• Published 31st Jul 2017
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Po-Ni-Oh! Summer Sun Tournament - Master_Birdlion

Everyone in Canterlot City loves the game Duel Monsters, especially the students of Canterlot High. When Discord Corporation throws a citywide tournament and Twilight is taken hostage, what will Sunset do to get her back? Contains SunLight

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Chapter 4: Malevolence- Part 1

"I begin this Duel with the Terraforming spell card," Chrysalis said. "This allows me to add a field card from my deck to my hand, which I will then play." She placed her new card into her Duel Blade's field zone. Everything around them turned a sinister shade of violet.

"What is this...?" Sunset wondered aloud.

"I don't know. This is a completely different field spell from the one she used against me," Cadence admitted.

"Well, I intend to go all out in this match," Chrysalis sneered, "so I started off strong... with Malefic World!"

"I've never even heard of that card! What does it do?" Sunset demanded.

"I'm glad you asked," said Chrysalis. "You see, my deck relies on something called Malefic monsters, special cards from my home dimension. This field spell card was designed specifically to support them. It lets me add a random Malefic card to my hand instead of conducting my normal draw phase each turn. But we'll be seeing more of that later. For now, I'll set one card facedown and show you how my monsters work." She pulled another card from her deck and placed it in the banished zone. "I banish my Red-Eyes Black Dragon in order to summon Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon!"

Sunset's eyes went wide as a dark vortex opened on the field, generating a very real-feeling gust. From the vortex, a massive black dragon with white streaks through its scales and gleaming ruby eyes emerged. "That is one scary-looking Red-Eyes," she commented.

"Thank you," said Chrysalis. "Now, I think I will end my turn."

LP: 8000; Hand: 5
LP: 8000; Hand: 2

Sunset drew her new card. "I've never heard of these Malefic things, so I might have to get a little creative here," she said. "I activate Card Destruction! This forces us both to discard our entire hand and draw the same number of cards we got rid of!"

"Fine by me. Everything in my hand is replaceable," Chrysalis said as she complied with the card's effect.

Sunset drew her new hand and grinned. "Alright! I banish Dark Blade and Mystical Elf from my Graveyard to Special Summon from my hand, Chaos Sorcerer!" She placed the card on her Duel Blade, and a black-cloaked mage with magic energy crackling in the palms of his hands appeared. "Next, I activate Chaos Sorcerer's special ability! Instead of attacking this turn, he can banish your monster! Go, chaos void!" Her monster thrust both of his hands forward, opening a dark portal that swallowed the opposing dragon into oblivion.

Chrysalis growled. "You'll pay for that, Sunset Shimmer!"

"Not before I attack directly with this monster!" Sunset declared, summoning an armored swordsman. "Go, Blade Knight, cut her down to size!" This command prompted her knight to slash with his sword straight at Chrysalis. "I'll end my turn with a facedown."

LP: 8000; Hand: 2
LP: 6400; Hand: 2

"Very well. I'll play Malefic World's effect. Here's how it goes," said Chrysalis. She searched through her deck for three cards and held them up, their backs facing Sunset. "In my hand right now are three Malefic monsters. You don't know what they are, but I do. You will randomly select one to add to my hand, and the others get shuffled back into my deck. So, make your choice."

Sunset hesitated for a moment, then pointed. "I choose the middle card."

Chrysalis smirked wickedly. "Excellent choice." She placed the selected card in the hand slot and the other two back in the deck slot. "Now, I activate the continuous trap card known as Malefic Paradox!" The area around them began to warp. "This card can only remain on the field so long as Malefic World is in play," she explained. "You see, my lovely Malefic monsters do have their downsides. Normally, I'm only allowed to control one of them at a time and it becomes the only monster I can attack with. But with Malefic Paradox in play, both of those effects are negated. That means I can control as many Malefic monsters as I wish, and they can all attack you!"

"Oh no!" Sunset gasped. "And with how easy they are to summon, this can only spell trouble!"

"Indeed. For you!" Chrysalis taunted. "I banish Rainbow Dragon from my deck and Cyber End Dragon from my extra deck to summon their counterparts! Rise, Malefic Rainbow Dragon and Malefic Cyber End Dragon!" Her new monsters emerged on the field with mighty roars.

Cadence gasped in shock. "She used my Rainbow Dragon... my favorite card... to summon that... that abomination!"

"And that Cyber End Dragon she used..." Sunset breathed out. "It's just like Twilight's..."

"Now, my Malefic Rainbow Dragon!" Chrysalis cackled. "Get that annoying Chaos Sorcerer off the field! Spectral Surge!" Her dragon fired a beam of black energy at Sunset's wizard, annihilating it.

Sunset winced as the shockwave and debris from the explosion of the attack hit her. To her surprise, it hurt. "That attack... It was real?!"

"Oh, did I forget to mention that?" Chrysalis asked in a falsely apologetic tone. "So sorry. It often slips my mind just how dangerous these cards can really be. In fact, I only just recalled that people have been known to lose their souls when they lost against them." Of course, one could easily tell from her sarcastic delivery of this new information that she had just been waiting to reveal it until it was too late to back out.

"Lose their souls?!" the amber girl repeated incredulously. Her friends verbally shared in her horror.

"That's right! And once Discord rewards me for bringing him your magic-filled soul, I will return to my dimension and use the power he will grant me to get revenge on all those who betrayed me by wiping them from existence!"

"There is so much wrong with that evil plan, I don't even know where to start," Sunset told her opponent bluntly. "And that's coming from me!"

"Oh, spare me the chitchat!" groaned Chrysalis. "Malefic Cyber End Dragon, destroy her Blade Knight!" Her mechanical monstrosity began charging laser blasts in its three mouths.

"I activate my Half Unbreak trap card!" Sunset declared. A bubble-like shield formed around her knight. "Blade Knight isn't going anywhere, and I only take half the battle damage!"

"You're only prolonging the inevitable," the madwoman hissed after her monster's attack struck. "I end my turn."

LP: 5500; Hand: 2
LP: 6400; Hand: 1

Sunset pulled another card from her deck. "I activate Pot of Greed!" she said, then drew twice more. Okay, I have my Buster Blader now, but he won't help much, she thought. This card might, though. "I'll play the continuous spell The Dark Door!" A massive black archway formed over the field. "Now, no matter what your Malefic Paradox says, neither of us can attack more than once per turn! I'll switch Blade Knight to defense mode and end."

LP: 5500; Hand: 3
LP: 6400; Hand: 1

"That move was nothing short of desperate!" Chrysalis mocked. "I'll find a way to get rid of your Dark Door. And when I do, your soul will belong to me!" She began laughing maniacally.

Maybe she's right, thought Sunset, her enemy's cackle echoing through her head. Maybe I am just getting desperate. I need to find a way to defeat her, and fast... But how can I when she barely has to lift a finger to bring out god-tier monsters like those?

To Be Continued...

Author's Note:

So many strong monsters, and all our hero can do is try to defend. Will she manage to defeat Chrysalis and her evil Malefic cards? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Po-Ni-Oh! Summer Sun Tournament! It's time to D-D-D-D-DUEL!

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