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Hiya! Birdlion here! But you can also call me Griffin or Sketch Book. I don't have much to say except "I hope you enjoy my stories." So, enjoy!


Neo Canterlot City is practically paradise. Quite the opposite of the adjacent area known as Satellite. A resident of Satellite by the name of Soarin has a goal to confront his former friend Spitfire and not only reclaim a stolen card, but reclaim the hope his friends had lost. However, there are forces at work the likes of which he could never imagine. A team must come together to counteract a threat from the depths of hell itself. Duelists, dragons, and gods will clash in a battle for the fate of the world 5,000 years coming.

Rated T for language and violence.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 55 )

It's always nice to have something fresh.

Pretty good first chapter. I absolutely love 5D's so I can see a ton of potential in this work. If I could give any suggestions to help improve why don't you put the monsters stats in their description when they're summoned. Not everyone is familiar with the cards being played and it helps people who aren't as adept with Yu-Gi-Oh keep up with the action and it might also prevent needless confusion with math. If you'd like I could be an editor for this story. I consider myself quite adept with Yu-Gi-Oh so I can act as a second set of eyes on your work.

I would really appreciate that. Thank you so much for the offer. And I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far.

Just PM me links to Google docs with the chapters when you finish a first draft so I can do my thing

I actually don’t write them on Google docs. I save the drafts on my personal devices.

You can copy and paste them into Google docs. That's what I do with my video scripts when I'm sending them to my friends for review

Alright then. I’ll let you know when I finish the next chapter.

not bad, also, Spitfire is Jack and Soarin is Yusei...makes me wonder who'll be playing the other Signers...

You’ll see. ;) I chose some of them based on how well the dragons fit them, and others on how similar they are/were to the original Signers. At least one works with both criteria.

fair enough: actually posted my own personal guesses in the private message box: let me know what you think...

I have seen and replied to said message. ;)

Hmm 5ds now. Well, it is different from all the Zexal stories out there

Indeed it is. And since everyone seems to love it so far, the next chapter might be out soon.

Flash as Trudge and let me guess Twilight is Mina?

That would be the case... if I shipped FlashLight.

8828330 well then whom is Mina? and I bet Rainbow is Crow

Not entirely sure yet. And someone else had the same guess, but my plan is to stick to non main six heroes.

8828598 If you're staying with the Wonderbolts as the signers which means Surprise would be Crow.

That is also not my plan. You’ll have to wait and see, amigo. ;)

But I can promise you won’t be disappointed. Probably.

Random thing I just now noticed, why did you put the tags for Octavia, DJ Pon3 and Wallflower if they have yet to appear? If they're major characters you're jumping the gun with including their tags

Huh. Good point.

Well, no use taking them down now. They’ve already been seen. ^^;

it looks good but my one complant is that you seem to copied Yusai's and Jack's deck for the characters playing there roles. there's nothing wrong with that but I kinda like to see something different then what we get from the anime in terms of main characters.

Yes, I did pretty much copy Yusei and Jack’s decks, and I will be kind of copying Akiza’s deck as well, but that’ll be it. You can expect to see all sorts of fun stuff. I take deck recommendations too.

I do what to see speedroids at one point. You don't need to put clear wing in it thaw

That could be a thing here. I just need to decide who should get them.

OH and if you don't mind Can I recommend using some of the Manga cards. Cards like Lefty and Righty Driver, Quick Spark Knight, and Lighting Warrior.

Cool. I need more and I'm guessing Lightning Dust is going to be a dark signer. Oh man who's going to be Director Goodwind.

I’m not a hundred percent settled on all the Dark Signers yet, but I was considering her as an option. And you’ll see who Goodwin is. ;) I’m glad you’re enjoying the story.

I've just saw this story,and the first thing I could thin of is "card game on motorcycles!" Lol XD

I'm going read this.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. :) Duel Monsters on D-Wheels!

Looking good my friend; although you still should include monster stats so everyone can keep up. Also let me know when the next chapter is done so I can take a look at it and see what I can tweak

Right. Thanks again for the offer and the feedback.

Oh yeah. She’s in for a tough match. In, like, two episodes.

Good interesting or bad interesting? Please give me your honest opinion.

Glad you helped. I really appreciate it.

Why, thank you. :) And next time, it’s gonna be a big match.

Another get chapter and I can't wait for the next and I love what you did with the speed duels.👍

Thanks, buddy. :) I hope I continue to not disappoint.

I honestly didn't think of this question until now, but if Spitfire and Soarin are in the respective protagonist roles then what roles do the mane six have?

Twilight, Sunset, and possibly Rainbow will make appearances, but I’m trying to give the hero roles to non-main-six characters.

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