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Scootaloo's doctor's visit doesn't go well, so she's a bit down in the dumps. Maybe a book would help distract her and take her mind off her problems. Wait, not THAT book! Now, she's not sad; she's downright neurotic! The biggest problem is the fact that she's now terrified of the one pony who could help her the most.

Cover Art by Shimmer Shy; link goes to full-size version

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Interesting story, though it does have a few plot holes. First off, the mystery behind Shadow is never really given any sort of explanation and secondly wouldn't there be laws against publishing fiction with real ponies in Equestria? Them again, maybe the copyright laws there are as convoluted as they are here.

Sweet story, not to sure about your OC but he is easy enough to overlook. Good job.

7421054 The mystery behind Shadow is explained in my previous story, The Alicorn Prince (I developed kind of a bad habit of referencing my previous stories writing fanfics for another property). As for legality, Rainbow does mention that the author had asked permission beforehand to use her, and while she rightfully should also have asked Scoot's parents, neither Aura nor Rainbow thought anything would come of it, since the story was meant for adults.

7421074 Glad you enjoyed the story:derpyderp1: I hope Shadow doesn't put you off too much; he likes to hide in the background a lot...

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Crud, I did not mean to delete those...

Big thanks to Cutie Mark(ed) Crusaders for featuring this story :scootangel:

OK. What was up with this Shadow Gray pony and the flashing eyes and Sweetie and Bloomy forgetting they were talking about him and Dash receiving a knowing wink she gave him?

In short, who or what the hay is this pony?

7568483 All I can say without spoilers is that it's explained in The Alicorn Prince...

7573382 There's a couple with that title. Is it this one?

Very interesting way to go with a story like the Rainbow Factory. You put another story within a story. Neat.

7713778 Glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

7780172 *finally gets control of uproarious laughter* MO, that was EPIC! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. A couple of points...

Wait, so it's not similar, it's the exact same thing! This doctor is an ass**le, saying she might never be able to fly! It'll just be a while before her wings develop enough for her to be able to fly. *shakes head* That doctor should be ashamed of himself. *Ding*

It's kind'a up in the air whether these were the doctor's own words or if Scoots just sort of inferred it based on the diagnosis.

As for Shadow Gray, if you read The Alicorn Prince, his behavior (and Dash's toward him) makes a lot more sense

Is the doctor who diagnosed Scootaloo the same genius who diagnosed Spike as being a dragon? (Secret of My Excess)

Yeah, the stuff about Shadow being more than he seems felt pointless to this story.
Otherwise, my only complaint is that the paragraphs aren't spaced out, which makes it a bit hard to read.

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