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What is the point of wanting to live without fear If you will live with the fear of some day being afraid anyways?


When Applebloom herd from Zecora the rumors of a strange building appearing in the Everfree forest she didn't believe it. Surprise when she finds out that the princess of friendship known about it too from an old book she found out in her old library, a book that sadly no longer exists. Only two thing was what she remembered about it, its supposed to be a restaurant and it opens at 3:00 AM.

With the help of Diamond Tiara and Featherweight, AppleBloom will go to investigate about such place regardless of the warnings she received.

A Kaidan restaurant (or Thriller restaurant as it was call here.) X My Little Pony: FIM

For this Fic is recommended to be alone in your room at night and without any light. Hope you like the dinner.

Chapters (2)
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