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What to say, what to say? Well I live in Utah, and I like Ponies, and Doctor Who, and Doctor Who combined with Ponies.



Discord's statue has vanished from where Celestia had put it in the royal dungeons, but it doesn't seem to be because Discord himself has escaped. Rather, somepony has stolen it. Now the Doctor and his loyal companion Derpy will search time and space to find the culprit. Bring on the drums!

Now with a TVtropes Page.

Written in collaboration with CommacazyFreak.

The new cover image is provided by sophiecabra, found here. Used with permission.

Chapters (29)
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Well the Master going to do something with Discord or the statue. This does not bode well for anypony :)

Oh dear bugger is big cussing in Britain if you know what it means :)

Oh lawrd the doctor is on another adventure I suppose ah can't wait *grabs popcorn*


cybermare attack!? YAY!!:yay:

I didn't realize it was that bad. I thought it was similar to saying "crap." Crude, but not horrible. Still keeping it though. For some reason I like the idea that the Doctor curses in 'British,' thinking Derpy wouldn't get it, only for her to smack him for it.


amazing. like how for once the cybermare was stopped before it was a large threat. most stories with cybermares show them having killed half of equestria. this one is good. the master is one of my favorite doctor who characters as well, so i cant wait for the next update.

I love the way Derpy and the Doctor interact. Their chemistry is wonderful.

Nice work, i like how the doctor calls Celestia little Celestia or celly and stuff :trollestia::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

Oh dear... Having seen most of "New Who" as it's called...
I can see where you're going with this.

Still, the journey there will be interesting.
(And hopefully you still have a few tricks hidden in your sleeves)

Keep up the good work!
I can't WAIT to see how you'll handle this :D
(And yes, the interactions between the Doctor and Derpy are VERY well written, and hilarious to read :rainbowlaugh: )

This just got interesting...

Yep. We know who Old Hoof is. This may come out well. But. What comes after will not.

I am, for lack of an awesomer word, Loving this


So they arrived a bit early and are going to have the Master open the watch, causing him to remember and then he will steal Discord? I can totally see this as an actual doctor who episode. It's gonna be good. The Master was always one of my favorite enemies.

I've only seen the season with the ninth Doctor so far, so I haven't seen anything with the Master, but he seems like a nast piece of work. I'm looking forward to reading more of this!

Loving this story so far, though I have a feeling I'll enjoy it more once I see more Doctor Who...

“Oh come on, Doctor,” Derpy teased. “I don't bite. Much.”


Probably, though I am trying really hard to keep it understandable and enjoyable for those who might be a bit less familiar with the series, even if they won't get all the jokes and references.

And i see where this is going now.

And nailed it. The Doctor's old friend you know who .with the drums and madness.


I was tapping my fingers to the Masters drumbeats on the last paragraph.

Yeah, well... not like I was trying to hide it from you crazy Whovians or anything :ajsmug:


The master is my favorite Doctor Who villain along with the weeping angels and Vashta Narada.

No that couldn't be him. That was another author. Hmmm, who could he be

Exterminate, regenerate...
I was wondering when the Master would show up. I can't believe I missed the Old Hoof pun, though. :facehoof:

Nope, it's a ponified Dr. Who character, but which one I'm not gonna reveal until I'm ready. :derpytongue2:

Wow, you've really captured the voices of the Doctor and Master. I could hear the voices while reading them, and my fingers started tapping out a sequence at various parts of their volition.

Thanks for the story and I look forward to reading more!

Hmm, a game of wits.

It's original meaning is very bad, but it is used nearly on a daily basis over here.
As for this chapter, not all that bad, very well written. I suppose the next few will contain a bit more action.

As in, the disease?
Fantastic as always, but I can't help thinking that might be a hole in my DW knowledge...

A re-writing.
Not my favourites, but never judge a book by its cover, and this story is very good so far.

i originally thought it was Davros, but i think im wrong now....

I was wondering how you would replace YANA as a clue.
Nedless to say, you saved yourself, even if by the nails.

There are a number of possibilities here:
-The monk, though unlikely;
-Omega, which is unusual;
-Rassilon, though sort of obvious;
-The Valeyard, though also unlikely, as he only comes round during 12-13;
-Maybe a regenrated Rani...?
-A future Master;
-The Other would be a real stunner of a twist.

Do go on.

Yes, Anthrax as in the disease. Hence the line about "someone having a strange sense of humor." There's no Dr. Who hole in your knowledge. I made it up :scootangel:

DON'T OPEN THE FOB WATCH!!!! When I watched this episode on DW I was screaming that the whole time.

You know, I really like all stories with the Doctor and Derpy/Ditzy. So now, excuse me as I fav this without even looking at the summary (I Lied, I read that.), then start reading. :moustache:

By just hearing "Old Hoof", I knew it. Dammit, Yana, And I used to think you were cool. Well, Saxon's Cooler.

All right-O, Already read this. And really, I can only think of the Stallion as Rassilon. But I don't know, because i've watched only the "New Who" So far.

Congrats on finally getting featured on EqD! I love this story, and it definitely deserves the post.

oh boy... Is it just me or does anyone have the oddest sense that if this era's version of Twilight Sparkle is turned the real one might not be far behind... That would screw with time soooooooo much... makes me both queasy and giddy thinking about the implications... :pinkiehappy::pinkiesick:

Ve never watched a single episode of Doctor Who but i like this anyway and i still know enough to get it:pinkiesmile:

And let the wibbly wobbley timey wimey ball of stuff commence.


HOW OMINOUS! :derpyderp1:

So that supposedly why 3 little fillies doing what children do everywhere (have a simple argument) . Could release Discord centuries hence.

Love these scenes with Discord. Keep up the amazing work. :twilightsmile:

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