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The Little Pony Legend: Shadow of Ronin - MyEcho4

Seven years have passed since Balance of the Heart. Now the team must reunite to stop and ancient evil and save the day once again

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Bargains and Sacrifices

Bargains and Sacrifices

Applejack tapped her foot impatiently until Nova, Sunset and Chi returned. Iris and Akari ran up and hugged the wisp, the three of them giggling happily. Nova felt his hand tremble at the multiple eyes staring at him. Mako was still clenching his ribcage, despite being completely healed it was apparent he still felt the sting of the sword. Sunset gently held his hand and gave him a reassuring smile. Nova took in a deep breath and exhaled. He averted his eyes from the firebending prince. Thankfully, Madam Alpha gathered the group around her.

"Now, my teleportation magic isn't what it used to be. I can't send you back from where you came…but, this can." the unicorn pulled out a rounded green shimmering stone from her pocket, offering to the group.

Korra gently took the green object, noticing her reflection on the surface. "This will take us to the sword?" she asked.

"Not exactly. It will take you to where the sword is located, yes. But where to find it, well, you'll see."

"That's not very reassuring." Spike said.

Leilani wrapped her arms around the unicorn. "Thank you, Madam Alpha. For everything."

"Thank you, for coming to see me again." the queen shed a tear, to which the elderly unicorn wiped away with her thumb, "Please, don't weep, child. No one faults you for the past. Trust me, the legacy of your friends will not remain in bloodshed. I promise."

"Thank you."

The unicorn turned to Nova once again, hugging him tightly, much to his surprise. "Stop being such a mule, boy." she muttered in his ear.

Nova chuckled and hugged her back. Chi hugged the unicorn next, shedding a few tears. "Will we see you again?"

"Of course you will. You can count on it." Madam Alpha then turned to the diamond dog, "Mekarm, go with them. They're going to need your nose for this."

"But-but, Madam--" his dog ears lowered sadly, "What if I don't come back in time? What if your home leaves and I can't find you?"

"You'll find me. After Ronin is gone, I'm not going anywhere else. I promise." she looked to the others, "You don't mind, do you?"

Bolin happily wrapped his arm round the diamond dog. "Of course not! Welcome to the team, dog man!"

"I'm a diamond dog, mate."

"I know, it's just a nickname." Bolin explained. Mekarm arched an eyebrow and the earthbender stepped away, "You know what, never mind."

"So, how does it work?" Mako asked, staring curiously at the stone in his wife's hand. No more than two seconds after the words left his mouth did the stone begin to glow brightly, engulfing everyone in its bright green glow.

Madam Alpha stood still, watching with an unfazed expression when the entire group disappeared in a bolt of light. The only sound that remained was that of the green stone falling onto the ground.

The unicorn frowned.


Everyone screamed once they landed hard on the ground. Those with wings didn't even have time to use theirs, given how quickly the environment dramatically shifted from Ma's home, to the docks of Republic City.

Everyone groaned as they stood up. Nova shook his head, "Oy, that packed a punch. Is everyone alright?”

“Ugh. Why do my insides feel like they’ve been moved around?” Flash said as he gripped his sides.

“That’s just a side effect, mate.” Mekarm replied. “There’s also dizziness, vomiting…”

The sound of vomiting was heard as the team turned to see Spike throwing up in a nearby trash can.


“Since when did we have two suns?” said Bolin, looking up at the sky, right before passing out again.

“And my least favorite…”

“Fine feel I.” said Mako only to close his mouth in shock. His wife and daughter both gasped.

“Backwards speaking.”

“Me to happened what?!” Mako exclaimed, only to cover his mouth again. Korra an Iris tried not to laugh, but it was futile.

“Me Why?”

“Don’t worry, it'll wear off in a few minutes.”

Asami helped her husband back up, once he had fully regained his composure. The woman looked around the area. To her surprise, the sun was already glistening over the vast sea. Air Temple Island and Aang Memorial Island weren't too far off.

"We're back in Republic City?" she asked in confusion. "We're right back where we started!"

"So, the sword is somewhere in the city?" Rarity asked.

Rainbow Dash groaned loudly, weeping in despair. "Are you kidding me?! We traveled all the way to a muddy swamp to find a ding-dang sword, which turned out wasn't in the swamp but is actually in the city?! It'll take forever to find it! And it was here, somebody would have found it by now!"

"I don't think it is in the city, Rainbow." Twilight said, "Remember what Ma said;

Reflections of gold

Story to be told

Turn back the clock

A skill you unlock

An eternal dance

From a single glance

One date

Was your child's sealed fate."

“Reflections of gold?” Nova questioned.

“Turn back the clock?” Chi questioned.

Rainbow Dash groaned once more. “Gah! Why does everything need to be prophesied?”

“I've been saying that for years.” Spike muttered, folding his arms.

"She said the answer is in the prophecy." Korra said, "The first half says "Reflections of Gold". What could that mean?"

The team pondered on the first words and tried to think of where or what had reflections of gold. Some faces began to lit up, but quickly frowned when they realized that their answer probably wouldn't fit. Before Twilight could even say the three words she dreaded to say, a golden light caught her attention in the corner of her eye. She turned around and went over to the waterfront, looking at the source of the light, which reflected in the water. Instantly the pieces began to fall into place.

"Guys, I think I got it!" she called out, pointing her fingers at the reflection in the water.

"Twilight, that's just the pro-bending arena." Flash said, only for his eyes to widen in realization, "Which happens to have gold coloring…The prophesy's talking about the pro-bending arena!"

“Exactly! It's also where us and Korra firt met Mako and Bolin. “Turn back the clock" indicates the past!”

It was then Korra and Mako were catching on what she was saying. “Of course…” said Korra. “A single glance…"

“One date...” Mako continued.

“Was your child’s sealed fate!” they said in unison as they both looked down at Iris. Of course, A single glance, one dance indicated when the two first met, which sealed the fate of when their daughter would be born….Iris.

"It's talking about the day we met!" Mako concluded.

"The sword's hidden somewhere in the arena!"

“And to think it was right under our noses this entire time!” Asami exclaimed.

“Ronin’s got nothing on us now!” Rainbow Dash said as she fist-bumped Applejack.

“Up high, girls!” said Chi as she, Iris and Akari gave each other a high-five.


The group landed in front of the arena, which was already closed for the day. Pro-bending season had yet to begin, so there haven't been any games recently. And after the day of Harmony, the owner had closed the arena for clean up.

Thankfully, Mako had a key that allowed them full entrance to the place. "Okay, so we know the sword is here." Nova began. "Question is, where is it hidden?"

"Let's split into teams and search." Korra said, “Me, Mako, Twilight, Flash and Leilani will look around the outside.” Korra said. Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack, check the arena, the bleachers and the lockers. Asami, Bolin, Mekarm and Spike check the attic. Nova, Sunset and Chi look in the gym.

"What about us, Mom?" Iris asked.

"Yeah, we want to help!" Akari said eagerly.

Korra and Twilight looked at each other with concerned expressions before making up their minds. "Okay, you guys can search the gym with uncle Bolin and aunt Asami. Help them look."

The two princesses gave their mothers a salute, "You got it!" they said in unison and the entire group split apart to search the large arena.

Bolin led his team to the attic, which had been rearranged to look like…an actual attic. His and Mako's beds were gone, as was the kitchen. Bolin blinked. "Wow. Toza's really changed up the place."

He climbed out of the hatch door, helping his wife, the diamond dog and his two nieces and dragon upwards. They didn't waste a second and started searching. Mekarm used his keen sense of smell to help locate the blade. As they rummaged through the materials, Asami stopped in her tracks and cringed when he found an old equalist mask."

"Some things should just stay buried." she said, tossing the mask to the side. As they searched, they were completely unaware of the shadowy figure that watched them from the window before disappearing into the night.


Mako and Korra were walking around the the waterfront hoping if they could find some clue as to where the sword was.They searched the left front half of the arena, while Twilight, Flash and Leilani searched the right. Unfortunately, they didn't find anything.

"Anything?" Mako asked.

Korra shook her head, "No. Gah, this is gonna be harder than I thought.”

“Don't worry.” Mako said, grabbing her hand. “We’ll find it. I’ll check out over by the gazebo.”

“And I’ll check the back entrance.” She said before giving him a kiss and walked away. While she went to the other way, Mako walked over to a small gazebo location at the edge of the dock. He walked inside and leaned onto the post, deep in thought.

“Now If I were a cranky old unicorn, where would I hide a evil sword?” He said to himself. His eyes caught a glimpse of the setting sun that was just touching the bay. Even after all these years, it was still a beautiful sight to behold, especially with the portal of Equestria rising from the ocean. For a moment, it seems that everything that was happening in his mind just suddenly vanished. As if he went back in time to that day. The day that changed his and his future wife’s life forever.

“Stroll down memory lane?”

Mako quickly turned around to the source of the voice and saw it was just Korra leaning against the beam of the entrance.

“Korra? I thought you were looking around the back?”

“I was.But, Twilight was already on it, so I decided to help you out.” She said before walking over but something about her walk seemed...different. He noticed that she was swaying her hips a bit. She came up and rested her arms on the ledge. She looked over at Mako and gave a soft laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"I just find it kind off odd. Why would Madam Alpha hide the sword in the place where we first met?"

"Your guess is as good as mine." he said, though for some reason, being near Korra was making him feel a tad uneasy. Which was extremely rare, and unlikely.

"Are you okay?" Korra asked, her voice soft and loving, "You seem kind of, tense." she said, slowly sliding her hand to his shoulder.

"I'm fine. Let's go and find the blade." he said, taking a step forward, only to be stopped by Korra who gripped his arm.

"What's the rush?"

"Korra, we're looking for the Twilight Blade, remember? Before Ronin finds it."

"I know, I know. But, it wouldn't hurt to reenact the past for a little while, right?" she stepped closer. A bit…too close. In a very seductive manner, she traced her fingers through his hair. A manner that she always did during their alone times, but for the first time, Mako continuously felt that lingering uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“Korra? Are you alright?” Mako asked suspiciously. "This isn't like you."

“I’m fine.” she said. “I'm just trying to brighten up the situation a bit but you act like you're trying to ignore me.” the Avatar wrapped one arm around Mako's shoulder, while tracing circles around his chest with her free hand. Normally, he would have found these things attractive, but now they just felt wrong. Especially given the situation they were in. It wasn't new for Korra to flirt with him, but she would never do so during a time like this.

He forcibly gripped her wrist, narrowing his eyes. "Korra, now's not the time for this. We need to find that sword before Ronin does.”

"And we will. We can kill a few minutes."

"Korra, that's not-" before he could finish, she placed a finger over his lips.

Her voice got more lower and a bit more seductive. As she came in closer, Mako noticed her eyes. “Don’t talk. Just let me do the rest…” she whispered, leaning in for a kiss. Mako partly closed his eyes, leaning in as well, placing his hand behind her hair as if to caress it.

Korra let out an angry yell once she felt Mako yank on her hair, pulling her back and twisted her arm before pinning her to the pillar. She let out an angry growl as Mako kept her still.

"Who are you?!" he demanded to know, "Where is my wife?!"

“Mako!” a familiar voice called out. Korra had appeared just in time to see Mako holding a woman's arm and yanking her hair while pinning her against the pillar as if she were a criminal. Mako became distracted upon seeing his real wife before him, that the double he was holding had suddenly vanished in a puff of black smoke.

Mako quickly ran towards, Korra, wrapping his arms around her in relief. "Korra! It's really you."

"Yeah, it's me. What's going on?" she asked, right before the black smoke spiraled before them, taking on the form of a woman with wings on her back. Her eyes were closed and she wore a smug grin on her face. Once she opened her eyes, rather than being a radiant blue color, they were instead red as blood.

Korra gasped, memories of her Avatar state double from her nightmares returned. Her hands trembled. "What are you?"

The look-alike placed her hand over her heart, "Why, Korra, don't you recognize me?" she said in sadness, which sounded obviously fake from their point of view. Korra and Mako narrowed their eyes at the impostor. She chuckled, "Of course you don't."

Korra studied the copy, noticing that while she did resemble Korra in every single way (minus her eyes), she noticed that her coloring was a few shades darker in comparison to Korra's, even in the golden light of the arena. It was then, Korra willed herself to look at her feet. She noticed that her shadow was outstretched, reaching all the way towards the copy.

"You're…you're my shadow!" Korra stated, her eyes wide in terror.

"Bravo, you figured it out." the shadow clapped slowly. "But, I really don't like the sound of that. "Korra's Shadow", kind of sounds a bit…unoriginal. How's about you call me…Nyx."

Korra's own shadow spread open her wings. Unlike Korra's, which's feathers were dipped with blue colors, the copy's were of various shades of red. Even the rest of her outfit started to change into various shades of red. Her dark brown hair turned as black as tar. The star on her forehead was red, as was the cutie mark symbol on her cheek, resembling more of Vaatu's coloring, and resembling his markings as well.

With a wave of her hand, the two suddenly felt something grab their legs. Before long, the two were trapped by gluons of black smoke. Despite the fact that it was air, it still made the two felt as if they were being strangled by a pythonaconda.

Korra attempted to cast a spell, but was blocked due to the dark cloud that wrapped around her forehead. "How is this possible?" Korra asked, struggling to break free

"How else?" the copy replied smugly, "While you guys were looking for that old prune, Shade was able to steal part of your shadow. Ronin added in his own magic and, Ta-da! Here I am." she slowly walked towards the couple.

"Let us go!" Mako demanded.

The shadow Korra only laughed at the two. "What's the matter, darling?" she said, caressing Mako's face while he clenched his teeth and pulled away. "You used to love it when I got feisty."

"Get away from him!" the real Korra demanded, almost like an angry bark.

"Oh, don't be jealous." the shadow Korra said, "Technically, he's my husband too."

"You will release us right now or I'll--"

"You'll what?" the shadow taunted. "Incinerate me? Splatter me with a rock? Ha! You don't have the guts." Nyx came in close to Korra, gripping her neck as if to chock her. "You never had the guts to finish the job, and you know it." the real Korra gulped down hard, not out of fear, but out of having her hand gripping her throat. "Remember that night you broke into City Hall to demand Tarlokk release your friends? You had him outmatched. He was crawling on the floor, and you with your flames in hand ready to end him." Nyx wore a sadistic smile the entire time, only to then frown in disappointment. "But you stopped. Even if Tarlokk hadn't bloodbended you right then and there, you still would have stopped midway."

The grip on Korra's throat loosened, but the Avatar remained unfazed. The shadow was right. She remembered that moment where she had Tarlokk cornered, ready to finish the job. But, even though it came only a second before she felt Tarlokk bloodbend her into submission, Korra's flames diminished. Even if her body wasn't under his control, Tarlokk still would have come out alive. Korra was never going to harm him. Something inside of her overtook her instincts, overlapping her anger. She wasn't going to kill Tarlokk then, she never killed anyone else after that. She couldn't, and wouldn't. It happened to quick that she hard completely forgotten it after she was captured. Only when she relived it did she understand what had happened. It wasn't Tarlokk's bloodbending that would have saved him that night, but simply Korra's true non murderous nature.

Nyx rolled her eyes as she released Korra's throat, allowing her to inhale properly. "You knew it even then. You don't have a single murderous bone in your body. You could have been the most powerful Avatar in the world. Unlike Aang, you had greater strength. You had ambition. You had that burning inferno!…but it was overshadowed by "that goody-goody magic side"." Nyx said in a high pitched voice to mock her. "Such a waste! But now, thanks to Ronin, there will be a new Avatar in town. One that will rule this sickeningly sweet world of yours the way it should be run!--AH!"

Nyx stumbled back, when a powerful blast of magenta colored flames struck her arm, causing it to turn black before healing itself. Korra and Mako were freed instantly, and Twilight, Flash and Leilani landed beside them. Flash Sentry pulled out his katana sword, the light of the arena reflecting off of the metallic surface.

Nyx regenerated her arm, and laughed wickedly. "Twily, Flash-boy, Lani. So glad you could make it."

"Who are you?" Leilani demanded to know.

"Nyx." she replied, once two black colored flames appeared on both of her palms. A.k.a: The one's who's about to make you wish you've never been born!"


Rainbow Dash groaned after having inspected the last bleacher. The rest of the Mane Six had been searching every nook and cranny in the arena. Rainbow and Fluttershy even inspected the chandelier high up above the ring, but found nothing.

Rainbow Dash flew downwards to the pool under the ring, cupping her hands around her mouth. "Found anything?"

Pinkie Pie dove up to the surface, complete with scuba gear, shaking her head. "Nope!"

They all gathered at the lockers, where Rarity had been searching in alongside Applejack. "Well, we found some pocket lint, dirty socks and an empty can of hairspray, but no sword." Applejack said.

Just then, Asami, Bolin, Spike, Mekarm, Iris and Akari entered the locker room. "Any luck?" Asami asked.

Rarity sadly shook her head. "I'm afraid not. We've searched every last bit of this place."

"I'm guessing you guys didn't have much luck either?" Fluttershy said sadly.

Bolin shook his head in regret. "Nope. You'd think a magical sword would be easy to find."

"Unless Madam Alpha disguised it." Asami said.

"Not a chance." Mekarm said. "She may be a tough teacher, but she's not unfair."

Another presence appeared at the door. Iris quickly spun around, smiling happily. "Mom!"

"Hey, honey." Korra greeted happily. "What's going on?"

"We still haven't found the sword." Mekarm said in regret. "Sorry, your highness."

"Oh, don't worry about it." Korra said, waving her hand causally as if it really didn't matter.

Mekarn arched an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Really. Besides…it's not like you're gonna live long enough to actually see it." Korra's voice suddenly turned cold and harsh, and her blue eyes suddenly turned red in color.

Iris gasped and stepped back. "You're not my mom!"

"'Fraid not, little one." the shadow Korra smiled wickedly and commanded the black clouds to reach out for the others. They wrapped around the entire group, tossing them all towards the arena. The entire group grunted from the impact. The shadow Korra reappeared before them, followed by several more.

"What is going on?!" Rainbow asked in disbelief. "Who are you? What have you done with Korra?"

"She's busy at the moment." one of the copies replied, "In the meantime, how's about we play a little game? For old time's sake." she tilted her head to the two young princesses, who were being shielded by Mekarm. "Oh, but we can't have children here, that'd be dangerous." she said, pretending to sound sincere. Nyx rose her hand, levitating the two princesses upwards, a red aura surrounding them as they struggled to break free. "Sorry, kiddies. Nap time for you."

"Not a chance, lady!" Akari exclaimed, blasting a ray of magic from her horn, directly at Nyx's forehead. The shadow screamed in pain, gripping her forehead and the children were immediately freed.

"Girls, get out of here!" Rarity ordered, "Find your parents! Go!"

The two girl complied, and Akari teleported themselves away. Nyx growled in anger as her injured forehead was instantly healed. "I'll deal with those little brats latter. After I'm done with you losers."

Rarity's horn glowed brightly. "I refuse to be bested by some cheap knockoff!"

"Bring it." Nyx replied, outstretching her hand, commanding her copies to attack the group. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy hurled their wind attacks, while Rainbow Dash threw her blasts of fire. She and several of the copies took to the air, the pegasus punching and kicking at the copies, who kicked and punched in return.

Bolin used the earth disks available to strike the copies, who proved they too could bend the earth around them. "They can bend too?!"

"Apparently!" Asami replied, leaping forward to electrocute one with her glove. The copy cried out in pain at the impact, her wing having been hit. Asami landed, seeing that part of her wing turned entirely black, almost as if black paint had been spilled all over it. In an instant, it regenerated and the copy stood up once more, as if nothing happened.

Asami gasped and the copy attacked her again, the two now in hand to hand combat while Rarity bended the water from the arena to try and freeze the copies. Once took the unicorn's water, froze it and hurled it at Rarity, who somersaulted out of the way in the nick of time. One of the shadow copies grabbed Asami by the ankles, dangling her upside down. A black flame appeared in her hand, only for her to be electrocuted from behind, prompting her to release Asami.

Mekarm had his mechanical arm raised, the green stone on his mechanical palm glowing bright and streams of electricity coursed on the surface of the metal. Asami stared in wide in surprise as the diamond dog assisted her up with his real paw. "Hope you don't mind, Madam Alpha took some ideas from your design."

"Hey, whatever helps." said the Sato right before getting back to fighting the shadowlings.


Meanwhile, Akari and Iris had been teleported to the corridor. Both holding tightly to one another. Their first instinct was to run and seek help. The two girls ran across the corridor, only to stop at the gym, where Nova, Sunset and Chi had been searching for the swords.

"Girls, what's going on?" Sunset asked.

"It's the shadowlings!" Iris exclaimed, "They're here for the sword!"

Chi heard something creeping up from behind her. The wisp screamed, and on instinct, Sunset Shimmer sent a blast of fire at whatever it was that appeared behind her. Chi rushed towards Nova, gripping his arm, while the dark cloud manifested itself into a copy of the Avatar.


"Eh, not quite." Nyx gave a wicked smirk, sending blasts of dark colored flames at the unicorn. Everyone else stepped away from the blast. Nova did a backflip before pulling his sword out. Iris and Akari held their ground, seeing more of the Nyx copies manifesting around them. Their sadistic laughter echoed within the confined walls of the gym, even more so once the doors had closed, trapping them inside. Chi changed into her fox form, growling in anger at the shadows.

"Don't worry, this won't last long." the Nyxs all said in unison.

Nova's eyes narrowed as he charged at one of the shadowlings, slicing his sword at it. The copies only laughed like mischievous little children. Chi charged at the shadowlings, sinking her teeth into their skin and or wings. The shadows screeched in pain, only to completely re-manifest again.

Iris was paralyzed with fear. For some reason, seeing all of these dark copies of her mother left her feeling torn. She knew they weren't her actual mother, but still, hearing her exact same voice and seeing her exact same face and using the exact same powers on her friends was jarring to see.

Akari dragged Iris behind a few boxes, a stern look on her face. Her instinct was to protect her friend, no matter what. The girls screamed when a shadowlings appeared behind them. "Found you." she taunted, with two pointed shards of ice in hand, ready to end their short lives right then and there. The next thing she knew, a long blue arm wrapped around and threw her into wall, disappearing in a black smoke. The two princesses hugged their wisp friend in gratitude.

The Shadowling manifested itself once more, only this time, Akari took charge and sent a blast of fire at her. The shadowlings chased after the alicorn princess, continuously throwing blasts of fire at the child, who returned the favor by blasting at her with her own blue colored fire, sparkled with magic around it.

Chi chased after the shadowing, biting on her leg and Iris, seeing her friends in danger, acted as well. She was tired of always hiding and being afraid throughout this entire thing. This time, she was ready to face these monsters. After what Madam Alpha had told her, she realized she had no reason to fear her visions anymore. She came on this mission for a reason, and she was not going to run away now.

She flapped her wings and sent a bright yellow colored blast at the shadowing, who screeched in pain at the impact. Chi released her foot, landing on the ground. Iris panted in exhaustion, while Akari helped her to stand. She was still learning, so one attack drained her intensely.

One shadowing came up from behind Nova, only to be blasted away by Sunset's fire arc kick. Nova spun around, blinking in surprise at Sunset's fast reaction. "Nice shot." he complimented.

Sunset nodded in return, only to duck in cover when another shadowing came at her, gripping the back of her hair and tossing her across the room. She was rescued in mid air by Nova's magic while he simultaneously sliced the Shadowling, literally in half, turning it into a pile of black smoke which vaporized in a second. Once he stopped levitating Sunset, she landed feet first on the ground.


The Shadowlings growled in anger, and charged at the two. Chi shielded Akari and Iris. Nova and Sunset shared smug grins and charged at the shadowlings. Sunset fired some magic and flames at the beasts, while Nova continuously dodged incoming attacks and then countering them with his sword. Sunset's side was beginning to close in on her. Nova saw this and was about to help, but Sunset already opened her mouth and unleashed a blazing inferno at them, turning the Nyx’s into ashes. Nova was quite amazed by her attack. Nova said quite surprised.

Sunset created two fire daggers with her hands, slicing and dicing each shadowing that came at her, while Nova did the same with his sword. The two spun rapidly, shielding the other, while simultaneously destroying each shadow. Chi blasted at them with magic from her forehead, while Akari shot fire blasts, while holding a tired Iris close to her.

The two unicorns moved like like two bolts of yellow and blue lightning, it was difficult for the shadowlings to even keep up with them. Blasts of fire and magic shot in all directions, destroying every shadow in their wake until they had all dispersed. Sunset and Nova kept their defensive stances, not looking even the least bit exhausted. These two were fighters, that much was certain.


Nyx screeched in pain at another one of Leilani's blasts. Her and multiple copies had manifested, fighting against the rest of the group. Mako and Flash fought, back to back. Mako with his blasts of fire and Flash with his sword, which was more of a blur of silver in the eyes of the shadowlings.

Leilani, Korra and Twilight took to the skies, fighting the Nyx copies with punches, kicks and magical blasts. "They keep just showing up!" Twilight exclaimed right before punching one shadowing in the face. "We can't keep this up forever!"

It was then, Leilani connected the dots. "That's it. They're trying to keep us occupied so we won't be able to find the sword!" she turned to the Avatar, who had just sucker punched a copy of herself. "Korra, we'll hold them off you go and get the sword!"

"How? I don't even know where it is!" Korra replied, only to be sent flying downwards due to a blast from Nyx. Twilight and Leilani were also hit and fell to the ground. Mako and Flash were kicked hard and they too had fallen. Korra's body slid across the floor, reaching the side of the gazebo. She could hear Nyx's laughter from behind. Korra groaned in pain from the impact.

"Look at this. The mighty Princess Avatar, dead on the floor. Well, not dead yet." Nyx held her hand up, only to be knocked down by Twilight, who pinned her down, sitting on top of her back. Nyx growled and grabbled Twilight's arm, pinning her down instead, chocking her neck. Nyx smiled maliciously at the alicorn struggling to breath, only to suddenly gasp and turn into black mist when Flash pierced her with his sword. Twilight inhaled deeply as Flash helped his wife back up, holding her tight.

Korra's eyes fluttered open as she came to. Her eyes darted to the waters bellow her, noticing that while she could see the reflection of her loved ones, she could not see Nyx's. The star on her forehead glowed once Mako walked up to her, helping his wife to her feet, but her eyes were still aimed at the water. As her star glowed, something beneath the water seemed to shimmer. Pressing her hand onto the side of the gazebo, she felt a course of energy go through her body. In her mind's eye, she saw a stone deep underwater….with a sword stuck to it.

Korra gasped. "The sword." she whispered to her husband, "I know where it is. Keep them distracted."

Mako complied, but watched in confusion as Korra dove deep under water. The Avatar swam, using her wings to push her forward faster while a blue aura surrounded her, allowing her to breath while underwater. She reached to the very bottom of the ocean floor, right underneath where the gazebo stood. She smiled upon seeing what she had anticipated.

"The Twilight Blade. It's here!"


Sunset and Nova were already getting tired with so many shadowlings appearing one after another. The army stood before them, ready to unleashing a converge attack on the two. Sunset grunted, flames in hand at the ready, only to be stopped when Nova placed his arm in her path.

"Step back." he said.

"What? Why?"

"Just trust me."

Sunset hesitantly complied and took a couple steps back. Nova held his sword behind him and began to channel his power into the blade. The Nyxs unleashed their attack, only for Nova to pull out his sword, creating a shield which blocked everyone else form the attack. The shadows gasped in horror and Nova let out an angry yell as he ran towards them. He did a devastating spin attack, turning every Nyx into mist. Once for sure they were destroyed, Nova stopped spinning and did a couple swings with his sword before placing it back in the scabbard. He turned towards Sunset who had an annoying look on her face. "What?" he asked.

"Showoff." she said with a scoff, which made Nova smirked. He did like a girl with a bit of sass. The moment was cut short however when the mist of the Nyx's suddenly began to form back and multiplied to even more.

Nova groaned in annoyance, "Aren't you guys tired of getting sliced already?!"

"Has spending time with these goody-goodies turned your brain to mush?" Nyx taunted. "You know shadows aren't easily defeated. How else to you think we were able to wage war on Equestria for so long?"

Nova, Sunset, Chi and the girls rallied together as more and more shadows surrounded them, laughing maniacally.


Twilight maneuvered each punch from the Nyx copy before kicking her square in the jaw. Leilani punched several in the stomach as well as yank on the hair of one, spun her around, colliding her with several others and tossing them over her shoulder all the way to the tower of the building, where they evaporated into mist.

Mako and Flash stood side by side as more shadows surrounded them. There was no use, no matter how many times they fought they just kept on coming. Suddenly, the waters began to glow brightly. Everyone turned their attention to the ocean, where a sparkling vortex of water appeared and up surfaced Korra, her wings spread open, droplets of water flying off. In her hand, was none other than the weapon they had been searching for.

The shadows gasped in horror, merging as one Nyx once more. "No! It can't be!"

Korra rose the sword up high, creating a powerful light that illuminated the sky. From inside the arena, where the rest of the group was fighting the shadowlings, they saw the light. The Elements of Harmony manifested on the chest of the ponies. The shadows screeched in terror, shielding their eyes from the bright light and disappeared in black mist.

"They did it!" Spike exclaimed, jumping in victory. "They found the sword!"


The same light appeared on the window of the gym. The shadows shielded their eyes, evaporating into nothing but black mist. Akari, Iris and Chi, who reverted back to her wisp form, all cheered happily. Nova smiled in relief. He knew only one with a pure heart could make the sword glow that brightly. His relief expression quickly changed into one of surprise when Sunset wrapped her arms around him, hugging the stallion. He literally dropped his sword in surprise, his heart beat fast against his chest.

Realizing her impulsive reaction, Sunset quickly ended the hug, her cheeks burning red, merging with the red of her cutie mark, and stepped back, shyly tugging on her over the shoulder braid.

"Um, sorry." she said, "Spending a lot of time with Team Avatar makes you a hugger."

Nova didn't say anything, but instead smiled. Chi, Akari and Iris swooned at the scene. The moment, unfortunately, as interrupted when a blast of red magic struck Sunset, sending her across the room, colliding with several boxes.

"Sunset!" Nova called out, reaching out for her, only to be stopped by a blazing red sword to the throat. A dark creature surround Chi and the two princesses. Shade blocked their path, his jaws snapping. Chi changed into her human form, only to suddenly have a red collar appear around her neck, preventing her from changing back or using her magic. Akari and Iris also noticed the same collars around their own necks.

The same one was now on Nova as well as he helplessly watched Sunset struggled to stand back up. Kage laughed at the yellow unicorn, who narrowed her eyes at him. "Sorry to disappoint you, gorgeous. But your boyfriend's coming with me."

In a flash of red, Kage and Shade disappeared, along with Nova's sword, leaving Sunset alone in the now empty gym. She quickly got on her feet and ran outside.


The light diminished once Korra landed on the ground. Twilight, Leilani, Mako and Flash rallied behind her, facing Nyx. The rest of Team Avatar hurried outside, smiling with relief and unimaginable joy upon seeing Korra with the sword. Nyx stepped back, growling in anger. She closed her eyes, clenching her fists. A small smile formed across her lips and she opened her eyes again.

"Okay, you got the sword, yippee for you. Now, how's about we just let bygones be bygones and hand it over."

Korra laughed, "You know, for my shadow, you really don't know me all that well." her eyes narrowed in determination as she held the sword over her head. "Once I destroy this sword, Ronin will never rule Equestria, or any world!"

"Oh, I'm sure you'll reconsider. Oh, Kaaaaage!" Nyx called out in a sing-song tone. In a flash of red, the red unicorn appeared, holding Nova hostage, while Shade, who was now in the form of a black skinned human with red eyes, spiky black hair and wearing a long black jacket with red outlines, black pants and boots, holding Chi, Iris and Akari with his long rusted chain. The three squirmed like anxious puppies.

Korra and Mako gasped, as did Twilight and Flash upon seeing their children held captive. Sunset's eyes shimmered sadly upon seeing Nova so helpless now. His eyes still carried that fire and ambition, but she also saw traces of fear.

Nyx laughed wickedly. "Unless you want these little cuties, and Nova, thrown into the ocean to drown, you'll hand over the sword."

Korra looked at her children, and then down at the blade. There really was no reason to choose. The answer was clear. "How do I know you won't hurt them even after I give you the sword?" she asked. Nyx's eyes widened. "Answer: You won't! You claim to be my shadow, so I know that you're bluffing. You want the sword but you will still hurt them even if I comply. So, how about this: I break this sword, you go right back to where you came from, and Ronin goes back to living under a rock like the coward he is! Anybody got a problem with it?" she asked the rest of her friends and family, who all shook their heads, saying they had no issue with it whatsoever. Even Nova was smiling victoriously right now. Kage was beginning to sweat, which was a bonus.

"The polls are in." Korra said, holding the sword upwards, using all of her magic to make it shine brighter.

Nyx trembled. "What's happening?!"

"Her light magic if canceling out the dark magic of the sword." Nova said, still smiling. "It's going to overload and the Twilight Blade will finally cease to exist!"


Ronin could feel his precious weapon breaking apart at the seems. His connection to it was severing. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"


Everyone shielded their eyes from the powerful blast. This was it. After everything they had gone through just to find the sword, it was finally going to be over.

Once the light diminished, everyone opened their eyes, smiling in relief, expecting to see the sword shattered into a million pieces…unfortunately, their smiles immediately morphed into gasps of terror and confusion.

Korra panted from exhaustion, down on one knee…the sword still in tact in her hand.

"Wha--what happened?!" Twilight asked. "Why didn't it work?!"

Korra's eyes shimmered, as if tears would shed. "It's…it's not me." she said. She had used all of her positive magic on that blade, but even with all of her efforts, it didn't break.

Nova shook his head, "No. It can't be. Ma's visions are never wrong, you have to again! Korra, try again!" he pleaded, which was odd to hear coming from him.

"I can't." Korra said, now fully on her knees.

Nyx's smug smile returned and she laughed. "Well, this has got to be really embarrassing for you. Don't feel so bad, it's not the first time you've failed." she taunted. Mako and Twilight helped Korra back to her feet, and everybody else got into a fighting stance, ready to fight. Nyx snapped her fingers and Shade hurried to the docks, holding the girls and the wisp in mid air, over the ocean.

"One move and the kids sleep with the fishes. Those collars cancel out their magic, and when under water…are extremely heavy." her words struck fear at the hearts of the parents. "So, how's about you give us the sword, hm?"

Korra narrowed her eyes. "I know you won't stay true to your word."

"Okay, it's their funeral." Nyx nodded to Shade, who let the chain drop several inches. The girls screamed in terror and Korra stepped forward.

"Wait!" the Avatar called out desperate. "Alright, I'll give you the sword, just please let them go!"

"Wise choice."

Korra knew it was a bad idea to give her the sword, but she couldn't risk the life of her daughter, or Twilight's or even Nova’s own sister. Her hand trembled as she offered the sword. Nobody even tried to stop her. Nova struggled to break free. Nyx was only moments away from the sword, but Korra suddenly reeled back.



"You'll throw my kids either way! You don't care about a proper trade, you just want me to suffer!"

Nyx rolled her eyes, "Yesh, you're so dramatic." it was then, she heard a voice whispering in her ear. The shadow scoffed. "Okay, it's your lucky day. The boss just agreed to your terms. Tomorrow, at sundown. The sword for your kids. Sounds fair?"

Korra looked at everyone else. They were just as torn as Korra was. If she gave them the sword, it would be bad, if she didn't it would also be bad. It was a loose, loose situation. At least, this way, they could coordinate a plan. Why Ronin would suddenly agree to this was odd, no doubt part of an even greeted elaborate plan, but if there was any chance of saving the kids and their friends, Korra was taking it.

Nyx stopped her from answering by raising a finger. "Ah, ah. I know what you're thinking. Well, not really but I can feel your emotions. Don't even think about backstabbing me. Or else…"

Korra lowered her gaze. "Fine. I'll agree to the trade, and I won't do anything to double cross you."

"Do you promise?"

Pinkie Pie gasped, "Korra, don't say it!"

The Avatar gulped, "Cross my heart…"


"Hope to die…."


"Stick a cupcake in my eye."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Pinkie got down on her knees, sobbing uncontrollably. She knew once Korra made a promise, she never broke it. Her shadow knew that. She could sense Korra's emotions, she knew she wasn't going to try anything whatsoever.

Nyx chuckled, "Oh, Korra. We could have been an unstoppable force. But, you had to give in to "love", blech! Alright. You've got yourself a deal. We'll do the exchange tomorrow, at sundown by the southern spirit portal. The place where your glorious little unified world began…and where you'll see it all end."

With that, Nyx, Kage and Shade disappeared in a cloud of dark smoke…taking Nova, Chi, Akari and Iris with them. Their parents could hear their children calling out for them, but it was too late. They were gone. The last thing Nova saw was Sunset's heartbroken face.

Korra broke down into tears, getting on her knees, crying as she and her husband weeped, holding each other tightly. Twilight and Flash too held their friends. Many of the girls cried as well, even the boys. Mekarm removed his hat in respect, his dog ears lowering in sadness.

Leilani held the Twilight Blade, seeing her reflecting on its surface. Tears spilled from her eyes.


Nova, Chi and the princesses were tossed into a jail-cell, still with their collars on. "Enjoy your stay." Kage said as he slammed the cell door. "While it lasts." he laughed along with Nyx as they left their prisoners in the darkness. Shade did not show signs of any emotions as he stared at the prisoners. He simply let out a scoff and turned back to meet up with the others.

They headed to an old room, once of which had various old materials that were gathering dust everywhere. Stuff such as kai sticks, old unused electric gloves and several green goggles. In the center of the room was a dark shadowy figure. His entire body was a midnight blue, and his hair was white as now. He held his hands behind his back.

"I don't get it." Nyx spoke, "We had the sword right there, why did you tell us to give them time?"

"Patience, Nyx." the figure replied. "Korra may not have been able to break my sword, but that magic of hers has caused some serious damage. I won't be able to even touch the blade right now so long as I'm still in my current form."

"Besides, if you hadn't been so insistent of killing her kid we'd at least have it where they can't get it!" Kage complained, making the shadow version of the Avatar clench her fists, ready to punch him in the jaw right then and there.

"Oh, don't give me that! We both know if you had a chance to take away Nova's happiness for good you'd take it without question!"

"Spare me your petty jealousy."

"Look who's talking!"

"Enough!" the figure shouted, forcing the two to become silent. "It's not your fault, Nyx. You can't help your natural desires. Tell me, Korra will give us the sword to save her children?"

"Well, yeah, there's no doubt she won't even put up a fight if it meant saving her kid, but--"

"But about her friends, we have nothing to worry about. Trust me. Besides, this will give me plenty of time to catch up with my old friend." Ronin turned to face his lackeys, smiling wickedly as he revealed his face….

Which was looking more and more like Nova.