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A hundred years ago, a young mare's great-grandfather was stolen from Equestria during the royal wedding of Shining Armour, and Princess Cadance to live out the rest of his days as a slave. Now after all this time, the changeling homeland is now her family's home, and they are slaves just the same.

Carmine Bolton, doesn't feel like a slave, however. She has never seen a changeling in her entire life. So when a travelling trader comes to town claiming to have met one once. She decides that she has to see for herself.

She must meet a changeling, even if it's the last thing she ever does.

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I sure do love 'capital T' Trade time!

7628663 Trade time is best time. :pinkiehappy:


Interesting start. I've found a few small errors, but bring major.

My guess is that the changelings simply never die themselves and gather love while hidden.

Oh, hey, I was the tenth voter.

We're gonna see us some changelings!

... They're all changelings, aren't they?

7635019 They're around. :pinkiehappy:


'Because shut up.'

Okay, then, current theory is that she's half changeling.

Anyway, keep up the good work, me likey.

7635403 I shan't disappoint. :pinkiehappy:

If Carmine Bolton was voiced, what would she sound like?

7635644 She'd have no real discernible accent. The slave villages are multicultural, all of them the descendants of peoples stolen from overseas years ago. Five or six accents would have blended together,

Okay, so that happened.

Now I'm starting to think that there has been a schism in the changelings and some of them are hiding among ponies. If that's how it is, I just hope Chryssie is alright.

It's a big world out there, with quite a lot going on.:pinkiehappy:

So some of my guesses were right.

Hmm, so in this version they're much more hiveminded.

You need to work on your PR skills, Chryssie.

The Praesidium... Now I'm even more intrigued.

To be honest, the entire setup isn't a bad idea. Ponies live however they want, changelings come once a month to stock up on food, nobody is hurt

7641626 I must've missed the point where I mentioned her being good or evil.

I was just referring to the fact that her public relations skills leave something to be desired.

7641805 Whether someone is good or evil, having good public relations skills helps. She could've replaced the word food with sustenance, which sounds much less harsh, maybe avoid using words line slave, etc. Generally, better PR skills would've made the discussion less awkward.


Unless of course, she intended to illicit a specific emotional response. Chrysalis is very deliberate in her actions and words. Careless she is not.

... Did I ever mention that Trollsalis is the best Chrysalis? No? Well, I just did. I love this Chryssie already.

I wonder what the true form of the changelings is, hopefully a bit more imaginative than the what's shown in the finale.

Well this is a surprise:rainbowderp:

Wmg Wheller, you cant just be laying this on me before I head off to work.
or maybe you can.

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