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The Little Pony Legend: Shadow of Ronin - MyEcho4

Seven years have passed since Balance of the Heart. Now the team must reunite to stop and ancient evil and save the day once again

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The Past is not Today

The Past is not Today

Korra and the others exited through the portal, Nova's heart was pounding hard against his chest. He felt a bit lightheaded, not because he was, literally, brought back from the brink of death, but also because the idea of ever being with his kind again seemed more like an impossible dream.

But, there they were. Surrounded by changelings, airbenders, spirits and the alicorns. Ali, Mika and San rushed to hug their "little" sister, who giggled happily. Korra placed a hand on his shoulder and nodded to him silently.

Nova took a deep breath and took a tentative step forward, seeing a number of male and female unicorn anthro ponies, each with curved horns, and night-themed coloring. His brows furrowed a bit, for he knew that these were not the ponies he lost in the chaos that day. These were the very unicorns who hard helped ignite the fires of war that led to that event.

Every one of them got down on their knees, bowing their heads before Nova. He was startled but kept his composure as once spoke up. "Nova Nightshade. We are so, so sorry. We were foolish and we had caused much suffering, not only for Equestria, but for our own kind as well. Ronin promised us power, but instead he gave us slavery. For decades we have lived with that guilt. We will accept any punishment you see fit."

"Why do you assume I'm the one to choose your punishment?" Nova asked.

"Elder Yen Sid chose you as his apprentice. And, since Midnight is gone as well, and Kage had betrayed us long ago, that leaves you." said the unicorn. Nova gasped in shock. "You are the only one fit to become out new leader."

Nova looked over his shoulder. They weren't asking him to take their offer, they just encouraged him to speak to his fellow sorcerers. Even Chi nodded her head in encouragement.

Nova sighed and addressed to the unicorn, crunching down to his level. "First of all, I'm no leader. I can't be your leader because, I still have a lot to learn myself. In fact, I think the time has come for me to continue where I left off." he said as he helped the unicorn stand. This in turn encouraged the other ponies to rise up as well. "Let's not make the same mistake twice. Yen Sid has spoken to me. We are no longer the same ponies we were before. We will no longer live on our own, away from the other ponies. Instead, we will live alongside them. Our origins may have been from the spirit world, but we are also part of the world of Equestria. Just as every human and spirit since the Great Change. Let us write a new story for our people. Let's start by learning from the past, rather than try and wish what could have been."

The sorcerers cheered and applauded, leaping for joy, hugging one another. At long last, they were free. Free to start anew and choose a new path. Nova approached Leilani, his ears lowered in regret. "I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time. I know this was as hard for you as it was for me. Can you ever forgive me?"

The queen wrapped her arms around Nova, surprising him, yet he wholeheartedly accepted the hug. "There is nothing to forgive. I'm sorry I didn't try harder to prevent what happened. All I ever wanted was for you to have the life you deserved."

"Well…wish granted." Nova said after they parted. "Wait, where's Kage?" Nova asked. He heard the sound of struggle, only to see that Kage was restraint with handcuffs but Cadance and Shining Armor, his horn covered by a magical shield, courtesy of Starlight Glimmer, keeping him from performing magic. Nova stared at his old friend in regret.

"Iris? What's wrong?"

Akari's voice caused Nova to turn around, seeing the half human alicorn suddenly look disoriented and passed out right then and there. The last thing she saw was Nova rushing over to her, calling out her name.



Water circled around the princess, glowing brightly as she laid in bed. After passing out, everyone quickly rushed towards the palace, where Leilani tended to the child. Her parents were in the room beside her. She bended the water over Iris's head before placing it back into the vase.

"She'll be alright." the alicorn said. "Breaking the Twilight Blade took a lot of her magic. She's lucky she wasn't hurt. A powerful spell like that would have caused severe damage."

Korra and Mako gave worried looks as their daughter slept peacefully. "Leilani, could you give us a moment?"

The queen did not utter a word, but nodded in compliance. She left the room, allowing for the two parents to watch over their daughter. They still weren't entirely sure about how to feel about the discovery.

"So…that really happened." Mako said, fully aware of how naive he sounded just now.

"Yeah." Korra replied. Even she herself was unsure how to react to this. She couldn't fault Mako for his uncertain reaction.

"Is that even possible? I mean about her being….?"

"A few years ago, people would have said it wasn't possible. Then again, they would have said the same thing about magical talking ponies, but here we are."

"Korra, our daughter is the Avatar. There has never been two Avatars existing at the same time!"

"Shush, I know you're surprised but town it down a notch."

"Sorry." Mako said, lowering his tone a bit as Korra sat on the bed beside a sleeping Iris. "What will we tell her? How do we tell her? How will we tell everyone?"


Mako blinked, "Sorry, were we planning on keeping it a secret or something?"

"I don't know." Korra shook her head, "I honestly don't know."

Suddenly, from the open window, a familiar white and blue winged insect flew into the room. Her soft wings landing fluttered before landing on Korra's finger. Surprisingly, she carried what appeared to be some kind of yellow glowing marble.

Korra and Mako gasped once the butterfly studied flew up again, the yellow marble floated to her side, and in a soft light, the butterfly took on the form of a beautiful pale skinned woman with snow-white hair, blue markings on her face and a long kimono streaked with blue outlines. Beside her, was a man surrounded in a shimmering yellow aura. His hair was long and silky, black as night with a matching beard. His eyes were bright as flames, and he bore a crooked smile, which bared a striking resemblance to Korra's. His clothes were of an orange color, with a blue sash, green colored wristbands and brown sandals.

Korra was at a loss for words. Tears began to fill her eyes while Mako just stood there with wide eyes. His mouth agape. The Avatar rose from the bed, slowly approaching the glowing man.


The man smiled, opening his arms, encouraging Korra to hug him. "Hello, Korra."

The Avatar lunged forward, wrapping her arms around his torso, hugging him as if she had been reunited with a long lost brother. "I can't believe it! I thought I'd never see you again." she weeped in his shoulder.

Wan stroked the back of her hair. "I've always been around, Korra. We all have. All the past Avatars have always been with you. And we always will be."

"Why couldn't I talk to you when I tried? Every time I meditated I just couldn't find you."

"It's the same thing that happened when you connected with Aang after Tarlock imprisoned you. When you tried to medicate the way Tenzin did you couldn't reach us." Wan wiped away her tears. "Korra, you don't have to meditate or do anything fancy to talk to us. At least, you never had to. You have always been different from the rest of us. You were the one chosen to bring the worlds together again. You were more connected to your Equestrian magic than any other Avatar before you. The old age of the Avatar is over, because it was meant to restart again through you." he said as he caressed her cheek in a fatherly manner. "You haven't lost us, and you never will. Besides, you didn't need our old dated advice. You were doing a pretty good job on your own. If anything…you taught us more than we could ever teach you."

"So, it's true? Iris is…"

Wan nodded. "Yes. She's the next Avatar." he took Korra by the hand and led her to the child. Wan traced his fingers through her now loose hair, his thumb was over the star on her forehead. His entire body glowed brightly, as if he were healing her. "Her powers are strong. But, she's still young. The sword had caused her to active magic that wasn't supposed to be developed yet."

"What do you mean?" Mako asked.

"It means, she wasn't supposed to bend the elements yet. That aspect of her magic is still forming. All of that magic from the sword allowed her to bend the elements for a shot amount of time, revealing just how much power she has. But, without the sword's influence, everything is reverting back to how it should be. That's why she fainted. Her body is, I guess you could say, rebooting itself."

"So, she won't be able to bend the elements?" Korra asked.

"Well, not for a while, now. Most likely when she hits puberty. Though, after a blast like that, she won't remember that detail."

Korra looked down in regret, only to feel Wan lift up her chin, staring at her with warm eyes. "Hey, she's going to be okay. Don't worry."

"It's a lot to take in. I can only imagine what it would be like when she finds out." she took a step back, "When…everyone finds out."

Korra sat on the side of the bed, her mind deep in thought. Mako sat beside her, gripping her hand. "Korra? What are you thinking?"

"What would you like to do?" Raava asked.

"I…" Korra began. She paused for a moment before answering. "I regret discovering I was the Avatar at such a young age." she confessed. "I once thought it was amazing, but over the years it became everything to me. My identity, my reason for even existing, it was first and foremost in my life for way too long. It was what caused me to forget about Equestria and my real destiny."

"That wasn't your fault." Mako said, "The White Lotus placed a lot of pressure on you. Besides, even if you couldn't remember Equestria, that magic inside of you was still there, and you eventually found it again. Your life may not have started out as clear cut at first, but you eventually found your way. It's what made you the strong, incredible woman you are now. The woman I love."

Korra rested her head on his shoulder. "You're right, Mako. You're absolutely right. I shouldn't keep in wishing what might have been. But, I don't want the same to happen to Iris. She deserves to have her own story, not a repeat of mine."

"What do you want to do?" Mako asked.

"People have been asking me what will become of the Avatar legacy once I'm gone. Whether or not a new Avatar will come after me. Clearly, that's not the case anymore. But I don't want Iris to feel the Avatar is all she is. She deserves a normal childhood. One with friends and family who love her for who she is. She should be allowed to discover her own path, make her own mistakes and learn magic her own way. So, when the time is right, she'll be ready." she looked at her husband with hopeful eyes. "What do you think?"

Mako smiled, kissing her cheek. "Sounds good to me."

"So, you're not going to tell her." Wan concluded.

"Yet." Korra corrected, "When she gets older, and shows signs of her powers, we will tell her. But for now, we want her to experience life as Iris, before she officially becomes Avatar Iris."

"Avatar Iris." Mako repeated, "Has a nice ring to it."

Korra, Wan and Raava chuckled. The first Avatar patted Mako's shoulder, smiling proudly. "Take care of our girls."

"You can count on it." Mako replied.

Wan held Korra's hand once more and kissed her forehead. "Never forget…we will always be with you." he said.

Raava hugged Korra, and whispered in her ear. "And we'll be with her too."

The two old friends waved farewell. Raava returned as a butterfly, and Wan became a floating orb of light. The two flew out the window, just in time for Iris to wake up.


Korra and Mako sat beside her, smiling in relief. "We're here, sweetheart." Mako said.

"You're safe, now." Korra said, caressing her daughter's new cutie mark.


Once Iris was up and about again, with no memory of having bended all four elements, only that the sword broke. Rather than celebrate, everyone had gathered around the very place where Shade had selflessly given his sol for his sister. Everyone placed a single flower beside it. Chi was the last one to place a flower beside the tree. "I know we've had our differences before, Shade. But, just so you know, I still love you. I will always love you, no matter what. I'm so proud of you. I hope you're okay."

Suddenly, Chi's sol started to glow a bright white. Sparkling flakes of snow began to rise from the ground up, forming a familiar body. His skin was no longer black but now a light blue just like Chi’s. His eyes were a light glowing blue as his spiky hair was a shade darker then his skin. He wore a buttoned up blue jacket with white outlines, a white belt around his waist and wore blue pants and boots, the tip of them being purple. He smiled a content smile. Chi didn't know if she were dreaming or not. "S-Shade? Is that you?"

"Hey, little sis."

"Shade!" Chi lunged herself forward, hugging her brother tightly. Shade hugged her in return. It had been so long since she had hugged her biological brother. Everyone watched with happy tears in their eyes. Shade wiped away Chi's tears. But it was futile as more started coming down.

"I'm so sorry." said Shade, he then addressed to everyone. "I'm sorry to all of you. You were right all along. I let my anger and regret blind me for too long. I should have been there for you all those years. Can you ever forgive me?"

Chi chuckled, "Silly, I already did. I forgave you every single day, and I will forgive you every single day after that."

Nova walked up to Shade, who looked down in regret. "Nova, if you choose not to forgive me, I will understand."

Chi gave Nova a pleading look, complete with puppy eyes. Nova rolled his own and placed a hand on Shade’s shoulder "Did you really think we'd be having this funeral if we didn't forgive you?"

Shade was confused until he saw everyone there, not glaring in scorn, but smiling happily. None of them were angry with him, not even one bit.

“But...after everything I’ve done. Those guards…Canterlot.”

“What happened in the past, is in the past.” stated Korra. “I know this'll be a huge bump for you to overcome but know this. We forgive you.

Shade breathed a sigh of relief. He never thought anyone could forgive him after everything he had done. But, it would appear, it was possible for one to be forgiven of their past mistakes, especially if they were willing to seek it. "You guys are really that forgiving, are you?"

"I guess you could say that."

“Oh! And check this out!” Chi said as instantly transformed into a blue wolf and began showing off her new form to her brother. “I think I pull this off a bit better than you, don't you think?”

Shade chuckled at her remark. “Yeah...I guess it does. Though you do look cuter as a fox.”

“Oh come on!” Chi whined, turning back in a human and pouting. The others couldn't help but chuckle. Shade looked over Nova and placed a hand on his back. "Promise me you'll watch over her."

"You don't have to ask me twice." Nova replied, patting Shade in response.

Shade then crouched down to her height as he held Chi close one last time, a tear falling from his eye as he whispered into her ear "I’ll always be with you, sis. Make our family proud. I love you, Sis.”

“I love you too, Shady." said Chi as she looked up to see her him fading away. Her ears lowered as she cried as her brother disappeared in the white flakes of snow that rose upwards into the clear blue sky. The wisp felt Nova, and Sunset place their hands on her shoulder, while Iris and Akari held both her hands as she looked up For the first time, Chi didn't feel like she was the last wisp…she felt she was the luckiest wisp in the entire world because she was part of the greatest family anyone could ask for. Several sparkles fell from where he was and landed in the snow. Suddenly, to everyone's amazement, something began to sprout from the ground. Once it fully sprouted, the bud opened up, revealing a beautiful flower with white petals that changed to a light blue in the center of it where a green steam with a purple filaments stood. Chi and Nova couldn't believe what they were seeing. Could it be?

“Chi…..” Iris said, still in disbelief. “Is that?”

Nova crouched down and wrapped an arm around her, having a smile on his face.

“Looks like he still remembers your favorite.”

The wisp morphed back and went in closer and gently touched the flower. She couldn't believe it. It was actually real. Something she thought she would never see again in her life. A big smile formed on her face as more tears began to fall.

“Hey...I think I know a name for it.” Iris leaned in and whispered into the wisp’s ears


Kage lowered his head. His blood red coloring had disappeared. He now resembled his original form. Without Ronin, or Shade, or even his sword, there was no use in keeping up his look anymore. His horn was still bound in metal, preventing him from using magic. His hands were handcuffed, while two Republic City police officers stood on opposite sides of him.

Everyone had gathered at city hall, where President Raiko stood before him, alongside Korra, Mako, Twilight, Flash, Celestia, Luna and Leilani.

"Cosmo Blitz." Raiko spoke, "You have been found guilty of not only in attempt to plunge the world into darkness but also breaking and entering on Canterlot grounds, killing millions of lives, attempted murder on numerous occasions, and no doubt several more accounts given your past. A pony of your record should be sentenced to death!" his eyes darted towards Korra, who looked at him with a firm look. Raiko knew better than to question the Princess of Friendship in terms of punishment. After all, if it hadn't been for her, he, the people of the city or the spirits wouldn't have managed to come to a compromise and found a way to coexist. Korra was also the best person who knew of a fitting punishment for many people. Hard to believe this hot-headed teenager had grown into such a benevolent and empathetic individual, with a will as strong as steel and a spirit as powerful as the fiercest chimera. If she had her own kingdom, no doubt she'd be as adored as she was in the city.

But, that was a topic for another day.

Raiko inhaled deeply before proceeding. "However, we are also well aware of your history as sorcerer. A good pony, and a good friend. So, we are offering you a choice. You can either remain in the city and pay your debt, or you can go to prison for the next twenty years. Your choice."

Cosmo scoffed, "Are you serious? You honestly think because of my past as a weak-minded apprentice means there's still some good left in me?" he tilted his head back, "How pathetic." he said, the guard quickly sustained him. "Mark my words, Avatar, I will get my revenge on you yet!"

"Cosmo, it's over!" Nova stated, stepped forward. Cosmo turned his head to look at him. "The sorcerers no longer follow you. You won't live longer than any pony anymore. You already got your wish, the sorcerers are back, and we can start all over. Isn't that enough?"

Cosmo growled in anger, "No! It's not enough! These soft-hearted fools have destroyed you! Nothing good can come from forgiveness, it just means you've given up! Well I won't give up." he then narrowed his eyes at the sorcerers who had attended. They all looked at him with fear. "You cowards made your choice! Fine, give into these pathetic low lives! I refuse to roll over and squirm!"

Nova looked away, his eyes closed. "Looks like you have made your choice." he said.

Korra approached Cosmo, with a look of regret. "W--what are you doing?" he trembled as Korra placed one hand on his chest, and another on his horn. "No! No, don't you dare!" Cosmo was silenced when he felt his powers slowly draining. Korra's eyes stopped glowing and she released him. Cosmo got down on his knees, patenting. "What did you do to me?!"

"You clearly can't be trusted with magic." Korra said, "From now on, you won't be a threat to anyone or anypony else."

"How is that fair? You can just take away a pony's magic whenever you please?!"

"Of course not. My magic doesn't work that way. I can't take away anyone's magic, unless they are undeserving of it. After feeling your heart, you, Cosmo Blitz, are clearly not worthy of yours."

Lin Beifong approached and hoisted the now magic-less unicorn by the collar of his shirt. "Come along, gloom and doom. I've got a shiny jail cell with your name on it."

"No." Korra said, confusing Lin.

"No? Well where else am I supposed to put him?"

"I know the ideal place for him. A place where he will hopefully learn to be a better pony."

Lin blinked but then sighed, lowering her head and groaned. "Oy! No wonder I retired. You and that husband of yours are making law enforcement look like a charity drive."

"I'm taking that as compliment." Korra said with a smile.

Lin rolled her eyes and placed a hand on Cosmo.

"I can walk myself, thank you."

He and Nova locked eyes one last time. The anthro unicorn opened his mouth to speak, only to be silenced by Cosmo's spat. "Don't. Even. Bother."

Nova looked on in sadness as the doors closed behind his old friend. A friend he has lost a long, long time ago. He felt Chi grip his hand in reassurance, while Sunset placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry." she said.

"It's not your fault. I guess the Cosmo I once knew really is gone."

"Maybe, or maybe not." Sunset smiled in reassurance, "Trust me, where he's going it's a lot better than some cold prison. He just might come around some day."

"Is the law enforcement around here always so generous?"

"Not since Mako took over."

The three shared a laugh, both girls hugging Nova, making feel a little better. It was then, he realized just how lucky he was to have had Chi with him, because if he hadn't…he probably would have lost himself just as Cosmo did. Despite the sadness of losing his old friend, the fact that he now had a brand new family behind him made him feel more complete and at peace than he had in years.

Once he stepped foot outside of the building, he welcomed the new day with open arms. His future, started today.


Cosmo was tossed inside a large prison, illuminated by green colored lanterns. He sat on the floor, his back to the door, only for the slot to open. A man looked into the prison.

"Don't worry, it's not as bad as it seems." he said, "So, care to share a little bit about yourself? We're going to be seeing each other a lot from now on."

Cosmo did not say a word. His silence was his reply to the man's question. He shrugged from the other side. "Suit yourself. I've got all the time in the world." he said before closing the slot. He turned back around, revealing his White Lotus Sentry uniform. His companion approached him, offering him some tea. "Not responding, huh?"

"Not yet. But, the Princess has hope for him. And so do I.

Don't strain yourself too much with this one. He's a tough nut to crack."

"Ah, you forget Yeun…I was just as hard to crack too."

"Touche. Well, if anyone can get through to a kid like that…you're the man for the job, Zaheer. I just hope we're not too late.”

The former Red Lotus leader nodded his head, raising his teacup up before taking his sip. He took one last look at door of Cosmo's prison. Korra had good hopes for this particular pony…And so did Zaheer.

“So do I, old friend, So do I.”


Nova felt odd wearing a tuxedo, considering he had never worn one before today. Rarity managed to design him one that, as she would say it, fitted his style to a T. In all honesty, it looked like any ordinary tux he had seen before, aside from the emblem of his cutie mark on the side of the jacket. Still, today was a special day, so he couldn't complain too much.

He adjusted his bangs in the full body mirror, until he heard a whisper coming from behind him. He spun around, seeing only his shadow. He looked back at the mirror, only to gasp when he saw Ronin.

"Relax, I'm not going to hurt you." he said. For the first time, he spoke…normally. He didn't sound angry, or crazy. He was…relaxed. Nova tilted his head in confusion.

"How are you here?" Nova asked.

"I've always been here. I'm your shadow, remember? I only became Ronin when you chose to split yourself from your own emotions."

Nova was still confused. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Okay, you caught me. It was the last message Yen Sid had for you." the reflection revealed, "He couldn't say it to you before, so I'm saying it for him."

Nova's eyes widened. "What did he want to tell me?"

"Why do you think nobody misses the dark when the lights turn on? They are never the same, never on the same level, but a room will still have both. The important thing is to know the difference. Korra offered Cosmo the chance to choose either to change or to stay the same. But you, Nova, after so many years of staying the same…you're finally changing. You've always had a good heart, but if there is anything you should take from this it's that everyone is capable of great evil. Even you. But, you don't have to be afraid. So long as you continue to choose the path of righteousness, even after you've stumbled and fallen…you can always write a new chapters."

Nova didn't know what to say. Thankfully, his tears said everything for him. He felt so…so at peace with himself for the first time in so long. "Thank you."

"No, thank you. Now that the Ronin half is put to permanent rest, I can finally see the sunlight. And watch you smile again." with a nod and a thumbs up, the reflection changed back to appear just like Nova.

The door opened, and Flash Sentry walked in, "Dude, what's taking so long?" he asked

Sunburst appeared beside him, "Everybody's asking where you are."

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"


"Alright, everybody! Who's ready for the biggest Cute-ceañera party, ever!" Pinkie Pie threw confetti and cupcakes into the air, while Cheese Sandwich played his famous accordion. The party was held at Air Temple Island, where friends and family were gathered in honor or Iris getting her cutie mark. The little princess wore a lovely pink gown, and a silver sparkling tiara on her head. Akari, Chi, Mai, Hiro, Gallant Steed and her older spirit siblings all gathered around her, hugging her while Rarity and Asami took pictures.

Varrick was crying like a baby, while his wife held a box of tissues for him to blew his nose in. "This is so beautiful!" he said, yet again blowing his nose. "Oh, I can't wait until we throw a party this big for our little ones one day."

Zhu Li bit her bottom lip, "Yeah…about that." she whispered something into his ear and Varrick froze at the news.

"You're…and I'm gonna…daddy." before he could finish, Varrick passed out, but not from horrified shock, from an overdose of happiness.

"We're so proud of you, Iris." Mai said, hugging her cousin.

"I can't believe you broke a sword and saved the entire world!" Hiro said, bursting from excitement, "How did you do it?"

"I have no idea." Iris replied, "But, It definitely took a lot out of me. Mom says my powers may take a while to get back to normal again."

"Well, however long it takes, we're here for you." Akari said, wrapping her arm around her best friend. "Right guys?"

"You know it!" Chi winked, "Come over here, everyone! Big group hug!" the wisp’s wrapped her arms around the kids, and even Pabu in the process. "Hey, do you mind if I kiss the ferret?" she asked, only to kiss Pabu on the head…and spit out a hairy ball from her mouth. "Oh, hairball!"

The kids only laughed as Hiro gave her a playful punch. "Welcome to the family, Chi."

Without warning, the wisp grabbed the young earthbender and gave him a noogie. "Thanks, Junior."

"Hey! Your ruining the finish!" Hiro exclaimed as he tried to break free.

"Believe me, It looks better messed up anyway."

"Those two are gonna get along just fine, are they?" Gallant whispered to the girls.

"Oh yeah." Mai answered. "Which is why you're in charge of them."

Gallant sighed. "Figures."

While the kids were having fun, Team Avatar watched from afar."So, we're really doing this?" Rainbow Dash asked, after taking a sip of her punch. "We're really not telling anybody else, or Iris, that she's the next Avatar?"

"Just until her elemental powers kick in." Korra said, "Besides, the last thing we want is for her to be overwhelmed by all the attention she'll get if this gets out. I know what it's like to live your whole life with that Avatar mantel hovering over your head. Iris may be unique, but she is going to grow up just like any normal kid." Korra said…right after she saw Iris and Akari flying in the sky, the latter shooting rays of magic into the air.

"Or, our version of normally, anyway." Twilight said, making the others laugh.

Mako wrapped a comforting arm around his wife. "Don't worry, Korra. Remember, Iris has one thing you didn't have growing up."

"What's that?"

"The Avatar as an amazing mom."

Korra kissed his cheek, making him blush. "Don't forget her charming and smart as-a-whip father."

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but we're hitting the dance floor!" Bolin said, taking Asami's hand and dragging her to dance, the two laughing like a couple of teenagers again.

Pinkie Pie hurried to Cheese Sandwich, Applejack to Double Diamond, Rainbow Dash towards Soarin, and Fluttershy to….Thorax. Rarity decided to share a dance with Discord, leaving Korra and Mako to themselves.

"There is one thing I'm curious about." Korra said.

"What's that?"

"How were you able to tell me and Nyx apart before?"

"Easy. Her hair didn't smell like watermelon, and you would never sacrifice the mission just so you could flirt. But, most of all, when she flirted…she didn't have that same sparkle in her eyes like you do." Mako said with a smirk, moving in closer to Korra, wrapping his arms around her waist, while she rested her arms around his neck.

"Seriously, what did I do to deserve such an amazing man for a husband?"

"Probably the same thing I did to deserve such an amazing woman for a wife." he replied, making his wife giggle.

They pressed their forehead together before leaning in for a passionate kiss. Once again, Spike walked on by, with a glass of punch in his hand. "That's never gonna get old for you guys, is it?"


While everyone else was enjoying the party, Sunset Shimmer took a moment to gaze at the city across the bay. She leaned against the post of the gazebo, only to be surprised by Nova, holding a cupcake in his hand.

"Pinkie Pie said offering someone a cupcake is always a great way to start a conversation." he said.

Sunset giggled and graciously took the cupcake. "Well, she's not wrong." she said, allowing him to join her. The two gazed out at the city, the sun just overhead, causing the waters to sparkle. Nova had already seen Sunset Shimmer earlier with her aquamarine sundress with yellow flowers and golden hooped earrings. Her hair had been styled to the side, adorned with a faux flower with yellow and green petals. She looks so hardcore in that outfit, yet feminine and graceful. She truly was beautiful, and smart, and fierce. For a moment, he had lost track of how long he had been staring at her.

Only when she turned to look at him, did Nova react. His cheeks turned red and he looked away. Sunset blushed as well. Both unsure on what to say next.

“Beautiful evening huh?” said Sunset.

“Yeah. Sure is.” Nova said. Both were quiet for a little while longer. “I…I wanted to thank you." Nova began, "You know, for sticking up for me.”

"It was nothing."

"No, it was something." Nova's voice became soft and gentle as he stared into her eyes. "Even after the rude way I treated you, you still tried to reach out to me. You found out about my past before anybody else, and you still never stopped offering me your friendship. I've…never met anypony like you before. You really are special."

Sunset shyly placed her hair behind her ear. "Thanks. I'm really glad you decided to stay in Republic City." she immediately caught what she said, "I mean, you and Chi, of course!" she chuckled nervously.

Nova chuckled as well, nervously scratching the back of his neck. "Yeah, well, now it's only a matter of finding a place to live. Tenzin offered me a room here, but I'm looking for a slightly smaller place. You know, as I get more comfortable around here."

"You know, my landlord has a few apartments up for sale. The rent's pretty good, and Asami and I could use someone with your talent to help with our new line of magic powered airships. If you're interested."

Nova thought for a short moment. "I think I just might be."

"And, maybe, if you're free, I can show you around the city. There's a great coffee shop downtown."

"What's coffee?"

Sunset couldn't help but laugh, "Nightshade, you have got so much to learn."

"Then it's a good thing I've got myself a teacher."

The two smiled, their faces bright red. For the first time in a long time, the two felt like they found someone that understood each other, someone who they could trust. Slowly, their eyes began to close and time seemed to slow down as their heads got closer and closer to each other….

“Hey, love birds!”

The two’s eyes shot open and quickly retracted, acting like nothing happened. Sunset turned to see the Mane Six looking at them, all with smug grins.

“You gonna just do it already or you gonna come in or what?” Rainbow Dash shouted. Sunset rolled her eyes and nodded her head towards the others, "Come on, I think they're about to cut the cake."

"Knowing Chi, there probably won't be any left by the time we get there." Nova said, making Sunset laugh. Oh, how he enjoyed hearing her laugh.


Once Nova and Sunset returned, Mekarm surprised the unicorn with a great bear hug. Poor Nova was almost out of oxygen. "Well done, mate! Ya did Madam Alpha proud!"

"Thanks…Mekarm…" Nova said in a high pitched voice before he released him.

"Well done, Nova. Well done. You've finally learned to stop being such a mule." Madam Alpha said, holding a glass of punch in her hand. "And now that I don't have to live on the run anymore, I can finally stay in one place."

"I'm glad you'll be sticking around, Ma." Nova said, "But, do you guys have to stay in that musky old swamp?"

"Eh, it's not so bad. Besides, I hear there's another old bat living there with a few breezies. I think I'll be right at home."

Nova was surprised when Iris rushed up to him. "Nova!" she wrapped her arms around his torso. She was accompanied by her parents. Nova ruffled the little princess's hair, careful not to make her tiara fall off.

"Thank you, Nova." Mako said as he, his wife, Flash and Twilight walked up to him.

"For what?"

"For protecting our daughters. We really owe you, big time." Flash said.

"You don't owe me anything. I'd do it again if I had to."

Iris then tugged on Nova's pants, "Could you maybe do some tricks for me and my friends! Chi keeps telling everyone how you know all of these ancient spells not even Celestia knows about."

"Did she huh?" he said, crunched down, tapping her nose. "I'll do you something better. Why don't I teach you a few of those spells?"

Iris gasped in awe, "Really?"

"Something tells they might come in handy in the future. If that's okay with your parents."

Iris rushed to her parents, "Can he mom and dad? Please?"

Korra and Mako looked at one another, pondering. After a while, they both gave their answer. "As long as you only practice on the island." Korra said.

"And don't try anything too fancy until you're older." Mako said, pointing a stern finger. "Oh, and wear a helmet."

Iris cheered victoriously and hugged Nova once more before dragging him towards her friends. Sunset giggled, and then noticed the smirks on both the parent's faces.

"What?" she asked.

"You two make such a cute couple." Korra said with a giggle, which in turn made Sunset blush.

"Oh, grow up!" The unicorn scoffed and walked away, but was still smiling. The two only laughed.

Korra turned to Madam Alpha, "You knew all along, didn't you? About Iris."

"Indeed I did. Now, I know what you're going to say. It would have been easier if I just told you all of this upfront, but if I had none of you would have learned anything."

"Oh, I'm not complaining." Korra said, placing a hand over her heart. "I completely understand. Thank you." the unicorn nodded in gratitude. "So, what do you see in her future now?"

Ma chuckled, "Wouldn't you like to know."

Korra and Mako rose their hands in surrender. "Okay, fair enough."

"Besides, I've spent my whole life preparing for the future. It's high time I started living in the present. And you don't need a vision to know Iris's future will be a good one." The old unicorn was surprised when Korra hugged her lovingly. Ma returned the gesture. “Oh I almost forgot.” She nodded to Mekarm who then reached for something on his back and handed it to the old pony who then walked over to Twilight and Flash. It was wrapped in some old paper and looked like it wrapped quite neatly.

“I was saving this for you for quite sometime now.”

Flash looked quite confused as he took the package and slowly began to unwrap it. His ears shot up and his eyes widened at what he saw.


“There was a reason why I didn't want you to touch that sword.” Ma said with a chuckle. “Sorry about being so rude though.” Flash began to giggle uncontrollably as he looked at his wife and friends who encouraged him to take it. Without any hesitation, he grabbed the sword and marveled at its beauty before shouting victoriously.

“YAHO-!” He looked to see several faces staring at him. He quickly stood up straight and cleared his throat.

“Thank you. I shall treasure this always.”

“You better.” She warned. “You know how long it took me to find the right materials?” She walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Now get outta here and try it out.”

Flash began to gush like a little girl on her birthday went to try his new sword. Twilight simply giggled as he her husband ran off. Meanwhile, Nova was doing a few tricks for the kids until he was surprised by a hug from Bolin.

"Welcome to Team Avatar, Nova!" he said while ruffling his hair.

Nova laughed, fixing his hair. "So, what happens now?"

"Well, this is usually the part where all sing an upbeat musical number with deep emotional significance about what we went through."

Everyone expected Nova to say something against such an idea, but to their surprise, he instead pointed a finger towards the one in charge of the music.

"Vinyl Scratch, give us a beat!"

The white, blue haired unicorn gave him a thumbs up and played a specific song just for the occasion.

(We Are Family, by Keke Palmer from Ice Age 4)


We are

We are

Not your ordinary


But we can all agree that

We are

We are

Close as close can be!


"Too close, Varrick."




So it don't matter what it looks like

We look perfect to

We've got every kind of love I feel so lucky indeed


They can keep on talking it won't matter to me


Twilight and Korra:

We are

We are


We are, are, are, are

(Mane Six: We are!)

Twilight and Korra:

We are, are, are, are

(Mane Six: We are!)

Twilight and Korra:

We are, are, are, are

(Mane Six: We are!)


We are

We are






Rainbow Dash:

We are

We are

Pinkie Pie:


As the music played, Sunset Shimmer sang with the most powerful voice Nova had ever heard as she danced with such confidence and style.

Sunset Shimmer:

So what

We don't act

We don't walk

We don't talk like you do

Her vivacious personality was enough to get Nova to sing alongside her. To her surprise, his voice was just as amazing, it made her heart skip a beat.


So what?

If we hang just a hang and no shame

We both do what we want to

Chi spun around in the air, dancing happily to the song. She swooped down and hugged both Sunset and Nova


Cause we come from everywhere

Searching for ones to care

Somehow we found it here

We found us a home


We are, we are

Not your ordinary fami-mily

But we can all agree that

We are, we are

Close as close can be

All of the couples danced side by side, while the children danced with Chi. Discord dance with the alicorns, the airbenders moved gracefully as if they were in a ballroom, while confetti, sparkles and flower petals fell all around. Colorful spirits and changelings soared across the sky, and the newly redeemed sorcerers danced alongside their pony brothers and sisters. Spike danced alongside Ali, Mika and San, while Naga bobbed her head to the beat and Pabu did some adorable tricks on his paws.

Varrick twirled his wife, and Bumi, surprisingly, got Lin herself to dance with him. Tenzin danced with Pema, Ikki and Meelo shared a dance and Jinora danced with Kai, performing some of the street dance moves the boy had learned in his youth. Flurry Heart danced with her parents and Thorax spun Fluttershy…while Discord couldn't stop smiling as he watched the two!

So it don't matter what it looks like

We look perfect to me

We got every kind of lover

I feel so lucky indeed

They can keep on talking

It don't matter to me cause

We are, we are family


Ok, so the links in our chains makes us strange


But really they make us stronger

The children sang in perfect harmony as they embraced their respected parents.

Iris, Akari, Mai, Hiro and Gallant:

And no one would replace not a thing

Mother or father

Cause we...


Cause we come from everywhere

Flash Sentry:

Oh, whoa!

Searching for ones to care


Somehow we found it here


We found us a home!


We are, we are

Not your ordinary fami-mily

But we can all agree that

We are, we are

Close as close can be

So it don't matter what it looks like

We look perfect to me

We got every kind of lover

I feel so lucky indeed

They can keep on talking

It don't matter to me cause

We are, we are family










We are, we are


Even after the song came to a close, the music continued to play on. Nova and Chi, at long last, finally found the place where they belonged. They were part of a family again. Their future looked bright.

As the party continued, a familiar butterfly flew up into the sky, where a beautiful shimmering rainbow arched overhead.


Philippians 3:13-14~

Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead, I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.


Wow. I can’t believe we're done. After everything. Well nows not the time for tears but I just wanna say thank you to all who stuck by this story even during all of its delays. And I wanna especially thank Maggie for helping me out on this and I’m glad that I was able to do this opportunity together. I’ll never forget it.

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