• Published 15th May 2017
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Siege of Helm's Pink - Amethyst_Dawn

Pinkie Pie is many things: Bearer of the Element of Laughter, prankster, baker, friend to all, and near the top of the list is Ponyville’s resident Party Pony. However, there’s one talent Pinkie possessed that nopony ever suspected: Warlord.

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BONUS: The Council of Pinkies

“Alright, girls!” Pinkie Pie pronounced, pacing with panicked posture placed precisely before a profusion of perplexingly peculiar Pinkies from parallel planes. “We need to find a new plan of survival, what should we do?”

“THUSLY!” Pinkie Poet proudly proclaimed, positioning her prime facial pelt promptly aside. “Verily I beseech thee to flee into yonder caverns in haste, lest ye find thyself set back into a corner at so unfortunate a time! The fierce forces of our looming demise be approaching unyielding for all our mind’s eye can thus conceive, surely thou canst belay thine pride for present and see true reason?”

“Nay, ya bearded oaf!” Pinkie Pirate prattled, pausing to partake in a swill of peppermint port. “These unfortunate souls should have no troubles settin’ up harbor upon these hidden shores. Aye, the Costcolt buckos ain’t be knowin’ their whereabouts. For all they know, we could be singing chanteys under their noses.”

“Uuhd kihgl phte gna aghu mmne!” Pleaded Pinkthulhu, probably proposing pertinent planning.

“Can anyone here understand the squid?” Prodded Pinkie Posh, planting poisonous peerings towards the prodigious eldritch person. P1-NK-13 personally punched Posh’s pastern, provoking pained pronunciations from the pretentious pony. Periodically the party plummeted into prepared postulations of profound impoliteness and presumptuous persistence, Pinkie Poindexter and Pinkie Pope participating in pointedly impetuous partician, pinning Pinkie Pan and Pinkielovania in precarious posits.

Pinkie Pie pounded powerfully onto the pecan ponte upon which the Pinkies placed plans to paper, predictably getting a profound pattern of pivoting polls. Pinkie Predator’s apparel providing her with a pellucid appearance. Pinkie Pie pounced upon the platform, pulling profitable prominence from her peers.

“Guys, guys!” The predominant Pinkie posed, “look, I know you don’t all get along well, and I’m only supposed to call these multidimensional meetings when there’s a mega-bummer emergency, but…” Pinkie pined ponderously, “... I just missed you guys, okay? I had to see if you all wanted join in our game. Can we just get along long enough to smile?”

Pinkieternity stared at the activities through her celestial orb, raising her brow at all the abundance of other Pies in the room. Pinkie #8675309 had summoned all of them, these tens of Pinkies from the Seventeenth Council of the Infiniverse, merely to ask them to join a game of no consequence? While she was no stranger to the concepts of merriment and frivolity that these mortal mares tended to engage in, she questioned the wisdom in gathering so many guardians for such things, interrupting their own stories for the sake of these innocent activities usually expected only of youthful mortals. She barely realized that Pinkosmos had glided up beside her like a soothing mist, until they placed a hoof on the curious goddess’ shoulder.

“Let them be, Pinkieternity.” Pinkosmos commanded gently, subtly tugging on her younger sister’s incorporeal shoulder. “It is only the thirty of them, many more have crossed before without major collapse. Now come, Pinkietherial has need of us.”

Pinkieternity gave one last glance towards the orb before it faded into nothingness, almost feeling a longing for a mortal life. She, as the other goddesses, had wished many times that they may someday experience existence with the same liveliness as the mortals, embracing every passing second as something more than a fraction of the eons. The only one of their kind to manage something near to such a feat was Pinkieclipse, transforming herself into twins that were found by a bearded wizard.

Pinkieternity made a note to herself to check in on the sisters after she tends to whatever was urgent enough to raise Pinkiethereal’s concern.

Author's Note:

That's right, boys! Rainbor: Rag in the Rock might be featuring a lot of alternate Pinkies (And an alternate of another character who's already appeared)... whenever THAT update is added! :pinkiehappy:

... my brain hurts after writing this. :pinkiecrazy:

As always, all feedback, corrections, and what have you is appreciated! :twilightsmile:

Until Next Time, you know the drill.
~Amethyst Dawn

... why did I write this.

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... why did I write this,

I don't know, but get back to writing it.

Does Pinkielovania feature sidescrolling action, repetitive but surprisingly good music, tight shorts and plenty of whipping? :ajsmug:

Are you implying that Celestia and Luna are actually Pinkieclipse?:rainbowderp: Oh heavens...:applejackconfused:

Alliteration. :pinkiecrazy:

Ride now!! Ride now!!
Not for Parties
or for Friendship

This is truly glorious madness. Looking forward to the Crisis of Infinite Ponks.

... I'm totally stealing that title. :rainbowlaugh:

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