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Dreams. They are fragile like a bubble.
Crackle Pop knows this very well. He knows it since he has discovered his special talent and earned his cutie mark. He knows this, because his special talent is to destroy dreams. Not the dreams that are only there at night. Manipulating those kind of dreams is Princess Luna's domain.
No, Crackle Pop was good at destroying the ambitions of ponies. What such a special talent should be good for? Crackle Pop asks himself this question too. He doesn't know the answer, all he knows is he can.
Sometimes it was a good thing. Sometimes, there was a pony will ill intentions, dreams of revenge, perhaps. Then he was the pony for the job.
In other cases, though, his special talent destroyed the dreams of ponies who meant something to him, good dreams that didn't create any harm.
Ponies refer to their special talents as their destinies, but for Crackle Pop, his special talent is a dark and cruel fate. It had hurt his friends, his teachers and his neighbors. It had never hurt his family, though.
This changes on the day fate forces him to ruin the longtime dream of the kindest pony he knows and the pony that means the most to him.....

Takes place before, during and after the events seen in "The Cart Before the Ponies".

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Crackle Pop is the colt in the picture, right?


Yes. :) The fandom has interpreted him as Derpy's little brother, similar to how Chirpy Hooves was quickly seen as her little sister, and this is what I think too and went with in my fic here. :twilightsmile:
Here's a better picture of Crackle Pop:


This is amazing! I love how you portrayed the family!


It's Saveraedae! :pinkiegasp: Crackle Pop's name giver has read my fic! :pinkiegasp:
It's an honor to have you here! :scootangel:

I'm happy you like it! There went a ton of work into every little detail here. :heart:

Hey! it's the maverick who changes his profile picture with another megaman character on derpibooru and right now has Blade Man on it, remember me? :yay: anyway, i'm really enjoying your story, keep up the great work, looking forward for more :twilightsmile:


I'm afraid not. I can't recall you.

Thanks for the praise of the story, though! I admit, I got out of the loop with this story, but I try to release the next and last chapter as soon as I can!


Ah, now I know who you are! Thanks for coming over and reading it! For this story, every reader means especially much!

i couldn't help but think in forza horizon effect when you finish a race happening with crackle XD


Now I went and looked that up just because you made that comment. xD
I take that as a sign that I properly managed to capture the cart racing spirit. :scootangel:
There will still be an epilogue coming in a few days.

i just think his interactions with his sister should be bigger, but besides that it was a great story and i wished i could do as good as you do :)


Welcome back to my humble little background pony fic! :twilightsmile:
And for Crackle Pop and Chirpy's interactions, I can see what you mean. The story was intended to have Chirpy out of the picture quickly and to not give her much "screentime" right from the get-go, because it's mainly a story for Crackle Pop and Chirpy is the secondary main character, but I can also see that the interactions between them (as well as the whole family dynamic) are one of the strong points of the story and that they came out particularly well.
So..... ask and you shall receive. I will write more for them that shines a bigger light on their life in Rainbow Falls and their relationship as siblings. I have hinted on a sequel anyway, in which I just might be able to do that and if not, I'm writing something else involving them (not necessarily in the universe of this story, bust most likely).
I don't know when exactly and how, but I will write more for them! :scootangel: Thank you for reading, I'm overjoyed you enjoyed my little piece! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

Nice story, it pleases me to see people didn't forget about that grey pegasus colt who partnered with Derpy in the Applewood Derby


Thanks.^^ It makes me happy to see that there are apparently a few more than those who commented and upvoted who enjoyed the story.^^
I even asked for feedback in the Author's Notes^and what my readers think of me writing stories for entirely new background ponies, but did not receive a response on that question, which made me, in comparison with the low views, a little bit insecure about how it was received.
I'm very glad you like it.^^

Edit: And thanks for the follow too.^^

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