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The Little Pony Legend: Shadow of Ronin - MyEcho4

Seven years have passed since Balance of the Heart. Now the team must reunite to stop and ancient evil and save the day once again

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John 1:5 ∼

The Light shines in the darkness, and the

darkness did not comprehend it.









There have been many tales, many legends, that have been passed down for centuries. Tales of betrayal, revenge, forgiveness and mercy. One tells the story of two ponies, a human and a spirit who changed the fate of their worlds, both for the better and for the worst.

Another tale of a mare, driven by darkness and sent to the moon by her own sister. A tale of a young boy who ended a hundred year war with only his strength of will and the strength of his companions. Another story, probably the most important of all, is of how a single book began the catalyst of change for a young woman, six ponies, and a world on the verge of destruction.

However, the story in which you are about to hear took place not too long after the fierce battle with Vaatu, the first Avatar, Wan, and his companions, White and Leilani.

Once the spirit of darkness was imprisoned within the tree, Wan, Leilani and White escorted all of the ponies from the human world back to Equestria, in order to reconnect with their roots since their ancestors had pilgrimaged to the human world in order to escape the deadly blizzard of the Windigos.

Just as well, spirits returned to their home in the spirit world. All but one specific race of shapeshifting spirits. They had grown curious of the ponies, specifically unicorns because of their magic. They wanted to learn more of these abilities, the power to cast spells and control objects with your mind. It fascinated them.

After Wan, White and Leilani banished the sirens to a different realm with the assistance of Starswirl, they decided to close the gateway to their two worlds, in hopes no other creature from Equestria would come through. Still curious, and no doubt hungry for the power, the spirits disguised themselves as unicorns and ventured into Equestria. However, they were not prepared for what came after.

Once the worlds separated, so did the magic between their homes. The spirits were now forever trapped in their pony forms, unable to change and became half pony in the process due to the magic of Equestria, but kept their long lifespan. Since then, they studied magic with their new unicorn powers. The spirit ponies eventually settled down into the land, creating their own tribe in secret. They called themselves, the Sorcerers.

After years of isolation, the leader of the Sorcerers asked the alicorn rulers, White and Leilani, to allow his kind to live among the other pony races. The two happily agreed, especially Leilani, who was reminded of her spirit friends from her past. So, they agreed to allow their kind to live out of hiding, for the first time, becoming true friends with the Equestrian ponies rather than hoard their magic for themselves. They proved to be very skilled creatures with power unlike anything they had ever witnessed. Unfortunately, this also brought them great enemies as well as admirers.

Several ponies feared the Sorcerers, especially when many of them used their powers for personal gain. They proved to be even more skilled than a normal unicorn. One group of Sorcerers saw the fear in the ponies' eyes, and believed they deserved to be the dominant race, deifying their leader's philosophy of friendship and trust. A group of Sorcerers formed their own rebel group and waved war on innocent villages, which in turn caused many in Equestria to turn on them as well. The ponies tried getting the alicorns to get rid of the Sorcerers, but the King and Queen remained neutral. They strongly believed there could be a better way for peace among them.

One day, the tribe leader left to speak with the alicorns to discuss a peaceful way to settle this, since his rebellious subjects now refused to listen to him. But when he returned...his village had been destroyed. The royal Canterlot guard had ambushed the land, not leaving anyone to stray, against the wishes of the royal family. This was a devastating moment in history, one many wished they could forget. The alicorns did not wish for their land to begin anew this way. The Sorcerers were gone, and the tribal leader had disappeared, never to be seen again.

The alicorns took drastic action. Leilani did not wish for her subjects to remember such events, so the truth of the Sorcerers' destruction was kept secret by imprisoning the guards who had betrayed her trust, doomed to work the rest of their lives in the Canterlot mines. As for the Sorcerers themselves, Leilani hesitantly destroyed any record of them. It was not because she wished to forget, but because she refused to allow these people to be forever remembered in such a dark way. Instead, she altered the truth, erasing all evidence of the war and only wrote good things about the Sorcerers' and that their destruction was due to catastrophic earthquake rather than a war. She hated lying, but refused to allow Equestria to remember these ponies as monsters and the cause of so many deaths. She swore one day she would restore their good name.

However, one Sorcerer did manage to survive. His heart had become darkened with anger towards the alicorns, so much so that he kept himself hidden away from the rest of the world, traveling Equestria. Alone and friendless.

Several years after the war, and all in Equestria was returning to normal. Until a dark creature named Ronin, made entirely out of shadow, wielding a powerful sword, he led an entire army of shadowlings to attack Equestria. The last Sorcerer returned in order to help Leilani and White in imprisoning the creature. With their combined magic, Ronin was imprisoned inside a n enchanted mirror, protected by the light of Raava, never to be seen again. And neither was the last Sorcerer never seen again.

For centuries, Ronin lived imprisoned inside the mirror, day by day loosing hope that he would ever break free and finish what he started…

Or so he thought.



The alicorn princess was thrown to the ground and laid down unconscious. The girls' concentration broke. The rainbow aura disappeared.


Unalaq then water-bended the snow beneath, rising it upwards and the ponies were all thrown upwards, landing hard on the snow. Korra looked fiercely at her uncle and water-bended two water whips, controlling them with her arms and swinging them at Unalaq, who entered his Dark Avatar State. Unalaq then managed to take control of Korra's water whips, pulling her towards him. The two Avatars dragged themselves toward the center. Korra sneered at him, her eyes glowing pearl white.

The ponies all struggled to get up and help their friend as the ground beneath them started to shake, due to the powerful force of the Avatars. Then Unalaq's head began to crick to the sides, his mouth opened and out came a dark purple aura, it was Vaatu.

As the boys ran to the girls, they started to see the spirit of darkness before them. Korra opened her mouth to create fire and unleash it at Unalaq, but Vaatu took the chance and stuck his gooey tentacles onto Korra's face, entering her mouth. Korra could feel the energy being drained away as she slowly got down on her knees. Her eyes still glowed, but as Vaatu departed from her face, he took with him what appeared to be a bright light from her mouth. The spirit of Raava!

The ponies' Elements, feeling the pain Korra was going through at the sensation of having Raava being ripped right out of her. Once all of Raava's light was pulled out the girls collapsed onto the ground. Korra felt so weak, so defeated. As she laid on the snow, witnessing her uncle trap Raava into a water bubble, where Vaatu re-entered his body, he grinned viciously. The ponies tried to get up to help but were far too weak as well.

Vaatu finally had Raava in his grasp.


Meanwhile in Equestria, as everything was beginning to fade away, another abnormality was taking place, deep within the ground, so far down nobody would ever dare to look or even consider. Ronin, still trapped inside his mirror prison, began to take form. He shifted from a puff of black smoke into the form of a pitch black silhouette of a pony with bloody red eyes. He sensed the world changing around him, until he sensed something within the mirror.

He looked to the corner, seeing a small crack form on the side. He smiled wickedly.


Bolin spotted Raava in Unalaq's clutches, "He's got the light spirit!"

They then started to earth and firebend at Unalaq, but the Dark Avatar easily neutralized their attacks and send out a large ice spike, knocking Mako and Bolin, as well as Spike and Flash unconscious.

Twilight and the others managed to get up on their hooves but were still too weak to fight, but they none the less started to at least try to walk to Korra. Unalaq laughed at their efforts.

"You ponies are pathetic."

She was so close, the Avatar could feel the energy from her. just a little more, But before she could reach for her, Unalaq picked her up with the purple streams of water and with much fury, slammed her against a directed a strong blast of water at Raava. Korra and the ponies moaned in pain.


The mirror started to send off waves of energy, the small crack growing larger. Ronin became curious, but none the less his smile did not waver. Bit by bit, the mirror was cracking.


In their shared vision, the girl and ponies all witnesses Avatar Aang, and all of the past Avatars before him. But the moment they felt Unalaq hit Raava, the image of Aang disappeared in a patch of light. Twilight realized what this meant.

"No! Unalaq! Stop!"

Another crack appeared.

Unalaq strike Raava again, this time they saw Avatar Roku disappeared, making another crack in the glass. The following strike destroyed the vision of Avatar Kyoshi..

"Stop it!" Rainbow cried out in pain.

Another one appeared...

"You're destroying her!" Fluttershy also cried out.




Unalaq kept hitting Raava over and over. Korra weakly tried to get up, but another strike on Raava caused her to shrink in pain as her vision of Avatars Kuruk, Yangchen as well as others all disappeared the same way the previous did. Back at the Castle, more cracks started to appear over the glass. The next strike led to multiple rows of Avatars being destroyed.


With each hit, the mirror continued to crack, allowing his shadowy smoke figure to slowly sink out of the cracks. "Yes. Yes…" he hissed.


With each Avatar gone, one by one the ponies fell to their knees, unable to move. Korra couldn't do anything, the pain was too much.

Raava was becoming smaller and smaller with each hit. Unalaq bended out another stream of water, preparing to attack. Korra futilely tried to muster sufficient strength to reach Raava. But it was too late, Unalaq brought it down for the final blow...



The mirror shattered into millions of pieces, leaving nothing but shards of glass. As soon as the mirror was destroyed, a dark mist started to creep out from the shards. It traveled out from the ground, through the soil before merging together to form the shadowy creature, emerging from a desert-like plane.

"Freedom..." the mist said as he then started to feel energy he hasn't felt in a long time, but at the same time it felt different, more...powerful. The dark energy from Vaatu.

"This power…..it feels….familiar...but...different...I must have it!" he said and soon after, a darkish- purplish mist from the sky started to travel down to the shadow. The energy was so powerful. He could feel his strength coming back. Soon something started to form within and he rose up from the ground. His mist form manifested, taking on the shape of a pony, though his body was still black as night. A curved horn rested on his forehead and his mane bellowed in an nonexistent wind. His hooves had strands of hair coming from the ankles, and a long lion-like tail, the ends of which danced like flames.

"At long last...he said with an echo in his cold voice, he was almost complete. Just a little longer….


Korra/Pony ran forward and started punching UnaVaatu with all of their strength, the Dark Avatar didn't' stand a chance as the bright light weakened him. Korra/Pony stuck her hand right through his chest as they touched the ball of light. With much force, they pulled the light out, which then changed into the spirit of Light herself.


Just as fast as he got it, the dark energy was growing weaker and his strength was starting to extinguish. "What?!" he shouted as the streams of energy began to dissipate. A brilliant light shinned from the night sky, illuminating the once dim castle.

"What's Happening?!"









The girls all had glowing eyes or pure white. The very sight made UnaVaatu cry out in terror. "NO!"

The physical bodies of Korra and the ponies levitated within the Korra/Pony spirit body, as Korra spoke with one voice.

"Together, the Elements of Harmony posses a power beyond anything you can imagine. But it is a power you don't and will never have the ability to control."

UnaVaatu started to feel weak as he screamed in anguish while the girls glowed brighter. He could feel the darkness draining from him, being consumed by the light.

"A spirt of darkness may be inside of you Unalaq, but you can not win with him. Because you don't posses the most powerful magic of all…

"The Magic of friendship!"

Korra and the humanized ponies all held hands, froming a gigantic heart shape within their morphed spirit form.

"Here and in Equestria, it is the one magic that can truly unite us all."

UnaVaatu tried to shield himself from their power, but he knew it was futile. "What is happening? No, no, this can not be!"

Korra/Pony spirit began waterbending, creating streams of golden waters that encircled around UnaVaatu. His entire body began to glow bright, he could feel the light, the love, growing within. Its power was too strong for him to fight. He just couldn't fight it. He released one finale cry before his entire body began to disappear, dissolving into light particles that descended up into the spirit lights above.

UnaVaatu had been destroyed.


"No, NO!" shouted Ronin as the dark energy he was absorbing completely disappeared, being burned by the bright light. His body turned back into nothing more than a puff of smoke. He growled in anger. For one shinning moment, he had his power back, and now it was gone again.


Korra and the Mane Six held each other's hands, their eyes still glowing as they spoke in union. Their voices were powerful, strong.

Equestria, do not fear

Your magic shall flow, far and near

Seven hearts, unite as one

The new Era has Begun!

The Korra/Pony spirit form lifted up its hands up into the sky, shooting a rainbow light which created an interdimencional portal high above them. Once it did, the spirit lights around the globe suddenly gained rainbow-like colors, identical to the lights that emitted from the Crystal Empire. All around the world, people witnessed these lights, changing into bright colors that danced beautifully above their heads. They could feel the warmth and love they emitted.

In the spirit world, the same lights began to appear in the sky, spirits of all shapes and sizes witnessed the beautiful phenomenon. The light traveling all around, making the spirit world even brighter and more beautiful than ever before. Near the Tree of Time, the others witnessed the lights that encircled around them. Suddenly, Mako, Bolin, Spike, Eska and Desna's bodies started to glow as the dark spirits, one by one, returned to their normal brightly colored forms. They were free from the darkness.


"I don't believe it" said Mako as he looked down at the glowing aura around his body.

"This is incredible." Spike said.

Mako gasped, "Spike? I can hear you again!"

"It's amazing" Kya said in awe as she marveled at the beauty of the rainbow lights.

"I…I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life" said Eska also in aware.

"Nor have I." said Desna as he placed his hand over his heart, "What is this strange sensation I am feeling? It feels warm and…pleasant"

"That's the magic of friendship." Mako said smiling, "Korra and the ponies are sharing the magic of Equestria with everyone. This is the beginning of a new era. The Time of Great Change."

Meanwhile, in Equestria, the colors started coming back, everything started to physically change and resample more like Korra's world and ponies everywhere started to glow. Then, all of a sudden, ponies began to create wind currents and flames with their hooves, water and pieces of the earth obeyed their commands. For some reason, the ponies were not frightened by these new abilities. They felt natural, almost as if they had them their entire lives and now after so long, their gifts were finally unleashed. The gifts that showed how similar they were to humans.

From the Canterlot castle, Discord, Leilani Celestia and Luna also started to glow, their magic had returned, now stronger than ever before. Discord jumped with joy, "They did it! They did it!"

Leilani smiled proudly, "I knew they would." she removed her hood, revealing her lovely flowing magical mane as she embraced her daughters.


Ronin witnessed the lights dancing in the sky. He could feel the magic returning, burning his shadowy form. He cried out in pain as the colors returned, plants grew from all around him, and the world itself began to shift and change. The power was too strong, he wouldn't be able to fight it.

"I have to get out of here!" he said. He ran, the trail of light behind him, getting faster and faster. He spotted a cave nearby and quickly hid inside, but it was already too late. The light had already engulfed him.


At the South Pole, everyone was there to celebrate a new age and a new princess as well. Leilani, in her anthro form, was up on the balcony look over the now united Spirits, Humans, and Ponies. She thought she would never see something like this in her entire life. All three species, together united as one. A tear escaped her eye as she watched this wondrous sight before her.

"Father would be so proud" Said a voice. Turning around, she saw her daughters with smiles on each of their faces. Leilani responded with a smile of her own.

"If only he could see this." she said turning around "Imagine, Ponies, Spirits and Humans together again. I always thought that something like would never happen. Korra was right, it was wrong to close the portals. They should be united."

"And starting today, they will never be separated again." Celestia said.

Leilani turned around to look at her daughters before coming in for a hug. "I love you both, so much."

"We love you too, Mother." Luna said returning the hug along with Celestia. The hug continued for a bit longer until Leilani broke it.

"Alright let's not waste our tears right this instant," she said wiping her eyes "We have to save those for the coronation. Come along now." the queen led her daughters back inside.


As for Ronin, he remained inside the cave, panting in exhaustion. He saw how the world changed in front of him. Becoming a little more detailed, including himself.

He wasn't fast enough. He angrily stomped his hoof to the ground, feeling the pain of hitting a rock. His body was now solid, more detailed. He took on the shape of a unicorn pony, black as night with yellow eyes and purple mane and tail. He had no cutie mark but his horn was slightly curved. He was now in the form of a week defenseless pony. He still had his power, but that blast took a lot out of his already weakened state. But, now that he was free, he refused to give up.

He wobbled as he stood up on all fours, sneering as he looked up at the disgustingly beautiful sky. "Enjoy your victory, heroes. You have no idea what you have unleashed."


blueblur1992 presents

Based on the Nickelodeon and Hasbro show created by Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante Dimartino and Lauren Faust

Based on the fanfic series by MaggiesHeartLove and Atea1793


The Little Pony Legend: Shadow of Ronin


Author's Note:

And there you have it, the Prologue of Shadow of Ronin! Took me some time but I hope it came out good in the end! If you're a bit confused about this, then I should suggest you to read what happens before the events of SOR. Go check out MaggiesHeartLove’s Fanfiction page and get immersed in her fabulous stories, you might learn a thing or two ;).

Thank you for reading and R&R PEACE!!!!

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