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This story is a sequel to The Little Pony Legend 4: Balance of the Heart

7 years has passed since the Day of the Sirens and peace has once again returned to the unified worlds. But even with peace, the team misses the old days of saving the world. But an ancient evil has returned and vows to snuff out the light for good. Now the Team, along with some new allies, must stop this new threat before its too late while along the way, uncovering secrets from a dark past.
Sequel to The Little Pony Legend Series by MaggiesHeartLove

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Are you ever going to finish this?

8040028 yeah I will. Just didn't have the time. That and computer needed to get fixed

8040028 Welp added some chapters on here. I'll try to get the rest by the end of this week

now this is something. nice.:raritywink:

Sweet and I can't wait to read more chapters and how this story goes but I can't wait for more uploads

Nice lion king 2 reference I love it

now we're getting somewhere.

:rainbowlaugh: I'm sorry but I can't help it. I love backwards talking mako. its so funny.

now this is something. keep it up man.:raritywink:

So, this chapter is digging more into character work for the future. Namely, asking the important question: who is our protagonist? Answer? Nova and Iris actually. Korra might also have it, but those 2 have the most important things going on here.

So there is one other thing I've noticed about your writing: you're very heavy on history building. That after all the craziness of saving the world several times over, the rest of team avatar harmony decided to finally start their own romantic lives. I mean it worked out so well for Korra and Twilight, so I guess the others wanted to get in on the action. Sorin, Double Diamond (from the cutie mark village?), and Cheese Sandwich are now going to be part of the family.

Although, I had a big laugh about Korra pointing out how Pinkie and Cheese's kid might be insane.

Now as to Iris's story, it's here that I have to raise my eyebrows again. Not so much that she's dealing with her being called unique despite her own feelings of inadequacy. What I have to raise my eyebrows at is a matter of age and skill. the parents protect and teach, Hiro can earth bend and all that, Gallant's learning Magic from a young age and Akari getting her cutie mark is all good and fine. HOWEVER, Mai is only 4ish right now. How is she good at Math? Is she getting her addition tables pretty easy? Is she one of those gifted kids who can already do subtraction? I think this is a problem based on the age.

But it is nice that Korra and Mako are trying to be good parents. Especially in that they're doing the cutie mark talk and the dream talk. Foreshadowing! Also, don't think that Lion King reference is lost on me. And having the gift? That's cool.

But meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Evil was rising! And Guh....that thing with shade killing the guards.:twilightoops: Brutal! And it was here that red and blue met. Hmmm, star wars imagery at all? I've also noticed that there's some interesting character beats here that are going to be important in the future. First, Chi is demonstratably weaker than Shade. Can't even wiggle out. 2. Despite everything, Nova's not a risk taker. He won't try for a killing shot if it'll risk Chi's life. He's not that kind of sorcerer. Also, Nova's got a sense of regret, especially about the deaths of guards.

Next, at the party, there was celebration. The old guard was starting to filter in. Tenzin was starting to age in, and Leilani was happy to celebrate things new and old. I also got a nice laugh over Rainbow Dash's triple back flip.

I get the feeling that you included that scene with the cutie mark crusaders and others to make it clear that this world is not as huge/spread out as thought. Cause the others are more cameo material at this time than anything. Still, it is still good to see that they can still have fun with each other despite...competitive urges. However, the problems with the visions were now manifesting in the daytime. It's a problem that got all the others to stop and call it a night.

And Iris was now getting even more: cornering and now a huge battlefield of ice and snow. And her mother in trouble. She was terrified of this. But her mother swore things will get better, so just relax into the wind.

Unfortunately for the 3 of them though, something new was coming: The Plot. Twilight was running to them saying they need help. Cause now the carnage is now reported.

YES! YES! IT IS DONE!!! HORRAY!!:pinkiehappy:

Heyo! Any plans on finishing reviewing?

:rainbowderp: BEST STORY EVER!!! :pinkiehappy: Nicely done!

Ah your just saying that:twilightblush:

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