• Published 31st Jul 2017
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Po-Ni-Oh! Summer Sun Tournament - Master_Birdlion

Everyone in Canterlot City loves the game Duel Monsters, especially the students of Canterlot High. When Discord Corporation throws a citywide tournament and Twilight is taken hostage, what will Sunset do to get her back? Contains SunLight

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Chapter 5: Malevolence- Part 2

"In my draw phase, Malefic World's effect activates," Chrysalis said. She held up three new cards from her deck. "You know what to do."

Sunset hesitated noticeably longer than she did the last time. "I... I choose the left card," she finally decided.

"Perfect," the evil woman sneered. "I banish my Blue-Eyes White Dragon to summon Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" Her wicked version of a card all too familiar to Sunset emerged with a growl. "Now, attack her Blade Knight! Spectral lightning!" Her monster fired off a burst of black electricity. "And as much as I would love to end you now, your Dark Door prevents it, so I end my turn."

LP: 5500; Hand: 3
LP: 6400; Hand: 1

Sunset drew her next card. "Still nothing I can summon that's strong enough to save me..." she said in a quiet panic. "I guess I'll set this monster, set this card, and end my turn."

LP: 5500; Hand: 2
LP: 6400; Hand: 1

"And now, Malefic World comes into play," said Chrysalis. She began to search her deck. Ah. Here they are. My three Malefic Parallel Gears. She'll bring about her own doom. "Select one."

"I choose the left card again," Sunset said in a soft voice.

Chrysalis laughed as the other two cards returned to the deck. "Your fate is sealed, Sunset Shimmer! I summon the tuner monster Malefic Parallel Gear!" Her small machine monster appeared. "And now, I tune my level two Malefic Parallel Gear with my level eight Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" Her dragon broke down into eight balls of light, and her gear formed two green energy rings. "Level ten! I Synchro Summon! Grace the field with your might, Malefic Paradox Dragon!"

The shadows warped between the two Duelists, condensing into a reptilian shape. Soon, the darkness began to take a definite form. Staring down Sunset was an enormous pitch-black dragon accented in silver.

"Another four-thousand attacker?!" Sunset cried. "How many of those do you have?!"

"Trust me, Shimmer, you have yet to see the best my deck has to offer," Chrysalis sneered. "Now, I set a card facedown and end my turn. If you set a trap, I might be able to make use of it," she added in an undertone.

LP: 5500; Hand: 2
LP: 6400; Hand: 0

Why didn't she attack? Sunset wondered. That's almost scaring me more than her Synchro monster. She must be waiting for something. Either way, I shouldn't let this turn go to waste. "I draw! First, I flip summon my Scapeghost! When he's flipped up, four Scapeghost Tokens appear in defense mode to protect me!" the fiery-haired girl explained as the tokens surrounded her. "Next, I'll tribute Scapeghost to set one more monster."

"A monster with high defense points, no doubt. You think it will protect you, along with those pathetic tokens," Chrysalis guessed.

"I can at least stall with this setup," said Sunset. "For now, I'll be ending my turn."

LP: 5500; Hand: 2
LP: 6400; Hand: 1

"This time, I'll conduct my normal draw phase," Chrysalis declared as she took another card from her deck. "Now, Malefic Paradox Dragon, attack the facedown!"

"Not so fast, Chrysalis! You've fallen for my trap card!" Sunset countered. "I'm activating Mirror Force in response to your attack, so all your monsters are destroyed!" A barrier formed around her field, deflecting Malefic Paradox Dragon's attack right back at Chrysalis's field and wiping her monsters out. "The perfect counter for any tight situation!"

"Nooooooo! You destroyed my monsters!" Chrysalis shrieked dramatically. Then she smirked widely at her teenage opponent. "I mean... thank you for destroying my monsters."

"What?" Sunset was thoroughly confused by this.

"Since one of the destroyed monsters was my Malefic Paradox Dragon," the villain explained, "I'm able to respond with a trap card of my own. Sin Paradigm Shift!" A spiraling portal appeared where her Synchro monster had been a moment before. "With the loss of my Paradox Dragon, I can pay half my Life Points to activate this card and summon forth a mighty harbinger of destruction straight from my deck!" Her Duel Blade ejected a card for her. She grabbed it and held it high above her head. "Abandon all hope when you face... MALEFIC TRUTH DRAGON!" And she threw the card down with all her might onto the Duel Blade's card tray.

A monster bigger than any Sunset had ever seen before shot out of the portal before it closed. This golden-yellow dragon was easily as big as Canterlot High School, perhaps even bigger. A glowing red diamond was embedded in the center of its chest, and its wings were long and wide enough to land a plane on them, before that plane was immediately swallowed up by its gaping maw. Its eyes were like black holes, but they still glowed with a sinister light. The girls all screamed in terror, and Fluttershy and Rarity fainted.

"That thing..." Sunset breathed, unable to muster the strength to speak much louder. "Five-thousand attack, and summoned so easily... That's... that's not possible..."

"The only thing here that is not possible is your victory, Sunset Shimmer," Chrysalis taunted. "Now that I control the most powerful of the Malefic cards, you may as well give in. But for the time being, I will end my turn."

LP: 5500; Hand: 2
LP: 3200; Hand: 1

Sunset steeled her nerves. She couldn't let this creep see how scared she was anymore. With as neutral of an expression as she could manage, she drew her next card.

"I... pass the turn back to you."

LP: 5500; Hand: 3
LP: 3200; Hand: 1

"As I said, there is nothing you can do," Chrysalis sneered. "Draw! Now, I will attach an equip spell card to my Malefic Truth Dragon. It is known as Dragon Treasure, which gives it three-hundred extra attack points. Now, I play Stop Defense! This lets me change one of your weak little tokens to attack position!"

"But my tokens all have zero attack points!" Sunset said.

"Which works out wonderfully for me!" Chrysalis cackled. "Malefic Truth Dragon, attack the token!" Her dragon blasted a wave of evil power at Sunset's field. "You'll be taking a lot of damage! And that's not even the best part! When this dragon destroys a monster by battle, all of your face-up monsters die! Say goodbye to all those tokens!"

Sunset screamed in agony as the attack hit her and vaporized all her fluffy shields. She fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around herself, trembling.

"Sunset!" Rainbow Dash cried out. "Are you okay?!"

"I-I'll be fine..." Sunset said, though she wondered how true that was.

Her opponent laughed. "Fine?! On my next turn, you will be anything BUT fine! Make your move, Sunset Shimmer! It will be your last!"

LP: 200; Hand: 3
LP: 3200; Hand: 1

This is it. It's over... Sunset thought. She practically has everything set up perfectly for a win. I won't be able to save Twilight. There's just no way I can stand up to her Malefic Truth Dragon...

Something sparked inside her mind.

Wait a minute...

She looked down at her hand and remembered that she had Buster Blader. Dragon... The spark fully ignited and became a roaring fire, giving off the bright light of epiphany, illuminating the way for the amber girl. Of course, that's it! Her Malefic monsters! They're all dragons! She rose to her feet slowly. "Chrysalis! I'm not losing this Duel!"

Chrysalis chuckled. "Such beautiful false hope," she said. "And what makes you think that?"

"Because I'm fighting for something that matters," Sunset answered. A golden aura began to glow around her, taking a shape that almost resembled her equine traits from when she ponied up. "I'm going to free Twilight from Discord. The first step to that is defeating you, and I just figured out how." She placed a hand on her deck. "It all comes down to this next card."

Deck, don't fail me now...

Sunset gripped the top card of her deck. Her aura surged briefly. "Harmonious Draw!" she yelled with all her remaining strength, not quite knowing where that term came from or why she was compelled to say it. As she drew, the card seemed to leave a streak of orange light behind it. She looked at the card and smiled. "Just what I needed! Now, I flip summon Tiger Dragon!" An orange dragon with black stripes emerged as her monster card flipped over.

"Twenty-four hundred attack points?!" Chrysalis mocked. "How can you possibly hope to overcome my monster with that?!"

"I don't," Sunset answered. "Tiger Dragon is here to power up a friend. I activate the card I just drew, Polymerization! Using it, I'll fuse together the Tiger Dragon on my field and the Buster Blader in my hand!" Buster Blader appeared next to Sunset's dragon for only a split second before they were both drawn into a blue and orange vortex. Sunset took a card from her extra deck and held it high. As she lowered it to her Duel Blade, she finished speaking. "When the unbreakable will of a knight is combined with the unmatched strength of a dragon, no enemy stands a chance! Show your might now in this Duel, noble warrior! I Fusion Summon Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman!"

In a burst of glittering white light, a tall warrior emerged. He was clad in gleaming silvery-white armor with golden accents and wielded a curved, jewel-encrusted broadsword that was easily as long as he was tall. He held the sword over his head as a testament to his own strength. From beneath his helmet came an echoing war cry that could make even the toughest opponents shake in their boots.

Fluttershy sat up and held her head. "Oh, what happened...?" she moaned. When she saw the two monsters on the field, she gasped. "Is that...?"

"You bet it is, 'Shy!" Applejack cheered, pumping her fist in excitement. "That there is Sunset's best monster!"

"While my Dragon Destroyer Swordsman is on the field," Sunset told her enemy, "he forces all of your dragon-type monsters into defense mode and negates their effects!"

Chrysalis growled as her Malefic Truth Dragon changed to defense position. "A minor setback. My monster's defense points are still too high for you."

"Oh, I didn't say that was it," Sunset said with a grin. "He also gains an extra thousand attack points for every dragon in your Graveyard and on your field. That's four by my count, but how many of your cards you got rid of thanks to my Card Destruction were dragons?"

"They... both were..." Chrysalis realized. "Meaning your warrior has 9800 attack..." She smirked. "With all that power, I bet you wish it had left my dragon in attack mode. I'm not going down just yet."

"I beg to differ," said Sunset. "My Dragon Destroyer has one last effect. When he attacks a defensive monster, he inflicts piercing battle damage! In this particular battle, forty-eight-hundred points of it!"

"WHAT?! NO!"

"Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman!" Sunset yelled. "Attack the Malefic Truth Dragon! Pierce right through its defenses and finish Chrysalis off! Destruction sword slash!"

The mighty warrior charged forward and jumped, blade whistling through the air as he sliced at his target. The enormous dragon stood no chance against his sword. And then, he aimed the followup strike at its master.

"No! This can't be!" Chrysalis wailed as the sword came down on her. "I can't lose!"

Winner: Sunset

Chrysalis flew back from the force of the slash. She skidded a few feet down the alley as the Duel holograms vanished around them and laid there, motionless.

"Is she... dead?" Sunset wondered aloud.

Cadence rushed forward and checked the other woman's pulse. "No," she answered. "Just unconscious."

The amber girl breathed a sigh of relief. Then, she was tackle-hugged by her friends.

"Sunset, that was awesome!" Rainbow squealed.

"We almost lost you, darling! Don't! Ever! Do! That! Again!" Rarity sobbed.

"I knew you could do it!" Pinkie Pie cheered. "I never doubted you for a second! Besides, the rest of the story would be really boring if you lost now."

"I get it! I scared you, but I won!" Sunset laughed. "Just let me go get my prize." However, as she approached the unconscious woman, she noticed that something was missing. "She... doesn't have any Entry Tickets..." she whispered. "All that, and I'm still no closer to saving Twilight..."

"That's not true," said Cadence. "You defeated this woman. And, if what you're saying about Discord is true, you've also gained me as an ally."

"Really?" Sunset asked.

Cadence nodded. "Twilight is like a little sister to me. If she is in danger, I'll do everything in my power to save her. And if you're working for the same goal, I'm on your side."

Sunset smiled. "Thank you, so much. But if you want to help..." She went through Chrysalis's deck, pulled out the Rainbow Dragon, and handed it to Cadence. "You might need this back."

Cadence placed the card in her deck box. "Time to put you back where you belong," she said. She then took two cards out of it and held them out for Sunset. "A thank you gift. They should work well in your deck."

Sunset took the cards gently in her hands. "Black Luster Soldier and Black Luster Ritual? These are so rare," she said. "I don't know what to say."

"How about 'see you in the finals'?" Cadence suggested.

The corners of Sunset's mouth turned up in a small grin. "I can't wait to Duel you then."

Author's Note:

This has been the exciting conclusion to Sunset's Duel against Chrysalis! I'm quite proud of this. The next chapter will be sort of a filler while I do a bit more deck research. Don't worry, though. It'll be action-packed nonetheless! ;)

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Comments ( 13 )

Not a bad conclusion. Destroyer Swordsman seems like such a good card in theory, but it can be such a pain to use in practice...
I guess Chrysalis was going by the blurry anime rules where some cards like Parallel Gear (only able to use cards in Hand as other material in the real game, for whatever reason) don't have their -- unnecessary -- real life version's drawbacks. How diabolical!

Yeah, I am using some anime rules and slightly different effects. You'll probably notice that a bit more as the story goes on. I also might use some of my own original card ideas. But anyway, I'm happy you enjoyed this. :)

Why not call it DisCorp?

I did, actually. It's just the less formal way to say it.

Whoa! Nice way of using Chrysalis' deck against her. 👍

Thanks! :) I got the idea while going through my Yugi structure deck. Absolutely love the Buster Blader cards.

Hm. I might have to check that out.

Wow. That’s such amazing praise. I don’t even know what to say. Thank you.

This story is the best, I can't wait for the next chapter 😊

I’m glad you like it. Unfortunately, it’s on hiatus until I decide exactly how I want to proceed, but I’ll try to get back to it soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out my other stories. :)

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