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What is the point of wanting to live without fear If you will live with the fear of some day being afraid anyways?


The splitting of a universe into four isn't without its consequences. The Aether, the glue that keeps each universe apart and at the same time close to each other, is slowly vanishing putting in danger the whole multiverse.

Magic itself seems to be the only thing trying to fix this problem but an evil spirit is preventing magic to do its job and is spreading it into others universe creating anomalies in those worlds and making it harder to fix the Aether. Now a group of teenagers has to stop this as well as finding out how Duel Monsters is connected with all these problems.

On Hiatus : I seriously lost my inspiration for this. Sorry. I don't know if I going to continue with this so I will just put it on hiatus.

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This is really good, but please, get an editor. I'll be watching this story for now.

id like duels but if you need to set the story up for them set them up.

Well, the thing is I already though two routes the story can take. One where the faith of friendship, betrayals, forgiveness and deep story is taking place, a story that will take time and over-complicate things. The other is a simple tournament arc where the fun is not if the good guys are going to win but how they are going to win. It is going to have less story and more duels and I don't know which one I like to take..

then try a hyrbid of the two. make a story that weaves through the torney.

:facehoof: Wow!!! I feel so stupid. That's a great idea, yea I can make that. Wow. that-that right there is my problem, I over think stuff too much all the time. thanks, men.

Wished this story got to continue, I am pretty interested in them.
Such as on how about Zarc be handled there.

Though it sucks that Spike is missing out on seeing all of this.
Where was he anyway? Was there any ideas/plans for him in this fic?
Just wished he got to duel too honestly.

This is the first fic I ever written so looking back at it is kind of embarrassing, if I continue with it I would probably re write it as I seen a lot of mistakes and things I could probably do better.

I actually never thought about Spike Dulling. As he is, well, a dog in this universe. How would a dog even pick up a deck?

To be honest, I probably won't pick this up again. I initially written when the anime Arc V was over but I still wanted more but then all of the sudden Konami announced Master rule 5 with the Link monsters and basically nerfing the Pendulum monsters. And just like that, my inspiration die. Why keep writing a Yu-Gi-Oh fic with rules that will soon be obsolete?

Well that sucks..
Would have love to see a story like this going.
Yeah.. really not fond about the whole Link format due to it screwed the Four Dimension Dragons over. Glad they sort of fixed that in the newer rules but still hated that Pendulums are still forced to rely on Link monsters.

As for Spike, why not just give him a human form so he can duel instead of having him be stuck as a freaking dog?
Honestly bums me out when he gets left out of stuff in crossover things, especially if its due to he's stuck as a dog in the human world because the writers thought it was funny to do that to him.

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