieked as the legendary beast rose up over her. "Seto Kaiba has all the Blue-Eyes cards! There's no way you can have one!"

"Two, actually," the amber girl corrected. "Remember when DisCorp reprinted a bunch of classic cards last month? Blue-Eyes was one of them, and I was lucky enough to get two."

"No way!" the frightened girl said.

"Now, before I start attacking, I'll activate the effect of Tempest Magician," said Sunset. "By removing her counter, I can dish out 500 points of damage!" The light from her magician's gem was absorbed into her staff and fired straight at Trixie. "And now it's time for a battle. Tempest Magician, attack the Berry Magician Girl!"

"Trixie activates the effect of her magician!" the blue girl said, recovering slightly from the shock of seeing Blue-Eyes. "She changes to defense mode to protect my Life Points, and a new spellcaster comes forth from my hand! Go, Dark Magician Girl in defense mode!" The new monster materialized as Berry Magician Girl was destroyed.

"Nothing my Buster Blader can't handle. Slice and dice her!" Sunset commanded, prompting her warrior to charge with his sword and destroy Trixie's favorite card. "And now you're open to a direct attack! Blue-Eyes White Dragon, white lightning!"

Trixie stared in absolute terror as the colossal dragon fired a ball of glowing plasma right at her.

LP: 8000; Hand: 0
LP: 2500; Hand: 4

"It's my turn!" Trixie said after she recovered. "Draw! I play the spell card Silent Doom!" She slapped the card onto her Duel Blade. "This card lets me revive a normal monster from my Graveyard in defense mode, and you already know who it is. Return to me now, Dark Magician!" Her robed mage reappeared from a violet portal. "Next, I play two facedowns and end my turn." She smirked. It's over. One of those cards will win the whole Duel for me, and the other is just a decoy. Good luck getting rid of either of them, Shimmer! she thought to herself.

LP: 8000; Hand: 0
LP: 2500; Hand: 2

"Then I guess it's my move! Draw!" Sunset said. "I summon Breaker the Magical Warrior!" she shouted as she called forth a ruby-armored knight with a cape. The jewel in the center of his shield glowed with a soft light. "Like Tempest Magician, he gets a counter when he's summoned, but I'll be using that counter to activate his special ability! I think I'll get rid of your facedown on the right!"

"No! My Mirror Force!" Trixie wailed as Breaker blasted away her card. "I can't believe you guessed it!"

"Guessed it, huh?" Sunset asked with a slight raise of her eyebrow. "Must mean the other one is a scare tactic."

It's true, Trixie thought. I can't do anything with that Magical Mallet now.

"Let's go, Buster Blader! Destroy the Dark Magician!" the fiery-haired girl yelled. "And Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Attack directly with your white lightning and end this Duel!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Trixie screamed as she was blasted by the legendary beast.

Winner: Sunset

The holograms disappeared and the girls' Duel Blades folded in. It was over. Sunset's friends all cheered for her, Pinkie Pie the loudest and Rainbow Dash with the biggest grin.

Sunset herself simply raised the corners of her mouth in a small smile. "Good Duel, Trixie," she said.

Trixie huffed. "Easy for you to say. You had a perfect game." She then straightened and gave Sunset a black card depicting a large black and purple dragon. "But if Trixie is anything, she is a woman of her word. As promised, one Dark Rebellion. But mark my words, I will get my Tempest Magician back!" With an overly dramatic flair, the blue girl threw a smoke bomb.

The seven friends coughed, and when the smoke cleared, the stage magician was nowhere to be seen.

Pinkie Pie gasped. "She's GONE!" Then she spotted Trixie watching them from behind the pedestal of the Wondercolt statue. "Oh wait. There she is."

"That was some mighty fine Duelin', sugar cube!" Applejack complimented. "How'd ya manage to pull it off?"

Sunset shrugged. "I don't know. Just got lucky, I guess."

"Don't be so modest, darling," Rarity smiled. "You won on a combination of luck and skill. You really could go far in the Dueling world."

"I gotta agree with Rares on this," said Rainbow. "Are you sure you don't wanna sign up for the DisCorp tourney?"

Sunset just shook her head slightly. "I'm sure. I love the game and all, but competitive play just isn't really my thing."

"Don't worry, Sunset. It's not really mine either," Twilight sympathized. "At least not until I find the best way to get my Cyber Dragons and Dark Magicians to work well together. But we'll still go with the rest of you to the signups, right?"

This got a full smile from the amber girl. "Definitely," she agreed. "Let's get going now so you all can register."

"Actually, I won't be participating either," Fluttershy admitted. "I just find the idea of a competition so scary..."

"Aw, don't worry about a thing, Fluttershy," said Pinkie. She threw an arm around the timid girl in a side hug. "We know you'll be there in spirit, rooting for us all the way!"

Fluttershy's face brightened considerably at that. "Exactly."

The next half hour brought the girls across Canterlot City to the tournament registration office and home to prepare their decks. As they parted ways for the evening, they waved goodbye to each other with promises to meet up in the morning.

Sunset decided to spend the night at Twilight's house. Having come from another world, she didn't have a home of her own. She spent her earlier years in this dimension living at a homeless shelter, but ever since she was accepted into her group of friends, she alternated which house she stayed at every few days. She was against it at first, not wanting to be a burden to her friends, but they all insisted. It ended up being really fun.

The two girls took the city bus from the registration office to Twilight's large house in the higher end suburbs. Once they got settled in, they decided to have some tabletop Duels. This took up a good few hours.

"I play Smashing Ground, destroying the monster you control with the highest defense points," said Sunset, tapping her spell card on Twilight's Cyber End Dragon. The purple girl just moved her fusion monster to her Graveyard pile. "And now that that's out of the way, I'll play Heavy Storm to clear away all spell and trap cards, normal summon my Herald of Creation and use him to attack The Calculator for game."

Twilight chuckled softly as she reshuffled her deck. "That was a great match, Sunset."

"You weren't bad yourself. I honestly thought I was doomed when Cyber End Dragon came to the field," Sunset confessed.

"You managed to pull off a really close win, though," Twilight pointed out with a grin.

"I gotta ask, though," Sunset spoke up. "Why use a card like The Calculator in this deck? It just seems kinda random."

Twilight pulled the thunder-type monster card out of her deck. "This is actually my favorite card," she told her friend. "Shining Armor gave it to me when I first started playing Duel Monsters. You can actually tell that he was the original owner of this card. Look." She pointed to the card's top left corner, which was slightly bent. "He always manages to mess up the one corner." The girls shared a laugh. Then Twilight stretched and yawned. "Wow, I'm tired. I think I might skip my late night reading and just go straight to bed. Want me to set up a sleeping bag for you?"

"Nah, I'll set it up myself in a minute," the amber girl responded. "Just gotta do something really quick."

"Alright," Twilight said with another yawn. "Goodnight." With that, she went off to her room.

Sunset crept past a softly snoring Spike to where she had left her backpack. From her bag, she pulled a leather-bound journal with a red and yellow sun on the front. This journal was magically linked to its twin in the world of Equestria, Sunset's home world, where that dimension's version of Twilight Sparkle would receive her written messages. Pulling out a pen, she jotted down a quick note.

Dear Princess Twilight,

Things are going well here in the human world. There hasn't been a single magic outbreak since Camp Everfree. There is something I wanted to talk to you about, though. It's about this world's you. Nothing bad, I promise. Just some things that I might need help understanding. Hope I can talk to you again soon.

Your friend,

Sunset Shimmer

With that done, the dimensionally displaced girl put the journal away, grabbed a sleeping bag from the hallway closet, and quietly entered Twilight's room. Her friend seemed to have fallen asleep already. She couldn't help but notice how peaceful the purple girl looked while she slept. One wouldn't know from looking at her that she had literally transformed into a demon not that long ago. But Sunset was getting more exhausted by the second. She didn't even bother to change into her pajamas, just took off her leather jacket, rolled out the sleeping bag, crawled into it, and drifted off to sleep.

On the other side of Canterlot City, in a building owned by the Discord Corporation, DisCorp for short, all was not well. A grey-haired, red-eyed man sat in a high-backed chair, surrounded by eerie human silhouettes. "And we're absolutely certain that Shimmer has the magic we're looking for?" he asked.

"Yes sir. Three of us saw it happen," said a male voice from one of the silhouettes.

"Then we should act now. Nightmare, is she asleep?"

"Yes. I can sense her dreams," came a female voice.

The man grinned wickedly and tapped his fingertips together. "Excellent. Then let's jack in."

"Of course, Mr. Discord sir."

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